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  1. What is your goal? What do you want to do with the computer. Gaming? Work? If work what type of work.
  2. Might be able to unscramble.... lol It isn't a matter of if, but when. Some passwords might take longer than others but I would expect they have already started recovering passwords. Just another case of poor security practices.
  3. If possible I would wait for the 3950x or consider the 3900x. The 3950x is also a 16c cpu, but will be MUCH faster for about 250 more. The 3900x is around the same price and although it is only a 12 core the improvements to the 3rd gen ryzen would probably make it a faster choice overall.
  4. 1) Age - mid 30's 2) why do you want to join the server? To bring death, destruction, and mayhem. In reality I bring a lot of hosting experience and hardware that can be used to expand the server if needed. I don't necessarily want to join, but I would be willing to help moving forwards in case my kids/nephews are interested. 3) url to platform in which you make videos. You can have 0 subscribers or have no content or whatever and be just starting out so don't let that get in the way but I still would like a URL - I do not provide PII. This type of information would hurt the anonymity of my account here. 4) have you been banned from a server in the past? Not sure why this is a relevant question or one that I should need to even respond to. 5) what do you bring to the server? Please read #2 6) your discord - Do not have one attached to this alias, but expect it would be a variant of it. Thank you for showing interest in this thread and I hope to see you on the server! Now on a more serious note. I am not sure why you are being so selective. There are many ways to keep grieving off a server with some simple mods. That means no one can destroy anothers work or build in their area without being granted permission. Then you have Bans for people breaching the other rules which can be annoying, but do not deprive others of something they did. The main reason I even posted in here was because I saw you deny that person above's application mainly because they answered honestly to a question on a ban. Frankly, I think it isn't really your business what they did on another server as long as they behave on yours. The person didn't even need to be truthful about it and there isn't much you could do to find out. Just some food for thought.
  5. Plus if temps become an issue you can slap a hybrid cooler on that thing for like 80 bucks combined and it would be even more of a beast
  6. I would look at going with a VDI type setup which is pretty much the same thing... just it is a better solution for what you are wanting. Then you could just get some thin clients or use like a raspberry pi.
  7. You said the SSD performance is bad and then go to say the SSD is bad. Well if the SSD is bad that is why your performance is bad and you don't even have anything to associate it to being a windows issue.
  8. You can only add ONE drive, but they can hold 2. 3 if you get creative with some double sided tape and pull the cd drive. That being said the drives need to be 2.5". Alternatively depending on the storage you want you can pickup a USB 3.0 2+ hard-drive enclosure. Being USB 3.0 it won't be your bottleneck you would just be limited to the speed of your drives which if mechanical will be around 125-200MBps. USB 3.0 can hit 640MBps maximum. So easily support 3 or 4 drives without issue.
  9. The ram isn't worth the investment. The CPU doesn't really need an upgrade at this point and as you said you are happy with the GPU. So there isn't really a need for you to upgrade. I mean you could upgrade to a 3700-3800x if you are just dying to spend the money and a AIO to cool it... but I just don't see any reason to really upgrade at this point in time.
  10. It would be in the ballpark. Being a elite series it should have really good idle consumption which you will spend a good amount of time in. I think the stat for stat is about 19watts of TDP difference. In the 2400g's favor. An online calculator for the UK shows the difference in price at max 100% 24/7/365 usage is = £19.9728 for a year. So next to nothing IMO.
  11. For the record that is about all that seperates the 2070s and the 2080s too... yet the 2070s is $200 less. I honestly feel like the 2070s is the better more future proof card, but that is just my opinion. I prefer nvidias Nvemc codec, the dlss and ray tracing support... and even at the FE level it has much better cooling. That doesn't even look at Gsync vs Freesync and driver quality.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-EliteDesk-800-G1-SFF-Intel-Core-i7-4790-8GB-500GB-HDD-No-OS-K818989/383118266139?hash=item5933a0cf1b:g:eZ4AAOSwezVdTHEo:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!55442!US!-1 $150 Toss in a 512gb SSD for 45 bucks. Toss in another 8gb of ram for 30bucks. You now have everything you need for MUCH cheaper than you could have built one. The ram isn't even a requirement. Lastly, the SFF is the Small Form Factor model. So it will be pretty thin and can be hidden behind or under a lot of things.
