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Status Updates posted by AngryBeaver

  1. Apparently my local Microcenter has the 9900k for $499 and is also doing a $30 off on a motherboard combo with it. Seems like a too good to pass up deal to me.

  2. WTB End-users that know the difference between SPAM and PHISH.

    1. Theguywhobea


      SPAM: Meat product

      PHISH: Ice cream product

    2. ARikozuM


      Phish smells bad, Spam tastes bad.

  3. Why is the average forum user so uneducated on topics that interest them. We are in an age where information is available in a seconds notice and we carry around vast knowledge in our pockets. So I just don't understand the lack of personal mental growth that I see everywhere.

    1. Jamiec1130


      You've got to understand that a lot of people on forums like this are in middle school and high school. They aren't even adults, and therefore don't think the same way as an adult. They're more likely to think "oooohhh a forum i should ask my question there it will be better than google!". 

    2. AngryBeaver


      I read an interesting article about how education is slowly changing. They are predicting that in the next generation school will consist of teaching you mathematics, language, how to manage your mental health, how to manage your finances, and lastly how to communicate/socialize with others.


      They are saying that since information is so readily available there is little reason for it to continue to be a subject in school. I see the point in some of this, but I also feel that so much has already been lost. Hell, they don't even teach the multiplication table in a lot of schools now and are instead using common core math. 


      Have you ever been to a store when the register is broken? Try giving a young waitress cash for your bill. We are becoming smarter on the technical level, but common knowledge is going down hill on a personal level.