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  1. Ark Survival evolved can easily eat up over 250GB of space.
  2. I mean wow that is super secure lol. There are techniques to obfuscate it, but in my line of work that is pretty trivial to crack as well. They just try to run several methods and hide some math/character shifting techniques or mix dex,hex,b64... in the end though not secure so not sure why some password vaults use it. Probably to give the user a false sense of security on a bad product.
  3. I have seen password managers that use base64 to encrypt username and password... which for all intent and purposes might as well be plain text.
  4. Pretty much all of my passwords are now 32+ characters and vaulted. My vault uses biometric 2FA. So while in some cases someone can clone a sim card and get access to your 2fa on a phone... they cannot fake the biometric scan needed unless they have access to my finger prints. So I would argue that depending on the implementation 2FA isn't even enough. A lot of 2FA setups let you use an email to receive a code and in most cases the email being compromised is where it starts. They get your email like the one example above... then use those creds on popular sites (most people reuse them) if you didn't reuse them or have 2FA they just request a password reset or to have the 2FA sent to your email. They then could even lock you out of your own email and use their own device for the 2FA verification. So the truth is your primary email is actually one of the most important things to guard. Most people don't understand just how much you can get with access to a users email.
  5. I would have to disagree with this. Common sense is a HUGE part of it, but a single malicious Ad on a popular website that is using an Ad service can compromise your machine. I mean I can create a spoofed email that looks like it is from your ISP (Dmarc still isn't as prevalent as it should be). I can even fool some of the most advanced security tools into thinking it is going to a legitimate trusted site via Domain Fronting techniques. The only true way to actually see the attack would be with very deep packet inspection that is actually decryption all of the secure connections then re-encrypting and forwarding them on. Which btw is very expensive to implement depending on the size of the company. Then you have places like these forums were people are constantly posting links and other people visiting them. If someone was wanting to be malicious they could easily compromise a handful of people before anyone noticed the link was bad. So it isn't all about common sense, but understanding information security and defense in layers. Your average end user is going to make mistakes so having more knowledge to prevent those mistakes or even help setting up free or low cost solutions to protect their household still has value. Do you have kids? If so once they get old enough to google and youtube be prepared to either wipe their machine constantly or have measures in place to safe guard them.
  6. This isn't going to be in depth, but I see enough people making these mistakes here and elsewhere that I wanted to take a few minutes to give a real life example of something. So I see people using Virus Total as an ultimate source to see if a website is safe or not. This is a good practice, but has some glaring holes. Now it does do well for analyzing a file assuming it isn't a zero day (too new for most AV to catch). Now I won't post the exact URL in here, but here is the link to a VT page. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/e9eefff943479aa91126b0994306e310bd3838e4d7e9bfa243913638aee5bf0a/detection On this page you will notice that VT has this site as safe. Now if you were to use a sandbox tool like Any.run to see what is really there we get the following. https://app.any.run/tasks/fea99e71-84c4-4bfd-bee6-1b607f62a9ed/ So let me explain a little on what you are seeing. The URL for this particular item contains a username that is automatically populated on this fake Microsoft (O365) login portal. The account I have input is obviously fake and the password I provided was difference each time (random characters). So what this particular site was doing is waiting for 2 inputs and logging them to a database. This is a typical cred harvester and very popular these days. So why am I making this post? I think too many people are putting too much faith in just using one tool to verify things. Virus total can be great for files and even websites in some cases, but the sandbox it does is very limited. So if you are ever in doubt always use a second resource. It doesn't need to be any.run, but the free interactive model it provides is much better than the other automated options. If you think these little posts are useful and would like something further let me know. If people show interest I will do more of these time to time moving on to more advanced items.
  7. When it comes to a NIC... I have literally seen little to no difference in them from a cheap 7 dollar one to a more expensive intel one. As long as they support the speed you need t10,100,1000,10000, etc. As for your killer Nic, can you not uninstall the drivers completely and just use the generic ones from windows? I have always just disabled those features as I have found them to be counter product as well.
