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  1. Different motherboards can do things differently, but this isn't something they have wiggle room on. This would be a pretty firm spec that would need to be upheld.
  2. Except we are talking about processors that react in a millionth of a second. It has more than enough time to down clock the machine before that happens. Have you see the tests where they run current gen cpus without a heatsinks? They never melt down and they don't black screen. They just drop their frequency and voltage so much they don't melt which kills performance, but not the chip. So by this I didn't mean overclocking doesn't help. I have said the gains for the effort are minimal and some times are on par with what xfr would have given. As to the decrease in games I have seen several reviews (which I will need to dig up) where overclocking the all core on these did give more overall performance, but also hurt the single core and lesser core count performance. That was because the 4.2 orc 4.3 all core boost would be lower than the 4.5ghz boost on 4 cores or the 4.6ghz boost on a single core My biggest take away is that AMD is doing a good enough job with how it handles boost and xfr that there isn't a lot left (if even) on the table. I mean a 100mhz bump is what a 2% increase under ideal circumstance.
  3. For the record the black screen does point to instability. The higher the temps the more chance of electron migration which causes stability. That is why when overclocking lower temps can lead to lower voltages at a given clock which increases overclock head room. If it was stable it would just throttle the cpu and a black/blue screen would most likely never occur. Now a good 240 or even better 280mm radiator will definitely help with temps, but there are other factors that still can affect it. Right now it seems you are pushing too much voltage for your cooling solution and are rubbing a clock speed that isn't stable at that voltage level. So to be stable at 4.2 (if your silicon is good) you will need more voltage. More voltage will create more heat which is already your Achilles heel. So you should first revert back to auto settings. Then as you add more thermal headroom via cooling you can see where the clocks end up via the boosting before attempting for more. For the record the difference from overclocking on these chips isn't much. It can actually hurt your gaming performance if you aren't careful.
  4. If this is a vpn question... then why not just establish a vpn tunnel and assuming the program is accessible to anything on your network you would type the machine it is "local" on and the port. Maybe I am misunderstanding something here, but the ask seems simple.
  5. All of these tests are being done on an open air bench. So these are actually stacked in the air coolers favor. Put them in a case where internal temp is affected more so by an air cooler and things start to change.
  6. I got tired of spending a fortune on ML's I have started using the arctic p12 and p14. I can literally do a push pull setup for less than just a push setup with the MLs. The Arctic seem quieter than my MLs and move a very good amount of air (no temp difference I have seen) plus I can run push/pull for less and lower the rpm for an inaudible system. I would give them a consideration if you want to get a lot of fans. I think I paid around 25-30 for 5 which is only slightly more than ONE ML.
  7. Did launch box gain the ability to stream games? Last I checked it was just a nice way to interface to access them that also pulled some information from their databases. It allowed you to use a controller to browse the catalog and even support emulated games. That all aside I don't think it streams them (unless that recently changed). I mean are you basically going for an HTPC then that also doubles as a plex server? Now if just going more for a plex box I would do one of several things. Grab a recent gen intel cpu for the improved quick sync capabilities. Grab a 8-12 core amd for more software encoding power. Go with a low end cpu and get a p2000, p2200 or from what I can see the new 1650s uses the new nvemc engine. The p2000 can handle around 20 streams, the 1650s would be limited to 2 unless you use the custom drivers then it could probably handle 4-8. Lastly, you could just go cheap on hardware and make sure you convert the media to formats compatible with all your devices.
  8. I was really on the verge of booking a 30 day cruise, but since my twins aren't even 3 yet I will probably wait until they are 7 or 8 to do it. So now I am probably going to buy a rv/motor home that is big enough for a family of 5 to comfortably do some serious traveling. I am going to have to donate a lot of PTO this year since I can only carry over 7 days (think I get 40/yr atm). Then for about 6 months now I have been working a fri-sun schedule of about 12 hr days (salary ftw) so burning PTO takes a good while.
  9. True, but for all intent and purposes the only thing that matters is if analog or digital. Dual vs single only matters when you want to push high refresh rates.
  10. For reference Btw do you have the monitor model number. They would be one with a dvi-I dual port, but only support an analog connection. If you're has the 4 extra points over the long flat piece then I am betting your monitor only supports analog connections and is just using the standard dvi-i dual link female connector.
  11. That should be right though. It doesn't plug in to the monitor. You plug the display port in to your gpu. Then you plug the dvi-d cable into the female dvi on that adapter. Your dvi cable should be male to male. And that connector is female and your monitor is female. If your cable doesn't look like this one then that is part or your problem. https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apd/a7190904?mkwid=sCTwEMQv0&pcrid=157252457753&pdv=m&product=A7190904&pgrid=36445201419&ptaid=pla-313021375092&VEN1=sCTwEMQv0~157252457753~901pdb6671~m~~A7190904~36445201419~pla-313021375092&dgc=st&dgseg=dhs&acd=1230980731501410&gclid=CjwKCAiAob3vBRAUEiwAIbs5TpWKJBMwnmim2VeSevHwpn3xQ6M_EJuArhfvMIol-bDkDVl8J35qMxoCk3IQAvD_BwE Also just to point something out the only time you need an active adapter is when the gpu doesn't support analog on a monitor that doesn't support digital. The alternative could be your monitor is actually dvi-a which would explain the problem
  12. Do you have a display port on that gpu? Could try a https://www.bestbuy.com/site/startech-com-displayport-adapter-black/1363436.p?skuId=1363436&ref=212&loc=1&ref=212&loc=1&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAiAob3vBRAUEiwAIbs5TpzUIdacuSj4OIeNICa7JOvUCG67fcOZiAtFxsAKJZLJii_4VSmLKRoCVPEQAvD_BwE For giggles. It isn't an active unit, but I have used them in the past for similar situations.
  13. If you are referring to a custom loop with 2x 120mm rads then yes it would work and would give you similar performance to a single 240. Depending on your case you might be able to handle a 140mm rad in the back too.
  14. Then something is more than likely wrong with the monitor or it is claiming something that isn't true (it doesn't adhere to spec)
  15. Just to talk on a few things. Your monitor has DVI-D DVI-D is a DVI connection without analog support that means it will not work with a VGA port. It should however work with a hdmi, dvi, dvi-d, or display port. The only downside being it will not carry audio. So I am confused why you are having an issue unless I misunderstood something in your post.