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  1. AngryBeaver

    Wet tissue cooling....

    So the theory is you drape a damp clock on your heatsinks and with fans blowing threw both the evaporation will lower the air inside the cloth by a few degrees. In practice I don't think it would work well plus you are adding a source of possible water directly above your motherboard and CPU socket.
  2. AngryBeaver

    concerning upcoming pihole video guide

    I guess my point is how many times have you actually seen that to be the case. Also this device can be PAIRED with a browser extension for more complete coverage. The thing you are missing is there is a lot of internet usage outside of just a browser. A pihole server stops all of that phoning home. It also works on all traffic not just that on a device with a compatible browser.
  3. AngryBeaver

    concerning upcoming pihole video guide

    The thing is most ad sources share a very specific location. That is just how it is best for serving them up and tracking them. So they will either come from a common ad serving site or be setup In a way you can block just their sub domain while allowing the rest of the site to function. So you might be on say forums.linustechtips.com and the adds are located at ad.linustechtips.com. You can block one an not the other
  4. AngryBeaver

    The Guide to Private Internet Browsing

    The thing is in this day and age going untracked on the web is becoming more and more tricky. Even with a VPN those cookies on your machine phone home and identify you. If you truly want a chance at going untracked then you need to do several things. Clean out all cookies and browser data. Get a good VPN that doesn't save data Get a decent sinkhole like Pihole Get Firefox or Tor (if you want to go even more extreme) Then install an addon for firefox like no script. Setup firefox to not keep any data and to not allow cookies Now you have a good chance of not being tracked, but you need to make sure you are vigilant and do not allow cookies. Pi-Hole when properly configured is an extra later to block unwanted stuff coming in and more importantly stop it from phoning home. Normally this is more than the average user wants to do and TBH it is pretty much overkill anyways for most people. The data being gather doesn't actually give out any PII... it is just a metric attached to a cookie to help them provide more relevant ads (more money for them) or sell your usage data (more money). They aren't tracking your name, address, SSN, etc... That doesn't mean they couldn't if they truly wanted, but there is plenty of legal boundaries that mostly protects you there.
  5. AngryBeaver

    concerning upcoming pihole video guide

    I wouldn't say it is more granular. All of those ads on their make a redirect/dns request. If the domain is in the blacklist then it sinkholes that traffic.
  6. AngryBeaver

    Used gtx 1060 3gb price

    I would look at a 580 8g instead. With deals and such lately you can find them for like 130-150 NEW. If you look on the used market you can get them for under 100. It will have better performance than the 1060 3gb too.
  7. I would go with the 2600 unless you can swing the 3600. It is the best value and will not give you any significant bottlenecks
  8. AngryBeaver

    What IT certifications do you have?

    I suggest you look in to WGU. A lot of people in the IT field use it and many employers love them. They are regionally accredited, non-profit, and are proficiency based. So you have to show mastery of a topic to pass. On top of all that they have the best pricing model of any school I have seen. Like similar to 2 year schools if not cheaper at times
  9. Seeing that most in the first pay are 70w or lower with one being only 144w... it wouldn't be great for much more than a stock cpu
  10. AngryBeaver

    What IT certifications do you have?

    That is pretty standard even for people with all their major certs. They need to show continuous improvement of their staff. Plus means they can define clear cut lines for moving up in a pay grade/promotion.
  11. AngryBeaver

    What IT certifications do you have?

    Do you have TS or any other security clearance? Depending on the position you might need it or at least be able to get it.
  12. AngryBeaver

    What IT certifications do you have?

    Your choice, but WGU if you have a 2 year would cost you about 6500 for a 4 year total... then depending on how many classes you take another 7-9k for your MS
  13. AngryBeaver

    What IT certifications do you have?

    WGU? If not then you should consider them over where you are looking.
  14. AngryBeaver

    Wet tissue cooling....

