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  1. What are some good tech/computer gift ideas for Christmas so under like $100
  2. Hi, I recently changed my CPU and Mobo... in the beginning I had no watermark with windows acting normally, but now I have a watermark and my windows product code no longer works. I have tried all the Microsoft help pages and nothing has worked. Just asking for some help. Thanks
  3. How do I clear my drives like its a fresh install of windows?
  4. So im in the market for a new cas, but I have no idea what to get I would like one with a psu shroud and any way to see through the side And the cheaper the better Thanks
  5. I think I know someone with the ability to get this only if he pulls some strings
  6. So I just bought a brand new m.2 ssd I want to have this as my boot drive How do I transfer all the boot data from my hard drive to the ssd Please Help