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  1. AngryBeaver

    Creating my own server + some questions.

    I can second this. If you are wanting to run an entry level or beginner nas this is the best approach. It is also pretty cheap. Now I generally prefer to buy actual desktop internal drives and toss them in an enclosure then connect that to the PI/router/etc. That being said you can run a decent amount of drives off of one PI.
  2. AngryBeaver

    Ethernet card not working

    Are you sure it didn't get disabled in the BIOS?
  3. AngryBeaver

    Daily Driver of everyone

    ATM I am rocking my S9 with my work laptop which just recently got upgraded to a HP developer model with 64gb of ram and a true 6 core cpu. It is an EliteBook1050, which replaced a Zbook I was using.
  4. The only reason single-thread performance is still so relevant is because game creators are still not scaling multi-threaded capabilities as high as they could or should. Draw calls are still mostly single threaded and that is why you see single thread performance matter so much when it comes to max fps in 1080p games. I understand why this is being done, but it doesn't mean it should be done. Once the market actually decides to truly move to high core counts the advantage single thread performance has will start to diminish. I mean yes it matters because stronger cores make for even better multi-core setups... but when you look at 8 cores vs 12 cores there is no reason to see the higher core machine with similar IPC fall behind due to a few hundred MHZ difference. There are some games and API's out there that don't have these problems and those are the games where you see the higher core count cpus hang with or even surpass the higher single thread ones. Just look at how things scale on the productivity side... they have full adapted. We just need the gaming side to follow suit and for things like dx12 to successfully spread draw calls out to more cores.
  5. I would wait for the 3900x too. You are giving up 50% more cores/threads for the same cost.
  6. AngryBeaver

    Found in The Trash

    Specifications: Display type: 19-inch flat-display CRT Viewable screen size: 18 inches Maximum resolution: 1600 x 1200 Dot pitch: 0.22-mm Honestly, I wouldn't even bother with a CRT these days. Back when we first moved to LCD base screens there was a good size input/refresh delay. Ghosting was also a much bigger issue then. Now though we can gotten to the point that those downsides are all but gone. You can get 1ms TN panels and IPS panels that come down to 3-4ms. Heck VA panels are doing 3-5ms now too. I mean if you want to tinker with it as a project go ahead, but for daily use a cheap 22" inch 1080p LCD is hard to beat when compared to a old CRT.
  7. AngryBeaver

    My pc is lagging no matter what

    Download Malwarebytes. https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/ Update and run it. Should solve the problem
  8. AngryBeaver

    My pc is lagging no matter what

    That will do it, but then that makes your troubleshooting steps not add up. If you installed Ubuntu and that lagged as well then it shouldn't have been the malicious software at that point. Unless you were running Ubuntu in a VM which wouldn't have been able to really diagnose the problem anyways.
  9. AngryBeaver

    Tips First Custom Loop

    So this is going to get overly complicated fast lol. Anyways the more surface area you have HxWxL the more heat you can dissipate in total. The FPI also adds to this, but I use it as more of reference to the purpose of that radiator. Lower FPI radiators are meant for lower RPM fans and aim at being quiet. So if you add a say 3000rpm fan to a 12FPI radiator you won't see much gain over a 1200rpm fan... there will be some but it won't be as drastic as say a 30 FPI radiator. So on a high FPI radiator you see much better returns on high rpm fans, but will see less cooling on lower rpm fans.... that is due to the restriction of the air. So when looking at FPI... just look at it as a way to determine what it is geared for. 16FPI is for the 1000-1800 range and it will be the most efficient at those ranges. A 30FPI radiator will need fans in the 2000+ range to operate at the same efficiency, but can also remove more heat at the cost of sound. You need to figure out what you want. Do you want a loud solution with high rpm fans or one that runs at a much less audible level, but has less overall cooling capacity.
  10. AngryBeaver

    Would the 3200g be okay?

