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  1. So I know a lot of people already know this, but one of the big crackers for Denuvo was raided and arrested in the past few weeks. Apparently he has tried to work out a deal, but Denuvo just want him prosecuted and serving jail time. So here is my take. If there is only a small amount of people able to actually crack Denuvo and this guy is one of the only ones they have managed to catch. Why in the hell prosecute him. If they were smart they would be offering him a job. I feel like this would be an oppertunity for Denuvo to cut this guy a break, while also using his skills to make their game protection measures more rock solid. They could just have him do his thing on new versions and then patch those holes before released. As it stands they release new versions to go with new big AAA titles... then a few days or weeks later BOOM. Cracked. Which in the end cost the game producers money in sales. I guess I just feel bad that instead of tapping a resource to better their product, they are instead more focused on making him suffer. Which in the end just means someone else will step up to take his place. So in the end they don't gain anything. Putting him on the payroll though.... that helps better their product.
  2. Router speed confusion (433 or 100 Mbps??)

    T is the transfer speed. So t10 - 10mbps , t100 - 100mbps , t1000 - 1000mbps. It basically refers to the amount of antennas and streams it can support on the up and down side. So wifi use to be a half duplex communication and communications were handled from one device to the other in a round robin style. Now with MiMO (multi in and multi out) it means there can be multiple connections going on at once and if you have a supported device it also means a single device can use more than one channel when available to boost speeds. Now apparently I missed the portion on your original post about your ISP speeds. If you do not need more than 100mbps then it should be fine, except if you transfer anything between different machines then it is going to be painfully slow. Now I know you don't want to spend a lot, but there are good routers out there with t1000 ports and good wifi speeds for decent costs. HooToo Wireless Router AC1200 For example is about $42 has ac 1200 technology, plenty of antennas to help with coverage and 1gb wan port and 4 gb lan ports. Also comes with a usb 3.0 port.
  3. X5670 - Which AIO?

    The radiator is thinner... so less surface area = less cooling capacity.
  4. 8600K or 8700

    I would personally go with the 8700 even without overclocking. The all core boost on it is 4.3ghz with a 4.6ghz boost for 2 cores and I think 4.5ghz for 4 cores. So with those boosts it is going to perform really well in all scenarios and you gain hyperthreading which provides a boost in multi-threaded tasks. So imo that is worth more than OC in this scenario.
  5. X5670 - Which AIO?

    For the money I would just lean towards the enermax or the masterliquid 240 NOT the lite
  6. For all we know they already have a beta patch or similar they are supplying to reviewers. I mean do you think they demo'd this thing and/or benchmarked it without having a way to correct that issue. Chances are the patch already exists in a beta stage... it just isn't ready for release yet.
  7. Router speed confusion (433 or 100 Mbps??)

    It means it is using t100 ports. So you will only get 100mbs from the internet side and also on the lan side. I would go with a different router tbh. Something like the : NETGEAR - Nighthawk DST AC1900 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System Or any of the r7000 products. They are slightly more expensive to around the same price, but offer faster wifi speeds, dual bands, and t1000 ports. The one above also has a wireless range extender included that uses powerline technology. It is generally found for $80-$120 if you search around.
  8. I think the reason it isn't on page 9 is that most people can see this for what it is worth. Linux has better support for a completely new chip, one with a funky design. So that means the performance windows is currently seeing is due to a compatibility issue and will be straightened out in quick order via a patch or hotfix. So while linux has a edge currently, I fully expect that to disappear in a few weeks or so when Microsoft releases their fix. That is like comparing a GPU with beta drivers to full release drives 2 or 3 revisions later. It isn't exactly a fair comparison. I mean one of the strengths of linux has always been the compatibility with hardware.
  9. 1050 TI Overclocking

    I am chill. I am not upset in the least. I just wanted to take a little time to nip the flow of misinformation in the bud and also to educate in the process. If you do your own research that is good. Just try to dig enough you have the facts.
  10. 1050 TI Overclocking

    I dont expect people to be smart. I expect them to do their own research and atleast try to educate themselves on a matter before spreading it as fact. I have the same problem with people taking fake or extremely biased and exaggerated news as fact too. We have the most powerful information tool in history at our disposal... so there isnt really and excuse for most of this. To clarify I dont have an issue with you personally. I have an issue with the information you gave. It just takes one person coming in this thread and basing their views off that post...then they spread it to friends and before you know it a handful of people are not only worse off, but spreading that misinformation.
  11. 1050 TI Overclocking

    For godsake please just stop. It is obvious you dont know what causes the silicon on a chip to degrade and reduce lifetime. There are two factors that kill chips. Those are consistently high temps and high voltage. On a gpu there are safeguards for voltage and on a 1050ti I dont even think you can supply enough volts to kill it from the power delivery options it has. I mean it could be possible but it would take you physically trying to do it. So that leaves us with heat. Gpus can handle pretty high temps. On top of that most coolers are more than capable of keeping temps below 80c even if they can be loud in doing so. So please stop spreading this false propaganda.
  12. 1050 TI Overclocking

    This isnt necessarily true. It isn't the actual raising of clocks that increases temp... it is the extra voltage it can require to do it. So if op has a good card or one with a low factory OC... then chances are he will see very little increase in temps. On top of that unless you modify the firmware/bios on these card then it is pretty much impossible to lower the lifetime of it unless you literally have no case airflow and run it at 110c + all the time.
  13. My CPU Temps & Water Temps ?

    Tbh it might be your fans. If you are running the ln adapter they do like 1.6mm ot static pressure without the adapter only about 2.3mm. Compare that to ml120s that are 4mm+
  14. I want linus to see my plex

    Are they all 1080p? Which format are they in. That is a lot smaller than I was expecting.
  15. I want linus to see my plex

    That I understand, I would say in the future though you need to be very clear on what you are saying. I say this because you are firmly walking in the gray area atm... So Goodbytes is right in the sense that this probably isn't the best place for this post and most people will view this as "Come look at my illegally obtained collection." Not to say they are right, but with the amount of content you have and what you are offering who knows if that is a valid case. That being said I am going to assume this is a legal collection and you aren't asking him to VIEW your copyrighted material only to look at your impressive catalog.