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  1. Hello People, I've been restoring some older Macs to usable condition. HDD -> SSD swaps, Cleaning and Thermal tune-up, Battery replacements, RAM upgrades. The restoration checklist really. I have a MacMini that I'd like to have a basic video and audio editing machine. I could likely push another 2-3 years out of these machines while running Mojave 10.14 MacOS. I could throw on older software and whatnot. But the peripherals could use work. I'm looking for an external GPU housing, because looking at the internal graphics - we're not making any serious strides. Something Mac Capable, It doesn't need to work with the new Nvidia 3080. - No closer to a 970. Enough to process video from my DSLR, my mixer for my keyboard and guitars, whatever. So with these older Macs, I'm looking at the connection types: Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2. As I doubting USB 3.0 is going to be the way to go. Thunderbolt 3 eGPU, converting to the older connector might work. Looking to convert this MacMini into my music studio machine. And this could be a platform for other eGPUs for older Macs. - wheresmwaldo