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    Stormtrooper (looking for a better liquid cooling tower)
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  1. What better can I do?

    His GPU temps even under load weren't bad. Also with the way he currently has it setup most of the gpu heat is going to exhaust through the vents on the pci-e blank plates. The current setup will increase the case temp slightly, but since the rad is getting a constant flow of fresh air this shouldn't be as big of an issue as say a large air cooler with limited flow. Alternatively he could just get a nice high flow fan (which could potentially be louder).
  2. My personal experience with Nvidia and AMD

    I figure I can chime in on this one. Nvidia has had some pretty solid drivers and outside of a couple bad drivers they quickly fixed... their drivers tend to be pretty solid. Amd drivers have gotten much better over the years, they still aren't the best, but they are years better than they were. So after that little break down, I personally prefer the Nvidia drivers and even the software that goes with it like Geforce experience. Now your break down with card comparisons is pretty accurate. There is another thing I feel needs to be mentioned. Right now Nvidia hards have a great deal more raw horsepower in most circumstances, but when it comes to DX12 AMD has a much better async computing solution... so they have big gains in FPS and Performance in games that take advantage of that technology. So this means that a 580 can beat a 1060 in a dx12 game and similar down the line. Now the Nvidia cards don't do poorly, just they do not see the gains currently between dx11 and dx12 like AMD cards do. I fully expect to see this change as nvidia finally adapts and pushed for better async performance.
  3. My personal experience with Nvidia and AMD

    Good thing we have non-reference cards then with modded bios's for much higher power limits... some of them even do it automatically by just selecting the secondary bios on the card. So yes, Nvidia did put some blocks in place, but this was more to make it harder to fry a card for your average person just wanting higher performance. For the true enthusiasts there are ways around these "blocks" so that you can crank the power even higher.
  4. What better can I do?

    Your current setup is fine. The temps you reported for idle and under load are not going to be an issue. Having more fans blowing air in than out isn't a bad thing and actually creates a positive case pressure. This means you will have less issue with dust and most of the excess air will find its way out of vented areas on the case. I wouldn't be overly concerned personally.
  5. 3. What Is and Is Not Covered It is important to note that our warranty is not an unconditional guarantee for the duration of the Program. Any replaced parts become the property of Cooler Master. The Program does not apply to the software component of a product or a product which has been damaged due to accident, misuse, abuse, improper installation, usage not in accordance with product specifications and instructions, natural or personal disaster, or unauthorized alterations, repairs or modifications. The Program does not cover any events such as below: Any damages unrelated to manufacturing defects. Any unsuitable environment or use of the product in Cooler Master Opinion. (including cryptocurrency mining) Any product which has been modified without official permission from Cooler Master, or on which the serial number or warranty sticker has been defaced, modified, or removed. Damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from: Accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning, or other acts of nature, commercial or industrial use, unauthorized product modification or failure to follow instructions included with the product. Third party products using Cooler Master Components will not be covered by warranty. See your vendor or the manufacturer for information about servicing. Repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by Cooler Master, Inc. Any shipment damages (claims must be made with the carrier). Unauthorized repairs to a Cooler Master product will void the warranty offered by the Program. Cooler Master reserves the right to refuse to service any product which has been altered, modified or repaired by non- Cooler Master Service personnel. Cooler Master does not warrant that this product will meet your requirements. It is your responsibility to determine the suitability of this product for your purpose. Removal or installation charges. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the product to Cooler Master. Cooler Master pays the cost of returning a product to you. Cooler Master reserves the right to replace the product with a service product at their sole discretion at any time. Product malfunction or damage resulting from liquids or moisture. All accessories that malfunction due to physical damage such as: USB cables, extension cables, adapter cables, adapters, power cords, screws, retention brackets, ear cups, and all other similar accessories. So I think the line you are getting confused about is "Third party products using Cooler Master Components will not be covered by warranty. See your vendor or the manufacturer for information about servicing." This just means for example if you buy say a unit from corsair, but it uses the Cooler Master fans and the fans die.... then you would contact corsair about the issue no them. Now If the item that killed components was due to a manufacturing defect they will cover that item and any other items that are damaged by that item. The only other restriction they have is they will not be responsible for any possible data loss you suffer. So you can't basically sue them or claim they owe you XXXXX for lost data. Now be advised they will require you to sent in anything you claim was damaged by the item. They will then either replace, repair, or provide an equivalent or better item.
  6. Ya I would have killed for a deal of 350 for rent/util/internet when I was younger. Think the cheapest I ever got was 900/m which didn't include any utilities, but was also for a 3 bed/ 1.5 bath house. Anyways I hope everything works out.
  7. If you rent, then the landlord is probably under obligation to update the windows to the new standard. They are really strict like stuff like that here where I am. They send out inspectors every year to check all rent properties and provide a list of improvements or things that need to be done within like a 6 month period. Heck in my state they made all the landlords with windows past a certain age update them for energy conservation reasons.
  8. Looking for decent priced parts

