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  1. You would be better off selling that thing in favor of a gen 4 or higher i5 or i7 workstation machine. Try to find one that isn't an SFF version, either way they can be found for normally 60-125 with 4-8 gigs of ram and a Hdd or ssd. So that means at the average price here of 80 you would get a 4770 dell machine. Spend 80 on 16gb of ram, toss 50 at a 500gb ssd and another 60-100 for a used 1050ti LP (no additional power one) You would be sitting at about 300 total. If you get a regular tower model then you can also replace the power supply and to with whatever gpu you want. Performance would be much better and I am sure you can get 100-300 out of selling that server.
  2. You cold also pick up a Raspberry Pi 4 and put it on there. The new ones do pretty well.
  3. This is very dependant on how you want to set it up. If you are connecting to the VPN at your router this will be hard or impossible to do. If you have something like a pihole server then it is just a few extra steps. If you are doing it from the actual devices then google DNS over https for your browser. Firefox and chrome have both made it rather easy to set this up. You can also do it for your entire machine it just requires a little more setup. You can also just download cloud fares offering on the easy side of things too.
  4. Again I am not saying there isn't. I think we are pretty much at the realistic cap of frequency. I was just saying that going down to a smaller process doesn't automatically mean you lose frequency. There are a lot of factors at play for it.
  5. Yes and no. Smaller manufacturing processes to mean that electrical migration can happen and lower voltages, but the smaller processes also require less energy. So yes the 16 cores can use a lot of energy even on the 7nm process, but then it comes down to how the lanes and gates are setup. Even though they might be using a lot of energy that energy is being spread to multiple dies so it isn't being concentrated. You can also offset the "leakage" by lowering temps. So your average consumer might not see 5ghz anymore, but your enthusiasts with big air or even custom loops will more than likely be able to keep temps in the realm to make it possible. So in the end 7nm can avoid problems with "leakage" by spreading that power ot multiple die on the chip, requiring less overall energy due to efficiency improvements on the smaller process, and keeping temps under control. The limiting factor is going to the quality of the silicon. So in general high overclocks = higher voltage and higher voltage = higher temps. Higher temps = more "leakage" which means you need more voltage... which is a vicious cycle. So as long as you have good silicon 5ghz should be doable. I mean the current golden chips on the 3x series can get pretty close on custom loops (on the good chiplets) and pretty much anything sub-zero can. So in this regard AMD us only a refinement away. Intel has already showed the new 10xx stuff can do 5ghz on their laptop cpus. So I think we will see them stay at the 5ghz range for a whole yet. That is unless make architecture that has huge IPC gains, but lower clocks.
  6. How is this any different that buying a new game and putting the old broken one in the box and returning it. People do the same with consoles too. I mean this isn't a problem with the pc community, but a problem with immoral people. So you made this sound like it is an issue prevalent to the pc community, but in truth the pc side of things is a very very small part of where this happens. Also, I do not think you should be sharing screenshots like this. This more than likely breaches your companies policy and could possibly end in the loss of employment.
  7. Honestly, if they are asking for 2years of experience or less still apply. Normally they are willing to take someone with no experience that can interview well enough they are confident in your abilities. What are you using for your job search? LinkedIn is always good to keep updated and build connections with. I also think using Indeed to hunt is a good idea too. Being in IT I think you get upgraded to Indeed Prime. Which offers extra resources for your career search.
  8. I for one think certs are a mlm money grab by the companies offering them. That being said they still are important depending on the job. Lets say you want to do something in networking. Well you might take your network+ to help give your resume more attention and land an entry level position. Then since companies like to show they are investing in the workers by inspiring continual growth. Then they will probably have you work towards something like your CCNA. Which while vendor specific is a decent cert. Certs should be seen as having competency in something. I mean yea if you have 6 years of networking experience then chances are the network+ isn't an issue to pass. That being said it gives companies the ability to say "well we don't employ anyone below this standard" and a cert is very much a measurable standard. So while I feel experience can trump certs. Certs give a good picture of you having the fundamentals offered by that area to be successful. Lastly, certs can and in most cases do bump up your earnings. Look at average earning increase for someone say with a CCNA or a CISSP.
  9. I don't expect them to grow much past 5ghz. I am saying they need either a new architecture or refine the current one enough to squeeze out another 15-20 ipc over the next few iterations. Cores and IPC will be where the growth needs to happen. Which means that DX needs to find a way around the draw call limitations. That is pretty much all holding gaming back on these high core count CPUs
  10. The only real area where AMD is not currently leading is gaming. Which as I said previously is an issue with draw calls being single threaded. In that scenario IPC does play a big part. So if I had to guess we will see a decent IPC improvement and probably another 200mhz on all core clocks. If they can do both of those things then the gaming side of things should start being in AMDs favor. Intel has basically backed themselves into a frequency corner where 5ghz is keeping them competitive in gaming. They need to get 10nm or even a smaller process running on their mainstream platforms quick or they are going to be hard pressed to hold market share. Even then I'm not sure where they will be on their own IPC inprovements until 10nm+. This isn't the first time AMD caught them with their pants down and if this is even remotely similar we are going to have a good time as consumers.
  11. There is much more to a powerful chip than just clock speed. If for example AMD gets that 10-15% IPC improvement they keep talking about then they don't need any higher clock speeds. Remember a cores power comes down to frequency X IPC. Just random example. If you have a chip that is 5ghz, but with 1 ipc. That is 5ghz of computer power If you have a 4.5ghz chip with 1.2 ipc then that is 5.4ghz worth of compute power. So there is more to ST performance than just clocks. The ST performance wouldn't even be as relevant if not for DX draw calls still being very much single threaded. When that changes the entire game changes.