    If we are talking liquid cooling here then there are several ways to use something like a raspberrypi to calculate dew point and flip on and off the condenser on say a chiller. Then you have insulation in the water lines which acts as a buffer between the liquid line and outside air so that condensation also doesn't occur because the insulation temp is between the water and ambient air temp. Since the point that open air touched the surface is where condensation occurs. Now in the way of a swamp cooler (what a bong cooler is) you are relying on evaporation to reduce the temp if the liquid. The downside is the need for constant filling and it adding humidity to the air. Then again it becomes less effective the more humidity you have which means it can't actually get down cold enough to create condensation in 99% of cases. It is technically a phase change setup, but as it is not in a vacuum it doesn't have the same capabilities and concerns as say an AC.
  15. AngryBeaver

    What IT certifications do you have?

    I find the triad to be rather limited in value. It might help at entry level, but it doesn't offer much outside of that. If you have a tech degree then you can probably skip them all together.
  16. AngryBeaver

    Sleeve + tech backpack, is it necessary?

    I've used laptop bags and backpacks for many years with many different company laptops. I have yet to need anything more than they offer. My newest backpack is some cheapish $45-55 amazon backpack for laptops. I have twin boys that crawl and jump in it anytime it isn't put away and it has survived that for months. Even cheap backpacks tend to offer plenty of protection in my experience.
  17. AngryBeaver

    Wet tissue cooling....

    This isn't true. Condensation will only form if your temp is below the dew point. You can find your dew point fairly easy with any online calculator provided you know the temp and humidity of your room. You could also just buy a cheap thermometer that gives you that information. For example if your temp is 70f and you have 50% humidity your component temp would need to be below 50.5f for condensation to form.
  18. AngryBeaver

    [Rumor] 2080 Ti Super Potentially Spotted in AIDA64

    The 2080 and 2080s pretty much became a terrible buy once they released the 2070s. The 2070s is within a few frames of the 2080 and the 2080s is only a few frames higher than the 2080... so you get 10-15 more fps going from a 2070s to a 2080s which costs you a $200 premium. I love Nvidia cards, but I cannot recommend a 2080 or 2080s to anyone now. You either got 2070s or 2080ti everything in the middle is pretty much not worth it for the price.
  19. here is the latest bit from AMD. They are basically blaming it on Ique and other monitoring software, but others have testing and previous versions of Agesa didn't exhibit the same behavior. Anyways hopefully this helps get you on a path to resolve your issues.
  20. It isn't that it is too high. The problem is that it is using that voltage even while basically idle. So you are increasing idle temps (not a huge issue), but also using more energy than you otherwise would be using.
  21. AngryBeaver

    Seeking Custom Loop Advice from experts

    From what you are asking for I would get a swiftech h280 x3. It is technically an AIO, but is expandable because it uses custom loop quality parts. It will set you back 150-200 depending on which you pick, but the performance will be good and you can easily add another radiator or gpu block in the future if you choose. looks like they might have discontinued the 280 in the x3 line, but they do have it in the x2 line. https://www.swiftech.com/drive-x3-aio.aspx
  22. The problem isn't Icue per say. It was the newest Agesa update. So one of the recent Agesa updates that was applied made it so that the cores apply boost vcore anytime a load is present. So if you have a background task such as Icue it can cause your vcores to jump to the 1.4 range. This is something I feel was just recently addressed, but it is dependant on your boards manufacturer to apply the new Agesa update.
  23. Meaning your machine is idle 90% of the time. I am pretty confident that in a stresstest, benchmark, or game that it would not be able to maintain 35c or lower unless your room temp is 20-23c. I would think you are hitting 10-12c DeltaT on that radiator. Nothing against the rad, just it is a slim rad designed for low airflow so the TDP on it won't scale much higher even with high rpm fans.
  24. So it comes down to this. You need a combination of DeltaT and ambient temp to accomplish this. So if you have a DeltaT on your water loop then your room temp needs to be 30c or lower. If you have a 7c DeltaT then your ambient needs to be 28C or less. So you need to get enough rad space and air flow to get a low delta C (5 or less) then you need to keep your room temp below 30c.
  25. AngryBeaver

    To many fans ?

    This isn't always necessarily true. You hit a point of diminishing returns and also depending on your case setup the turbulence all of those fans create could also reduce the effectiveness of your cooling and actually cause heat to building up in your case.