    I didn't respond to this earlier because I didn't want to derail the thread form the OP. Anyways your OC on the 1060 seems pretty high already, I doubt you will get anything more than possible another step in terms of the OC. I have been seeing blocks for current gen cards coming way down in price via places like ebay and I have also seen some selling for cheap at microcenter lately. Looking at your rad setup... I would just get the 2 360mm and completely leave off those 2 120mm's They just aren't needed for your current heat output and just putting some fans in those slots will help keep the rest of your system cool. For the pump grab a D5/res combo. Tubes won't be an issue. For the chrome get a cover for the d5 pump, and pick out lots of angled fittings in black chrome for your hardlines. Purple coolant can be found from all the leading coolant manufacturers. Alternatively you could go with hard tubes that are metal and have that black chrome look to them. Something like
  9. Looking for decent priced parts

    Yes and no. You can find good quality components on ebay for cheap. The problem is you don't know how some of those more crucial components like the pump were treated. Things like blocks and radiators (as long as you make sure they are copper) are all pretty safe bets via ebay. I would be hesitant on fittings because people tend to damage them or lose o rings after a few uses. So all of that being said... as long as you leak test you take any risk from buying the above components from ebay. The pump would be the only major risk you are taking, but depending on price it still could be worth it. Once you receive it you can check to make sure it doesn't show signs of being run dry and be mostly safe there... the problem is you won't know how many hrs are on the pump... so it could last for a few more years or die in a few months.
  10. New IT at a School District

    No they are not. They are located in the Minneapolis, MN area.
  11. New IT at a School District

    Another thing they could do in schools is when they finally do replace there outdate machines... they recycle them to the classrooms to be used to disassemble and rebuild. This would allow a teacher to give students hands on experience with common computer components while also giving them the ability to basically build their own PC in a controlled environment where if something is damaged or broken then it was going to be tossed anyways. Gives these outdated computers a sort of second life. For example you go over the components learn how they are put together, what they do etc. Then one day you come to class and the teacher has a pile of motherboards, power supplies, ram, hdd's, etc. Everything is wiped.. The students would be responsible for putting together the components into an actual PC, installing a copy of windows and maybe even troubleshoot problems... maybe the teacher plants a few dead ram sticks or components in the piles. There are just tons of things that can be done with old donated/retired machines that would benefits students in this day and age.
  12. New IT at a School District

    I have found that when things don't work... the process of working with the students to fix said issue offers much more mental growth than the original idea for it would have. Some of the most fun and enlightening experiences I had in college were from those type of scenarios.
  13. New IT at a School District

    The school systems here DO have a programming curriculum, but they basically just use drag and drop prewritten code. Better than nothing though. The thing is you can do a lot more than just programming stuff on a Pi. There are tons of nice little projects you to can on them.
  14. A week for 10 games? Hell I could afford a game an hr. On top of that you would be better off just mining yourself and converting the coins to currency. Looking at a single 1070 averaged mining Etherium = $4.88/day or $3.91(after electricity cost). So $3.91 x 30 = $117.3/month. So for you could basically afford 2 games a month vs 1 if you did it all yourself and cashed out.
  15. New Sandisk Extreme Pro USB 3.1 Flash Drive.....DAMN

    Ok I misspoke. It doesn't have great logic. It does have a basic normally 100mhz or so chip on it to help distribute the data to try to improve the life of the sdcard, but for the most part it lets the camera, etc do most of the work. It is just a basic "logic" to help improve the life of the card. Now, when we are talking about a logic on a USB thumbdrive (the mid to high end ones) these come with a controller very similar to an ssd. They are there to enhance performance and durability of the drive. So basically it comes down to the type of controller. You have low duty cycle and high duty cycle controllers. an SD card is a low duty cycle controller... then again so are the ones on a low end flash drive. Now mid to high end flash drives and ssd all use a high duty controller. The main difference in the two is the amount of actions they can perform at a given time. As you could see in the SDcard video performing intense operations would require 10+ seconds of queue time. On a high end thumbdrive or ssd, these actions would have been in fractions of a second. Now if we are talking pure speed, then yes and SDcard can be competitive, but when it comes to performing lots of actions or seeking/writing multiple files it will quickly start to fall behind. This is also one of the reasons windows can use a decent number of thumb drives to boost the speed of windows. The thumb drives are faster than say your 7200 rpm drive, but slower than your ram. However, when used to help hold information that needs higher seek or access times it offers a big advantage over say a hdd. Then you have people running OS's like say Kali linux with a persistent state off of a thumb drive and actually seeing performance gains over their hdd os.