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    Ryzen 1700x
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    MSI B350m PRO-VDH
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    G.Skill Ripjaws 2400Mhz 16GB
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    MSI RX 480 Gaming X
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    Corsair Masterbox Lite 3.1
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    Samsung 850 PRO 512GB
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    Corsair CS 550M
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    LG 75Hz Freesync 24"
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    Cryorig H7 120mm
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    Razer Cynosa Chroma
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    Razer Mamba TE
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    Kingston HyperX Stinger Headset
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    Windows 10

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  1. Odd RX 480 Ramping

    Have you tried uninstalling AMD settings apps?
  2. Odd RX 480 Ramping

    Radeon Settings. The “Host application”
  3. Odd RX 480 Ramping

    That was in the 70s
  4. Odd RX 480 Ramping

    It says my memory clock is maxed out and core clock goes between 800 and 1100mhz at idle.
  5. Odd RX 480 Ramping

    Hi there fellows, Been gaming for a while on my system, all is fine and well, temps are okay and clocks are high. Just now, I noticed my system was bit loud, so I messed with the fan curves (based on system temp as my CPU cooler does the 1700x great, but the airflow is below average). That all seems fine, but my GPU is using 74% at idle... It's doing fine in games, but I have no clue why this suddenly started. I did restart, but it still persisted. Here's a screenshot of all the monitoring stuff, help is appreciated.
  6. RX480/580 crossfire viable option given current market?

    I don’t play Metro. But here’s a few I do play: battlefront 2 2017 70-90fps on ultra pubg high settings 55-75fps I murder Rainbow 6 siege, rocket league, etc witcher 3 I (from memory) get hoggish settings with 60+fps battlefield 4 I get ultra 75+ fps Far Cry 3/4 struggles as it’s so NIVIDIA optimized but plays fine. 40-50fps intense scenes 80+ in mountains/ light fighting. Overall I struggle in NVIDIA optimized games sometime, but see very good settings for my card. I run 75Hz monitor with free sync and find this card can handle most games up there at nice settings. I run with a R7 1700x, 16Gb Ram, MSI RX480 Gaming X 4GB model at 1336 core 1825 mem clock +20% power. Honestly, at the stock 1303 core I don’t see any difference.
  7. Which CPU should I get?

    I’d go with the i7 based on said usages, but if you have a desktop and budget does constrain you, the i5 would do you fine.
  8. RX480/580 crossfire viable option given current market?

    Hey there. I just had a 480 CF running, and 70% of the experiences I had was awful, no but going to lie. Yes there are benefits, but not enough to do it in general—THOUGH ESPECIALLY NOT WITH THE GPU MARKET! It was so bad I sold one of my 480s. Some games were fine, and saw GTX 1080 performance like Battlfield 4, GTA 5, and Sniper Elite 4, but most other games were poorly optimized, didn’t work with CF at all, or just added overall hassle that isn’t worth having it, much less paying for it. i love my AMD, but right now, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading anything if you have a 480, that’ll do you fine until we can all get the market to stabilize.
  9. He was running virtualized Windows environments for that, not using the single windows desktop. He utilized the strong CPU power and virtualized Windows—so that’s not what Linus did. Not saying it’s impossible, but he didn’t do that like you mentioned.