    Don't forget he could just save for another week or two and do it all at once. If it was me I would try my best to get a 2600 and SSD even if only 256gb. Then in a few weeks grab a HDD and put the games all on it. The reverse order makes things a little tedious as you will have to reinstall the OS to the SSD and then wipe the HDD. He could also look into the Hybrid drives that incorporate about 16gb of SSD with a 1-2TB HDD. They aren't as fast as a true SSD, but they do share some benefits. Either way I would aim to get the 2600 and a SSD even if only a 240-256gb one. Then just add an HDD later for more storage. If he needs to save for another week I think that would be worth it in this scenario.
  11. Do you mean to your minecraft server? I mean what is the maximum risk of that? They troll the server and you have to roll back or wipe. If connecting is your main concern then just password it. Share that with your friends and you are set. If you are worried about them connecting to your computer via that port then unless there is a big vulnerability with minecraft it should deny or reset those connections. Yes, a dedicated actor could probably figure something out if given the time and desire, but again they don't have enough to gain for that possibility. Your dad is just being much more paranoid than he should. Running a properly configured minecraft server has a very low risk... and of those risks the potential loss is just related to saved data for minecraft. The risks outside of that scope are unrealistic and trying to mitigate all or them would be more expensive than the total cost of a full breach. I am not just talking either. I do this for a living. I am currently working for a company that is in the Fortune 10 list and has over 1.4 million end points to protect.
  12. AngryBeaver

    Would the 3200g be okay?

    Why plan on a failing component when chances are the card will be obsolete long before it dies. For the price of a 3400g he could have a 2600 which would have 12 threads for less. If he gets a 2600 he will more than likely need to replace his GPU once or twice due to age before he needs to replace the CPU... and then there will be much more powerful options available at this same budget point. Spending more money for a feature he doesn't need (APU) just doesn't make sense.
  13. AngryBeaver

    Would the 3200g be okay?

    With all the deals going on... I would look for a 2600. They can be found for around $99 right now and would be far better to use. I also would stay away from the any of the 2200/2400/3200/3400 processors. They are great if you don't want to use a dedicated GPU, but the moment you use a discrete card you are better off going to a 1600x/2600/3600 Just did a quick google the 3200g is $99 most places. You can get a 2600 for $119 at a handful of places and for $99 at microcenter (even cheaper if you bundle a motherboard for $30 more off) This is the 2600 + a b450 Asus Rog motherboard. $225 after tax
  14. Those scans are normal probing behavior and they are normally targeting companies. They don't normally worry about home networks because the reward potential is very low. Even still you can disable ICMP responses on your router which will help some. You also have to remember that any service that is using a internet connection is opening a port. In those cases it just comes down to how that service handles random responses. In most cases they can just crash that service, it is pretty rare for them to gain a foothold on your machine outside of a big security flaw that hasn't been patched. What you are referring to is known as security through obscurity. It does add an additional level of security, but again if someone is determined to get in and wants to do a full port scan with macros then they can detect those ports as well as identify what service or software is running on that port. Either way this again comes down to how bad they want to gain access and going after a home connection is pretty rare. Me personally I would grab a Raspberry pi 4 with 4gb of ram and use it to host my minecraft server. Block every port except those needed for minecraft and also make sure your router is likewise configured. Also... please don't follow some guide that has you creating a useraccount named minecraft with some easy password. Have your dad help you setup a user account just for minecraft with a good password. Make sure to keep your OS and server up to date and you should be fine.
  15. @RushFan Yes and No. It comes down to how you are configuring the device that is running the server. If you make sure to ONLY allow the required ports in your router as well as the machine that is hosting the server then in most cases you should be fine. I mean technically any open port can be a point of entry, but it comes down to minecraft rejecting or resetting connections that are not transmitting what it is looking for (game related information). Now in reality if someone wants in to your network enough they can get in... this is even more true on a consumer connection using consumer grade equipment. In reality the risk is very low as long as you configure your setup properly. There isn't much financial motivation to hit your little minecraft server or the machines on your personal network. It would mostly just be script kiddies wanting to cause problems, but unless you are a big minecraft server that isn't a realistic worry either. So I do not think whitelisting is necessary. The worst thing you have to worry about it someone hacking in the actual game or destroying/trolling your server. Even then you can just ban them and worst case restart your server. If you take backups though you can even mitigate that risk to an acceptable level. Tell your dad to explain what he thinks the actual threats are. Then you and him can evaluate those items and determine what should be mitigated and which are acceptable risks to allow.
  16. AngryBeaver