  8. For the record they can take legal means to get access to a closed loop security system. If you want to make it unlikely they get access to anything you don't want them to see then set a short retention window. Btw, anytime you are out of your phone you are probably being surveilled in some way. This can be intersection cameras, shopping provider cameras, atms, etc... heck you are being surveilled if your neighbor has any time of system. That being said there is one exception here that does hurt privacy. If they have an employee observing video to "improve" their system and they see something illegal then they are legally required to report it. Now on the other. The police do not have a record of who exactly has a ring and where they are located unless you elect to share that information. It also isn't in rings best interest to just turn over video without a proper warrant as it would actually push people away from their service. In the ene there is just a lot of unwarranted paranoia around this service. Then again it is 100% the users choice if they want it or not and there are plenty of other options even cloud based ones.
  9. A few things in this thread I want to comment on and since I'm in my phone quotes won't be with them. The police only have access to your footage if you elect for it or took a promotion from them. There are still audio/video recording laws in place that protect you since this is not really a public place. The person that quoted from their sit that lists all the things they are free to do with your data.... they still need permission to do that... that particular line is to let you know you will never be compensated for anything the video is used for (if you choose to allow it to be accessed publically). Now the truth is that with most of these cloud surveillance systems you gain an extra layer of keeping that video safe, but also might sacrifice some potential privacy by doing so. It is a balance unfortunately. Doesn't mean it is a bad thing or a reason for concern. Now let me tell you another fun story. A coworker of mine got his door kicked in during the day and was robbed pretty bad. His neighbor on the other side of the street had a smart/camera doorbell and surveillance system (not sure if ring). The police had video of the people that robbed him and the plate information of the vehicle they used. They were able to recover most of the stolen merchandise minus a few items and cash, they also found 3/4 guys and locked them up. The last one was actually a minor which they also located, but nothing really happened to him other than I think his parents had to pay a small sum to my co-worker and their kid got like 6 months probation. Now NONE of that would have been possible if not for the cameras his neighbor had. The truth is nothing is going to stop someone that really wants in your house, but all of these devices offer a solid deterrence and make it much more appealing to just hit another house or neighborhood that is less protected.
  10. I would get a copy of the detailed report. I would then break down in detail line for line how they are responsible. After I did all of this I would provide all the documents and receipts to repair the machine making sure to pay myself the same hourly rate they charge. I would then have the letter sent certified mail with a signature or at least a confirmation. Let them know in the letter this is their last chance to resolve this before you take them to court. I would also hit up their google / maps page and leave them a review explaining what you think they did and how they have failed thus far to make it right. If they start losing customers or potential business from it then they might respond pretty quickly to your request.
  11. Do you have the official diagnosis back from your local repair shop? If so I would take their analysis and your pictures and approach the company or at the very least slam them where possible. I would start with their google/gmaps.
  12. I doubt they would take a PC. There is too much liability in taking something know to have PII on it and also something that might contain information that is needed. For example you keep tax documents on your machine or receipts. I would tell them the machine is worth 1500 and that you cannot stand to lose the information on it.
  13. When he says complacent I have to agree. Intel was only releasing small improvements by and large. If they don't need to drop a ton into r&d or can release those new products slowly over a few years then it work out better for them when competition is low. Now I think the big problem for them now was all of the 10nm issues and the fact they are still hanging on to the monolithic design which does hurt yields for the higher core count chips. Now this isn't to say they won't be back on top in short order... it just means they weren't expecting the major wins AMD made with Ryzen. In the end this works out better for the consumers.
  14. The blk clocks on the 2600k was pretty picky.. so most of the oc was done via multipliers. Can you update your bios and maybe get a higher multiplier? Seems weird for it to be limited. You can also try a high blk to see if that helps. Maybe try lowering your ram ratio and using a 200mhz blk with a 22 multiplier.
  15. It is nickle plated copper... just fyi
  16. This is a 2070s vs a 2080.. you will see that by an large it is only a few fps higher. Now the 2080s is only like 2-3% faster than the 2080... which adds another 2-5 fps... but remember we are talking a 400 dollar card vs 600. The 2070s is a much better buy. Also the 2070s seems to be running cooler, but this has more to do with which cooler you go with. Then the next thing is you can easily overclock a decent 2070s with something like afterburner (automatically) for a 10% or higher performance increase (unless you lose the silicon lottery). So I would just save yourself a buttload of money and get a nice 2070s
  17. So here is my take on it. You either get the 2080ti Or you get a 2070s The 2080 and 2080s are literally not worth considering. The difference between a 2070s and a 2080s is 4-6% and you pay 200 more for basically 5-12 more fps. So if you want the best fps you can get grab a 2080ti, if you want good fps that will still be over 100 in 1440p then get the 2070 super. Don't even look at the 2080s as they are completely not worth it anymore.