  12. What is acceptable is defined by the business. So as long as it falls within their SLA it is fine. Just for us consumers it feels like it takes too long.
  13. It use ot have a server OS, but it is recently on 10 as you can see from the ss. It is just an old dell 7020 that has had ram added a few drives and a usb 3.0 - 4 disk enclosure. It runs a odd game server, my plex iptv setup that feeds to my other plex box, and some additional storage. Anyways I checked another windows 10 system prior to this and it appears to do the same.
  14. It isn't just because of AMD. It is because people still buy the cards even when over priced. If the consumers didn't buy those high priced cards then the prices would fall. This is the world we live in now. All they care about is their bottom line and how much of a profit they can make. The only plus is that at least these are only graphics cards and not something people depend on like medicine which has gotten worse than all the others combined.
  15. Neither does handing over market share. So if they have the ability to do it and can still turn enough profit to make stakeholders happy... then I think they will do it.
  16. A lot of these builds in here are in the right ball park. I think the bigger question is how will your kid use it? Does he have any particular career path he is interested in? I ask because at this price point we can build him something that can help him professionally while also giving him his game fix. Also to the 2080s there is little to no reason to buy it over a 2070s. The fps difference is like 3-8% depending on the game and for 200 more I would just pickup a 3900x which gives him more workstation power or the ability to stream games with cores to spare. Also if he isn't going to game at high res the 2070s or 5700xt are pretty much overkill as is. Yes, I know in the future it changes, but gpus are meant to be changed every 3-4 years and that cpu will still be very relevant for that. So no point in over spending on a gpu unless he actually needs it for 1440p at 144+ fps or a 4k setup.
  17. Not a topic that should be discussed on these forums. Suggest you do some digging elsewhere
  18. I just logged in to a plex/ark server box that doesn't restart but about once a week for a maintenance schedule. It had activity much farther back than when I opened it which was about 15 second when I took that screenshot.
  19. I would take all of this information with a HUGE grain of salt. I mean there could be some truth in price drops, it just comes down to several things. First how much 7nm increase yields (this alone could be a huge cost cutter). Then you have competition with AMD which could make them try to be more competitive. Then the last big IF is where will intel be with their cards by the end of the year. I mean this newest card will just be a refresh of sorts. It is just building on the current rtx lineup with a smaller node and potentially higher vram. The rest is the same... so there isn't any big r&d costs. Ray tracing had also been put for a bit now and the competition is bringing to the table to. That was another justification for the cost on the initial RTX launch. I mean ultimately they should have a decent bit of cost saving this gen they could pass on to customer. It just comes down to if they will. Either way I will probably pickup a 3080ti since even if more expensive it is just a drop in the bucket to what I'll spend on the new pc I will build around it. 4th gen ryzen is coming later this year too it looks like.
  20. Didn't spike to 100% until the last 5-10 minutes. Looks like if was on for 2 days before the cpu usage jumped.
  21. I have to disagree on a lot of this. At entry level sure you make a good point and maybe even some more junior level stuff, but the moment you hit the mid and upper range you need degrees and certifications. Yes, tech just change fast, but the certs do adapt and add in the new material. So if you take it fresh you will need to know about the new tech, if you want to keep the cert and not retest then you have to get CPEs to prove you are continuing your education to stay relevant. Now I do feel certs have become a cash carb for the creators of them, but they have also become important in the industry to give the companies a way to prove their employees are proficient and to help track their continual growth. Does that mean someone who has a bunch of certs knows more than someone with lots or experience? No, it doesn't, but it does help give assurities they are proficient in those areas which can make them a much safer choice when hiring.
  22. Depending on how it is done.. then using the SSL port would hide it about as well as you can hope. That is assuming they are just using ssl to encapsulate the already encrypted VPN connection. If they so it properly they can make it looks like any other web traffic over ssl so that dpi won't detect the underlying vpn. Now the initial connection request will still be seen unless you are using a encrypted dns service too. So they would see the packet info calling out for vpn.nohands.killme or whatever. Then it would be gobbledygook. You remove that possibility with encrypted dns.
  23. If you are anal about a clean desk maybe some good wire management for said desk. A under desk raceway or similar would be a cheap option for example. I personally though normally just buy a flash drive. I feel like I never have enough flash drives lol.
  24. The first gen Intel I series overclocked pretty well. I would look to push the CPU clock to 4ghz which doesn't seem too hard on those chips as long as you are using a decent cooler. Your build is 100% being held back by the cpu. So I would do the OC if possible and see if you can live with those rates. If not then you will want to upgrade. You can get a 2600/mb/ram for around 270 with 16gb of ram (new). Then just reuse everything else if on a budget. Anyways these sites are only estimates, but here is the before and after if you OC the cpu to 4ghz. Looks like you could expect a 10-15% bump in average fps.
  25. Ok this is a rough guess since I tend to just set it and forget it. 1gb fiber + modem = 110ish/m Netflix = 18ish Disney+ = free for 12 months 6.99 after Amazon prime with music HD family = 22ish/m Starz + hbo = 25/m Iptv with 5 tuners (share with my family) 18k channels = 30/m Verizon 3 lines plus connected car with unlimited and 3 phones being paid on = 215/m So around 430/m Before I cut the cord I was paying almost 300m for cable, my parents were both paying about the same. So the switch to iptv made their costs drop to 70-90/m If I look at just tv with internet I am sitting around 200ish with much more content. Which is 100 cheaper for much more content. Now I also have a very extensive plex setup which is also handling the IPTV and enables DVR functions. Which again is being shared with 5 households atm and I can easily add more. All I am the only person that is really paying for anything outside or internet and they are able to either share some of my streaming services or get everything they need from IPTV and my plex share. So I am probably saving everyone combined over 1k... not too shabby.