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  1. https://help.elgato.com/customer/portal/articles/1020250-how-do-i-use-open-broadcaster-software-to-stream-with-elgato-game-capture-hd- Also these cards encode to h264 on the fly which is why they can port straight to YouTube or whatever with minimal CPU usage.
  2. I think most of these people are missing you have a capture card. That takes a lot of the requirements off the cpu. Now that being said the 2600 upgrade is a good start, but you will also want a GPU capable of 60fps at 1080p. I think right now the 570 8gb and 580 8gb are your best options. The 580 is like 150 at microcenter atm and can be found online for around 170. The 570 can be found for around 100 at microcenter and around 120 online.
  3. AngryBeaver

    AIO vs lots of fans+aircooler

    Maybe if you are mixing metals.
  4. AngryBeaver

    AIO vs lots of fans+aircooler

    I can get a good 240mm AIO for 100-150 all day. So unless you mean cheap Chinese knockoff products it isn't possible to build a decent custom loop for that. D5 pump/res combo- 150 - 180 CPU block - 100-120 GPU block - 150-180 Rad - 60 -120 (size, quality) 240mm + Tubing 20 - 30 Fittings 50 - 100 Fans 10-25 PER So if we just want a pump/res, CPU block, cheap res, tubing, and fittings... Then 350-400 is what you should expect to be paying. Which is why I think custom loops on just a CPU are a waste. Toss on another 250 or so and cool the whole system. I always tell people to expect to spend 600-700 on a custom loop.
  5. AngryBeaver

    AIO vs lots of fans+aircooler

    So I have a story on this. My teenager just had a bday and he wanted a new RGB case with mouse/keyboard also RGB. I let him pick out a case, but the problem was it only supported the 240mm h220x he was using in the front. He also went from a full to mid tower. It all installed but wasn't happy with the fans on the front and also with the tubing length. I had a DH-14 sitting around so I tossed it in. I did try a 30 min stress test on both. The DH-14 was only about 2-3c warmer than the 240mm swiftech setup. Now this could have been because the swiftech was air starved. Anyways the noctua cooler is quieter than the pump on the h220x was (bubbles kept getting sucked in to pump from the front mount orientation) Anyways my point is that an AIO can have a slight temp lead, but the real gains are on the custom loop side.
  6. AngryBeaver

    Display issue

    What type of connection are you using?
  7. AngryBeaver

    Is modular AiO Liquid Cooling dead?

    It is still possible if you are willing to do some of the work. My recommendation would be to pick up a h360x v3 from swiftech. Cut the hoseil in 2 and apply QDCs. Now if you add another rad or GPU block add some tubing and put on QDCs. You will need to do a proper fill on the initial loop, but if you add a rad or GPU block later just make sure you have an extra QDC and tube so you can prefill the components. Then you can just add them in without much trouble. This approach isn't easier than buying them already that way, but it is using an expandable AIO to cut the major costs of a custom loop while also adding the convenience of QDC.
  8. AngryBeaver

    Rene Ritchie throws down the gauntlet with Linus

    We will have to agree to disagree here then. I don't consider 10% or more a minor benefit. I have also been overclocking for roughly 20 years. The gains less because Intel for example is already pushing boosts as high as feasible and AMD needs every bit of clock speed it can get to stay competitive. Now I am not saying you can't get excellent results on air, but a good custom loop gives better results. This is due to how lower temps reduce electron migration meaning higher clocks at lower voltage.... lower voltage means less heat. Anyways let's look at this in a productivity setting and not gaming. If I gain 10% (at the low end) in an 8hr day that saves me 48 minutes meaning in a week I would save 4hrs of time or gain 4hrs of workload. That adds up quickly and makes that machine much more profitable and pays for itself in short order.
  9. AngryBeaver

    Rene Ritchie throws down the gauntlet with Linus

    Fiber is becoming more and more available. You also will be seeing more channel bonding on the upload side for cable. So 150+ mbps should be a lot more accessible. I mean it isn't like shadow is sending out 200+ mbps. They claim that only 15mbps of downloaded is needed to enjoy their service with good quality. For example I have a steam stream box and it is normally under 100mbps of usage by a decent bit. Anyways I wasn't saying this is the solution all should take, just that it can be a viable and/or more powerful alternative. Now the above is from a gaming point of view. For rdp it is MUCH lower.
  10. AngryBeaver

    How practical is 1 CPU 2 Gamers?

    So it is viable if you pick the hardware for it. The thing is you still need double everything except CPU , motherboard, psu, and case. Now the thing is by the time you invest in a CPU and motherboard that has the optimum cores and pci-e lanes... then you would have probably built two machines for less or around the same price.
  11. AngryBeaver

    What's the best Windows Server OS for me?

    I would go with 2016 standard. Just my personal Pref
  12. AngryBeaver

    Rene Ritchie throws down the gauntlet with Linus

    I am surprised more people don't just run beastly machines and just remote in on a cheap laptop. You could also set up a home VPN and stream your games via something like steam (if you have the upload) I mean I look at it this way. What is a decent macbook pro gonna cost me.. 1.5 -2k ish I am guessing. That means I could spent 1500 on a very solid desktop and then pick up a 350-500 dollar laptop that has good storage, memory and processor.
  13. AngryBeaver

    Rene Ritchie throws down the gauntlet with Linus

    This is completely false. You do get performance benefits. In a nvidia GPU for example you don't get the boost down clocks at around 55c. You also can push the farther in most cases. Now on the CPU side depending in the chip there is also some solid gains to be had here. I mean between GPU and CPU you might only get 10 or 15 % more performance than air, but it is there if you have a proper loop. Now if you have a golden chip on CPU and GPU the gains can be a good bit higher.
  14. AngryBeaver

    Can I make some money off this?

