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  1. 3 hours ago, tbake0155 said:

    What in the world makes you say this?  The highest TDP in that chart is 105 watts, that's nothing.

    Yet both Intel and AMD mostly use base clocks to determine the estimated TDP. Enabling all core boosts already can kick it up a great deal... then xfr pushes it further... then whatever voltage you toss at it for the overclock.


    A 105 watt chip pulling 300 watts with a good overclock isn't a huge stretch.

  2. 4 hours ago, GoldenLag said:

    I thinkna 140mm duaktower variant of the nh-U12A would dissagree with that

    I expect we will see 300+ TDP of heat on high overclock 16cores. So when it comes to tower coolers they are limited in how much bigger they can get to deal with heat. Unless we are going to keep the covers off the case... then you have to worry about the weight hanging off the socket. Not saying it won't cool a stock chip or even a mild overclock, but I think we are approaching the point where air cooling might be a more limiting factor.


    21 hours ago, #Banana said:

    I need some suggestions for keeping my cats off my PC that dont involve me kicking them off in anyway. 

    I hope you aren't serious with this... if so you better refrain from ever having kids.


    Cat, dog, or kid... if I don't want it up there I will train or teach it not to be in short order. You own the cats, not the other way around.

  4. So I just went on dells website and used the custom SERVER configurator. I went with a R940 Power Edge. I tossed in 4 x Xeon Plat 8160's (24c/48t cpus) for a total of 96 cores and 192 threads.


    I also added a bigger power supply to support them and 46 sticks of 32gb ram for about 1.5TB of ram. I didn't play with raid disks or the like outside of the default.


    The total for this came to about 58k.


    Now you might ask WHY I did this comparison. That is because if you really need that kind of horsepower for your tasks it is better to go with a server grab system and then use it via RDP to process those tasks. If you need more GPU power then you toss in a few Quadros. 


    Now my setup is much more powerful and overkill compared to the Apple machine, but it could easily supply the same amount of power to 3 users which makes it a much cheaper option in the end. All they would need would be a decent laptop to access it for processing. You can actually purchase a tower server with similar better specs than the Mac for much less as well.


    So just did it for giggles. A T440 Power Edge tower.  With Dual 14c/28T Intel Golds for 28c/56t and 1.5TB of memory would come out to about 36k. Another 1400 for for two Radeon VII puts you at about 38K. Yet you are not stuck with AMD cards and can go with much better compute cards like the Quadro line. The best part is these can be under your desk and don't need you to remote in! For a nice 12K savings and many more options when it comes to upgrades and expansions.

  5. Which is why I don't support apple products. They are just a PITA. Look at how they work inside a corporate environment. Unless you are going to shell out for a apple server or use more limited linux options... you have very limited control over them.


    That is why we have finally decided to drop them 100% come end of lease. The executives might not like it, but they lost to security.


    Thankfully we had already phased out all the iPads in favor of surface pros.

  6. 23 minutes ago, _Hustler_One_ said:


    I did mine without re-seal the IHS. Just hold the IHS inplace firm enough with the stock motherboard intel cpu retention tool. Be very careful when you hold it with your finger while you clipping it on the motherboard.


    Here is mine,


    I have always personally used RTV silicon gasket maker. I have tried both and seen no decrease in thermals with it.  I just out a small bead on the edge of the IHS and make sure to leave a gap of about a 1/4" or so on one side.  If you have the die mate just use the relid attachment. If now I just used a foam and clamp setup for about 2-4 hrs to let it set then let the socket hold it down which let's it completely dry over the next few days while you use it.


    The benefit to this is that if you do it properly noone can tell it was ever delidded. I mean I have only personally killed one chip and it was a very long time ago. It was the old vise and block of wood/rubber mallet method. Chip went flying and didn't survive. I have used a razor blade for all my delids since.



    Btw if you do not use an adhesive you need to move the IHS slightly down from center as it will move up when you clamp the chip down via the locking mechanism.

  7. I think Intel will bounce back in probably 2 years or so. The real problem is the setbacks they ran in to with the 10nm node or this wouldn't have been possible.


    This is actually good for us all. The last time AMD pulled ahead we saw some pretty big advancements and much more competitive pricing from Intel.


    I expect once 10nm hits and they refine the node a little for 10nm+ that we will see some pretty big leaps again in IPC, clocks, core counts, and power draw.


    The truth is I expect the first 10nm chips to take a slight IPC hit and hopefully offset it with a little higher clocks. So it will be a wash. That is to be expected with how optimized their 14nm is compared to 10nm atm though.

  8. I think you could probably list if as a minecraft/fortnite machine and pull in 175-250 for it USD.


    The parts on their own are worth much, but having it all together and posting some fps numbers for fornite will probably land you 250ish for it.


    The problem is you will be competing with retired workstations with a 1050 or 1050ti tossed in them for 250-350. 

  9. 18 hours ago, valdyrgramr said:

    To be fair, some mental health professionals are arguing against both this and gambling addiction.  They view them more as an obsession, but even if you call them an obsession that doesn't mean it isn't a problem.  I think what they're saying is that the game itself or gambling isn't the problem, but just something being used to escape reality to avoid a bigger problem.  Also, a lot of people do like to jump to the conclusion that gambling or gaming is the problem.  However, that is still where a mental health professional would help.  As for the DSM V that's more of a guide book than a bible.

