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  1. Have you checked the Sprint website? I just ordered a new phone and wanna say I saw them for sale. Edit: They have the 5G version and that 5G won't work with Verizon. The other bands should though. Also, it's blue. https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/cell-phones/oneplus-7-pro-5g.html?ensembleId=OPGM1925BLU&contractName=0-yr-lb-18months&deviceQuantity=1&plan=pln11360001prd&service=PDSBYUP2&tep=true&protectionPlan=81400517
  2. I ordered one because it was on sale and was told by two Sprint telesales reps that I wouldn't have to change plans though the website said I would. One further elaborated and said I'd need the new plan to be able to use 5G, but 5G isn't in my city and I don't need it anyway. And when I said that to him -- he said then I wouldn't need to change my plan. Just wanna see if anyone here has one, but didn't change their plan when they activated it.
  3. Hello and welcome. If I remember correctly it wasn't an option. However, if it is an option then I would recommend against using StoreMI because there isn't a non-destructive way to uninstall it. I'd look at PrimoCache to see what its capabilities are. PrimoCache can be uninstalled without having to wipe drives.
  4. That PSU shroud looks like it could be the bar in a tacky night club. Well done.
  5. You're not telling us enough about the kits for us to tell you for sure. If that 4000CL18 kit is a Hynix CJR kit then it runs faster, but you won't get the tightest timings. If that 3600CL16 kit is Samsunb b-die then get that over the Hynix CJR kit as it will have better odds of getting the tightest timings and you won't want to run 4000MHz RAM speed. If you're going for the fastest speed you can you will also want the fastest IF (Infinity Fabric) speed on the CPU as well. What that means is you'll likely not be able to run RAM speed faster than 3800MHz and 3733MHz is more likely. That's because 1900MHz IF (or most likely a little slower) is the limit for the majority of people. Do note though that many folks struggle to get 1900MHz IF stable and I'm only saying it because its a nice round number.
  6. This might be interesting to you: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/differences-capacitive-resistive-touchscreens-si/
  7. I'd also test a different screw that fit into another stand off in the one that's giving you trouble.
  8. If you can't screw it in then at a minimum I would leave the stand off in place to prevent flexing when installing power cables.
  9. Perhaps Chrome needs to have accelerated graphics turned on?
  10. High idle can indicate a bad mount. I'd re-mount the cooler to make certain it's making good contact with appropriate pressure.
  11. This is a much better explanation.
  12. The device chooses the best connection.
  13. I'd imagine the 2700X is perfect for 1440p gaming.
  14. I don't get how people can use open back headphones for sound cues in game. Unless, I turned them up as loud as they would go -- I couldn't hear half of the sound cues I get with my ATH M30 headphones. And I tried those AKG K240 headphones recently and they were very unimpressive. I know a lot of people don't like heavy bass, but those things struggled to produce anything close to bass when I tried them.
  15. I've set limits that high, but the CPU never goes beyond what it normally would.
  16. nick name

    What causes this?

    If you can screenshot the problem then I don't think it's the monitor. Have you tried troubleshooting the software or divers?
  17. It's a taskbar setting . . . sooooo under taskbar settings.
  18. That just looks like auto hide is turned on.
  19. Check in your Windows power plan that Maximum Processor State isn't set below 100%.
  20. Perhaps your parents see the type of person you're becoming and realize that they shouldn't reward you for it. Perhaps it's because they work full time and couldn't raise you properly. You need to step back and take a look at yourself and realize you're only handicapping yourself for what challenges you'll find as an adult. And even if your parents make enough money to buy replacements for things you break the fact that you have so little respect for them that you'd break something because you think you deserve something better is extremely bratty. Help yourself now and learn to work towards and earn things in life.
  21. Just remember that testing memory stability doesn't test IF stability. Reaching 1900MHz on the IF is what keeps many from running 3800MHz RAM. To test the IF you'll want to run CPU tests.