  13. For the laptops I would get something like a Displaylink docking station which has a charge plug and a single usb 3.1 or 3.0 for handling the data to the monitors. It can support up to 4 4k monitors. Now that would mean you would need to plug in the laptop you wanted to currently use. Now if you want to use both monitors easily between your laptops and desktop then you could invest in a KVM to handle the switching of your monitors and peripherals from one machine to the other. A docking station example - https://us.targus.com/products/universal-usb-3-0-dv4k-docking-station-dock160usz A KVM example - https://www.trendnet.com/products/product-detail?prod=250_TK-240DP
  14. I personally feel like the Arctis 5 are the better choice.
  15. Well it could just be the fact you are on wifi. All wireless adapters are not created equal and some will lose connection frequently. If possible I would recommend you run a wire and go that route. If not then you can try to tweak your settings. If you are on 5ghz, maybe try 2ghz and see if you get a better connection. If you have a lot of wifi devices try turning a few off temporarily. Either way what wifi router are you using and what wifi adapter on your computer.
  16. Are you using a wifi connection, a wired connection, or both. You have kinda made it sound like all the above.
  17. I would remove the OC and go to stock and do some testing. You need to remove as many variable as possible to see where the issue is.
  18. Out of curiosity is your CPU overclocked? If so I would try reverting that to stock and testing too. I also don't think this is necessarily a problem with the GPU since you had this issue with a previous nvidia card. I would have suggest this was a driver issue, but you claim you did a fresh install. Now if that isn't the case I would recommend you give that a try or at least nuke the old drivers. Now if you did the windows refresh or fresh start or w/e it is called.Then you might not have fully removed all of those drivers. So consider that as well. This could also be a problem with your power supply. It might be defective and is shutting down because of any number of issues. I am guessing your old card probably uses a single PCI-E power connectior and the nvidia cards use 2. It could be a power delivery issues, a problem with the connector or cables causing a short... which is making the machine instantly power off in protect mode. So My next avenue if the above aren't an issue is to try a new PSU.
  19. Have you checked to see if you have any new Bios Updates for your motherboard? Sometimes (rarely) you can have a component on a newer architecture that just doesn't play nice with older bios's.
  20. AngryBeaver

    Deep Web

    It is literally just a VDI plugged in to a VPN. So you are basically not even using your machine, but a virtualized environment in the cloud... that then uses a VPN to access the web. In this scenario you don't even need a VPN to be honest. Since anything you did would come back to the VDI machine and as long as they aren't keeping logs and you aren't using anything on it to personally identify you (random login and pass) then there isn't much benefit to a vpn in that case. I mean it just adds another layer, but in this scenario that layer isn't actually required. This is by no means new though. It also won't work for everything as you can't game on it and your performance is highly dependent on their hardware and number of VDI's each machine is running.
  21. You can turn them into game servers for sure, but the biggest factor here would be what your home connection speed is. If you aren't able to break 100+ Mbps on the upload side then you are going to be very limited on what you can run. Even then you will need to make sure you are picking games that are compatible with your hardware. So for example don't try to run high pop ARK servers on a server cpu that doesn't have 3.6+ ghz. Don't try to host a lot of minecraft servers if you only have 8gb of ram..etc.
  22. Your temps aren't bad, but your DeltaT is pretty high for a custom loop. I Figure it would come down a decent bit though if you turned up the fan speed. My only suggestion would be to play with fan speed to get it to the max speed you can at the volume level you want. Typically I aim for a 5-8c Delta T in my loops, you are sitting at about 16. So assuming you got that down to 8c your CPU and GPU temp would drop as well. That would put your cpu around 68c and your gpu around 45c. Which IS pretty good temp wise. I mean there isn't a problem where you are now. If you are happy with the noise and temps it is perfectly safe, but if you want to increase them just try tweaking your fan speeds. You should have plenty of rad surface area to still get the deltaT under 10c.