    I would have to agree with them. This isn't a disorder or disability.


    If I choose to play games 24/7 or gamble all my money then that is still a choice I am making. I let them take over my life because I am making constant decisions to allow it.


    I know that video games can cause you to release excess amounts of dopamine, but that is still a much different thing that addiction to say drugs.


    Games give kids quick access to self gratification which produces dopamine and makes them want to play more... so now anytime they aren't getting game time they feel bored. I have seen it with my teenager and once the additude showed me had a problem we cut game time drastically and made him do school sports to earn some time each day.


    It means he stopped being so socially excluded, he learned how to be part of a bigger team, and that he could have fun without needing games. Oh and he got in better shape.


    So again I feel these things are a problem introduced by parents or adults that just don't understand moderation. It is like anything else and too much of something can become a bad thing. It however is not some disability or disorder that needs backing.

  10. On 5/29/2019 at 3:52 PM, TheTwist said:

    I am currently at my first job in IT as a Junior Systems Administrator for the past 3 years. My role is keeping the network running defiantly and fixing the odd computer all is Windows Based.  


    I am now wanting to find a specialized job role however I am stuck on where to start looking.  I have started to look what lots of other job descriptions say but still not sure.  Anyone able to say what they do which could help.


    No promotion out of a Junior Role in 3 years?


    Now on to the specialized areas.... it really depends on your end goal. Do you want to do something you love over all else or do you want to make big bucks. So understanding what is most important to you is number 1.


    The next thing you need to do is look at what you have done and figure out what you liked doing most. You can then reference that to average pay in those roles and start moving towards the ones that tick the most boxes.


    Now if you are looking at high growth and potential jobs then I would recommend infosec and devops. They are very in demand jobs with big salaries and huge growth still coming. 

  11. In your scenario I think keeping the r7 is the best choice.


    Now choosing between the 2070 and 2080 the best option is to move up a tier vs buying a non reference card. That being said the R7 is no slouch and while it doesn't have ray tracing it isn't at an adoption rate that it matters yet.


    I also have a feeling that like nvidia, AMD might have a way to introduce it via drivers.

  12. So the truth is.... it isn't going to be realistic for you to make much doing this.


    You are on a home connection which will have limited bandwidth compared to a datacenter. The amount of time you would probably need to invest in support will make this a loss in the end too. I mean there are models that can make money, but getting out there enough to market for them is extremely tough in the saturated market we have.

  13. 49 minutes ago, Vajra said:

    I Just moved my system out of a view 71 because it was too big.  I believe The HDD caddys that sit within the middle are somewhat modular on rails so you can move them up and down.  So you could probably fit 2-4 in the main area and i think there are 2-3 mounting brackets on the back as well.  With these two radiators I think it's possible you could fit somewhere between 3-6 3.5" drives.  The 71 is nearly 100 Liters!

    Awesome. Ya I picked the 420s because they have more surface area than a 480 while taking up less fan bays. I have heard the 140s that come with the rgb version do have good static pressure, but I'll probably swap then for ml140s (still unsure on this one). Then again maybe I will just order 3 or 4 more and use it on the other rad too.

  14. 8 hours ago, xg32 said:

    if i had to GUESS, the zen 2 wall is at 4.6ghz, a 4.6 8 core will be SLIGHTLY slower than 9900k (need benchmarks), if you wait for zen 2, u'd end up saving 100~ bucks and a pcie4 nvme ssd. 

    This isn't necessarily true. Let's say ryzen got a 13% IPC bump (low end)


    Intel has about a 3-5% ipc lead. So if ryzen is now 10% over the Intel offerings that 4600mhz clock is equivalent to a 5060mhz Intel. That is why Intel trashed bulldozer 5ghz cpus with their lower clocks. It is pure IPC goodness.


    Now we have to look at the fact these are 4.6ghz boosts and they have XFR2.. which can add another 200mhz. So I wouldn't be shocked to see a good portion hitting 4.8ghz on all cores. Then you have the fact these chiplets can be binned much more easily allowing for more consistency in chips. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some 5ghz capable ones.

  15. 1 hour ago, Mr. horse said:

    Sorry I can't recommend a case myself. I do not use new cases.


    But don't forget the fans added thickness. I done that before myself.


    Very true. I know that the v71 can take thick rads on the front and side mount for sure.. just don't know about at the same time. Also not sure about the top. Time for more research lol.

  16. 26 minutes ago, TVwazhere said:



    How thick are the rads? If they're thin you might be able to squeeze them into the a 51 series case


    I figure I will either use the 60mm thick rads from alphacool or the 57mm ones from the GTR blackice line.


    Another thing to consider is my current machine has 7 drives in it. 6 data one m.2. I figure I will run 2 -1tb m.2s, but will probably need a way to mount 1-2 hdds.


    I know on the 71 they can mount to the back still even if you remove the front drive bays (which I probably will do)

  17. I am getting ready to toss together a system in July. I have been on the fence about my next case for over a year now (originally was going to do a 9900k build)


    I will be cooling both GPU and CPU and I am planning on using dual 420mm rads.


    The view71 rgb tg is one of the cases I like for the build, but I am sure there are better cases out there for the job. Just wanted to see what everyone else recommends.