  18. We use hp products and everyone in my department gets developer grade machines (32gb ram minimum) I have one of the new g5s(I think it is) which I use most of the time due to the snappy 8 core in it. I also have a book with dual xeons which is an absolute beast, but had issues initially with the golden image they used so I made it a stand to prop up my other laptop and dock. I also have an examiner machine I remote in to for various tasks that is running dual xeon 12 cores with 512gb of ram and a pretty good sized storage raid. Lastly I have a pretty sick lab environment on an unlabeled line that I can detonate malware on when I want a more in depth look than what your average sandbox provides. That being said I work for a company that is a fortune 10 (actually much closer to a fortune 1) but I still can't really give away which one lol. That being said our budget for my department is huge.
  19. When you say it froze what did you use to determine that? How did you give it to see if anything happens? If you hit caplock/numlock did it toggle on and off? I mean this machine doesn't have a lot of ram for one. So I would think lots of page file writes are happening. Then you show a SS of the disk at 100% usage... so it could be overloaded and trying to catch up. It could also be bad sectors, which could cause freezing, bsods, and terrible drive performance. The easiest way to check (for now) would be to run a full format. NOT A QUICK FORMAT. You want to run a full destructive format which will also check for bad sectors and make sure they are not written to. If the problems go away for a few days/weeks then it was probably the drive, but I would expect them to come back if the drive is failing. I mean if this thing was left out in the raid for 2 weeks then there could be several things wrong with it.
  20. I think with how far we have come in multi-threading that a 7600k might be a bottleneck due to being only 4 cores without HT. HT helps make the 7700k a little more relevant than it would be without. This shouldn't be a problem though except for the newest AAA titles that are cpu intensive. So in most games you shouldn't have an issue still.
  21. @Classica What type of ISP provider do you have. Cable, Fiber, DSL, Wireless, ETC. To me it looks like you have an asymmetrical connection via something like Cable. Also if you are on cable and should be getting higher speeds... Then the problem could be your modem. You probably have an old docsis 3.0 modem and need a new 3.1 modem to take advantage of the additional download speeds and don't have the bonding on the upload channels to hit the upload you are looking for (which isn't going to be 500mbps anyways). So if you rent a cable modem I would reach out to them about getting a new one.
  22. I think that linux has some pretty good strengths, but also for most users also comes with downsides that outweigh them for all but the more IT savvy users. Now don't get me wrong some distros are getting much more user friendly, but still even the best ones require some command line here and there. So I think that is where it really hurts itself. Where as with windows you don't really need to know any command line at all. Yes, you can use it to make life easier and do some more advanced things, but from the day to day it just isn't needed. Then you have to look at cost. Yes linux is free, but you are stuck with forums and other users to help you solve a problem. With windows you do need to pay, but you also get support from them when needed. Now you have to look at compatibility. Yes, linux isn't bad about recognizing hardware and such, but it doesn't have the same software capabilities. Pretty much all software will run on windows (a few exceptions) and gaming is still currently better on windows, but linux is gaining ground there at least. Linux for a home user is a little more secure, but a lot of that is because it just isn't targeted like windows due to market share. Updating is nicer since you don't need to restart unless you update the kernel. It uses less resources (ram) pretty much across the board and is open source so you have much more options when it comes to customization.
  23. It is relevant as long as you are happy with your FPS. Now if you sold the cpu/mobo/ram... you could probably get most of what you need for a 3600 and motherboard... then you just need ram and you are doing much better.
  24. Just remember that the less surface area making contact the less heat that can be removed over a given time. You also have less surface for that heat to spread to.
  25. Does this have to be a machine I use? Cause I still have an 800mhz pentium with the cartridge cpu. I could also be like well I am so broke my only computer is a raspberry Pi3 running linux and I can't even play a youtube video at 1080p! Which is true that I own a few pi's, but don't use them for a daily driver. I guess my question is what is being done to make sure people aren't making things up. I mean I have a friend who literally has a pc he had to build in a shoe box (and won't let me buy him a decent case). He is almost flat-earther level when it comes to buying a case.... sigh.