    Steelseries Arctis 5 Edition Audio not working in-game

    You need to configure your sound devices in both game and windows then. Right click the speaker icon in the bottom right corner and select " Open sound settings" From there confirm that you are using the headphones as your output device and that the correct microphone is selected in the input device box. Once in fortnight go to settings for sound and either set it to use windows defaults or manually select the correct option. You should be using the GAME sound option over the voice option for windows and fortnight. This is the FAQ info about chatmix. How does ChatMix work? The Arctis 5 appears as two separate audio devices in Windows, one for game and one for chat. You assign Game as the default audio device and then assign Chat in Discord or whichever VoIP client you use. The ChatMix dial then allows you to balance the two audio streams on the fly without ever leaving your game.
  17. AngryBeaver

    Steelseries Arctis 5 Edition Audio not working in-game

    Did you turn the nob to the left or right? If you do it turns off the audio for game sounds or other peoples mics. You could have also added the wrong device in your game setup. You should have 2 different output settings for that card. One for game and one for voice. That is what allows the mixer to function.
  18. AngryBeaver

    Need some Feedback for my Home Network

    Actually on the majority of wifi routers you can connect it via a lan port instead of wan and disable dhcp and firewall to just turn it into a switch with WIFI which also takes away the double nat issue. You just need to make sure to set the routers IP manually to something inside your subnet and then remember that IP incase you need to access it via the web console in the future.
  19. AngryBeaver

    Ryzen 3600x overheat

    If you get something like hwinfo and check for the score voltage... I would be curious what it is. Nvm see you did that already
  20. AngryBeaver

    Ryzen 3600x overheat

    Do me a favor and try running your cpu temp tests with the side of the case off. If you see big improvements then the problem is air flow and case related.
  21. AngryBeaver

    Ryzen 3600x overheat

    What case do you have? Your air setup is probably your problem. You are creating a vortex of hot air around your cpu. You want your front fans to be intake, the read should be exhaust and the top can be exhaust as well... the problem is I would want another fan in front if possible. and would probably use one of the top fans for it. So my setup if possible for your case would be this 2 fans as intake in front. 1 rear fan as exhaust and 1 top fan closest to the read of the case as exhaust. This would give you a balanced air flow and would remove a lot of the turbulence and allow cool air to flow through quicker with more of a windtunnel effect. As it stands you have air coming in from 2 different conflicting directions which is causing all of the heat to be pushed to the center near your cpu.
  22. AngryBeaver

    Corsair Hydro X

    This is only partially true. When it comes to CPU and GPU blocks their can be a decent difference. 4-6c Doesn't seem like a lot to some people, but when overclocking that is a pretty big difference. The same is true for GPU's as some blocks are better at keeping the ram and vrms cooler than others. Then you have to toss in the GPU core temp on top of that. So for me if I am already going to spend around 800ish on a custom loop I want to make sure I am picking the best components for my needs. Which is why I am looking to see if anyone else has by chance seen some benchmarking done with thermals. Anyways thanks for your input.
  23. AngryBeaver

    Corsair Hydro X

    Has anyone seen any reviews that actually benchmark these things. I know the radiators and pump will be almost identical to others. I am more interested in seeing how the CPU and GPU blocks compare to the other top contenders.
  24. AngryBeaver

    What's your worst gaming company support experience?

    Not only that, but the card was no longer in production anyways. So wasn't must use in looking for one.
  25. AngryBeaver

    What's your worst gaming company support experience?

    My worst experience was a couple of PNY Gpus I had with a "lifetime warranty" one died about 2 years in and I asked for a replacement. They informed me "lifetime warranty" mean't lifetime of the card or as long as it was still in production. I ended up buying a new card and putting the other in a different machine... it died about 4 months later. So to this day I have never purchased another PNY product and I steer anyone I can away from them.