    Honestly, this is a very competitive sector now. You don't have the name or warranty the big names do. Your best bet would be using craigslist or Facebook market to buy cheap, but decent PC hardware. If you get a good enough deal you might be able to turn around and sell the finished product for some profit. If you really want it to get lots of hits make sure it is very visibly appealing.
  15. AngryBeaver

    Can one dude program a operating system?

    It really depends on the language used. You can program and OS rarely quickly with a high level language, but if you wanted to use something low level like machine language it would take way longer than 10 years on your own.
  16. AngryBeaver

    Best System Information Tools

    HwInfo is a good tool.
  17. AngryBeaver

    Would you pay $130 for this used PC?

    130 for PC 150 for a rx580 75-100 for 3770k So for 355-380 you could have a very decent gaming pc. Now if the motherboard doesn't support overclocking then you would save another 10-20 bucks on a 3770 used. Also you could get a 2600k for 35-50 used and they can pretty much all overclock to 4.4ghz and above. You will just lose pci-e 3.0 support, but that shouldn't hurt fps much if at all on a 580
  18. AngryBeaver

    How to teach someone PC hardware?/Where to start?

    Ok this is going to sound funny, but I had a young nephew that wanted to get in to the PC building. I got him a cheap copy of PC building simulator on steam. He LOVES that game. He has also learned all the components, how to build a PC, and how to troubleshoot issues. He did need my help on overclocking, but after explaining voltage/temp balance and how it relates to CPU clocks... he has even been doing decent there. So if young I would recommend this game. Gives them knowledge in a fun way.
  19. AngryBeaver

    GPU sparked :( help

    I would look at something like a 970, 980, 580 (amd), or 1060 6gb. If you are on a budget. Depending on where you live you can get a NEW 580 for about 150 atm and that comes with 2-3 games. All of these choices would outperform your current card... although the 970 would only be slightly, but you should be able to find one dirt cheap used.
  20. AngryBeaver

    How long do you use your pcs?

    I have machines that get uses in my lab going all the way back to a 2600k at (4.7k I think atm) now the GPU in it has been upgraded to a 580 lately (100 bucks open box at microcenter). Now on a personal level I generally upgrade pretty often. I still have an used 2080ti that was going to be part of a 9900k build that I shelved waiting on ryzen 3000 to hit. I plan on going with a 16c/32t CPU with a high overclock if possible. I tend to custom water every machine I build now. Now on the newest upgrades coming if the ryzen 3000 can hit 4700mhz it will be a pure win. I game at 1440p minimum on my main rig so high fps bottlenecks aren't a concern this generation. I still come across a lot of retired dolls that rock 4770s or 4570s that I toss a low power GPU in like a 1050ti or now the 1150ti. I generally sell these off for about 250-300 for a decent gaming rig for someone or at cost to friend/family.
  21. AngryBeaver

    Help!!! Low fps after cleaning pc

    Coolant oil? To a machine that doesn't have an AIO or water cooling? Not a good idea, probably part of the problem if you did. Now the truth Is that card is outdate and was the lowest of the low end of it's generation. You would be better off buying a used card that will fit like a 1050ti or a 1150ti. Yes it will set you back between 80-150 bucks, but the performance will be MUCH better. You could also pick up a used 680,770,780,970... for less than 80 bucks (if they will fit and you have a good enough PSU) which would also make a vast improvement. Hell a 570 an be had for a hundred bucks these days and it is on par with a 1060 3gb.
  22. AngryBeaver

    Pc upgrade.

    Not sure what your plans are for the machine, but that chipset is basically dead and investing in it at all is wasted money. I would start peicing together a budget build. I literally just built a AMD 2600/580 combo build for less than 600 around a month or 2 ago (birthday present for a relative)... think my total was 535ish. I can provide the microcenter receipt I'd needed lol
  23. Single channel vs dual channel only makes a big difference if you are benchmarking your memory. In real world usage the difference is imperceptible. You might gain a 1 or 2 fps in a game, so if you are seeing more than that then the reviewer has a flawed test setup.
  24. AngryBeaver

    What does your company offer as a work computer?

    Let's see... at my current employer I have a nice Dell laptop with an 8700 and 16gb of ram. I also have an HP Zbook with a beastly xeon and 32gb of ram (my main workhorse), then lastly I have my examiner machine that I am constantly remoting in to which is running dual xeons with 512gb of ram and about 40Tb of raid protected storage. My desk at work consists of 5 displays. 3 to my 8700 and 2 connected to the Zbook. I also run 4 monitors horizontal and 1 vertical. I just use a nice KVM to switch between the two as needed.
  25. AngryBeaver

    How much to charge for Tech Support?

    I personally do it for free most of the time to help out people around here... not really in the need for cash and I like to help out my local community as I can. Now that being said the hourly rate can be anywhere from 25-100/hr. It really just depends on how well known you are or if you have a little self run business for it. I have taken little 1-2 night gigs from a few people I know in the field to just help them get caught up and normally the rate is close to the upper range on 1099. I rarely do this anymore though as I have twin boys I am raising.