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    All things Technology.
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    Multiple Degree's across most sectors in the IT field. Chances are I have a general understanding of anything you have to tell me.
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    Cyber Security Incident Response Specialist


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    Asus Rog
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    64gb 3200
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    2x 1080ti
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    Stormtrooper (looking for a better liquid cooling tower)
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    2x 512gb 950 pro's, 1 512gb 960 pro m.2, 4 x 8tb 7200 rpm drives
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    3x Asus 27" 1440p 165hz (PG278QR)
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    Full custom loop
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    Gen 1 g15
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    M65 Pro RGB
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    G930 headset, 7.1 surround system by Klipsch
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    Windows 10 pro (duh)

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  1. You can sell it used with motherboard for a pretty slight loss 50-75$
  2. I have an alternate suggestion. You could alternatively return it and pickup the new 8 core intel 9900x for slightly more. It comes with 2 more cores, a higher base clock, and it has the chip soldered on so you don't need to ever worry about delidding it.
  3. AngryBeaver

    My mom says "FortnITe ToO VioLENt" PLS HELP

    Probably should listen to your mother. If not she should give you first hand knowledge of the violence you feel you are missing out on.
  4. AngryBeaver

    Will the rtx 2080 ti work with my setup?

    At 4k resolution I don't think the 2080ti will be a bottleneck. Remember the higher your resolution goes the more the bottleneck moves to the GPU. So while a 2080ti can hit 80-90 fps at 4k in some games... i still don't see it being a bottleneck at those speeds. A 4th gen Intel is a pretty decent chip, now if you had a K variant it would be even better, but it still should have enough life in it for another generation of gpu as long as you play at 4k or maybe even 1440p
  5. AngryBeaver

    A Good, cheap phone

    This all comes down to what you think is "GOOD" and at what price point. If you want a well rounded quality phone then you aren't going to get it by sacrificing camera quality or battery time. You won't get it from getting a phone with a 2k screen, but no having the GPU to power it. You need at least a good balance, normally a budget phone sacrifices in a couple of those areas.
  6. AngryBeaver

    Dont laugh. Who plays Roblox?

    Of course this is the type of information you will get from roblox itself. They are going to be vague and blame it on anything and everything user related, but that is a very common way to cover up these types of things.
  7. AngryBeaver

    Why it is stupid af to buy RTX cards now.

    First you are making a lot of assumptions, For all we know the functionality will still be there. Worst case they need to release new drivers/firmware to add support for it. Then there is the fact I have the disposable income for one and it doesn't break the bank for me. So if I have the means and want the performance boost then why does it matter or even concern you. If you don't feel it is worth it then don't spend the money or take the risk, but to say it is "stupid af" to buy one just seems like your trying to rationalize not having one. From my perspective ray tracing might be a cool new gimmick, but I am more interested in 80+ 4k ultra game play. I am hoping they push out some 4k Gsync projectors that can do 120ish FPS. I would buy one up in a heart beat.
  8. AngryBeaver

    A Good, cheap phone

    "Cheap" & "Good" aren't two words that normally go together when talking about phones.
  9. AngryBeaver

    Why it is stupid af to buy RTX cards now.

    TBH I finally got my 2080ti in. I think I paid like 1350ish for the evga ultra and then another 300ish for the waterblock and backplate. I haven't even used it yet due to the fact I don't want to rip a 1080ti out only to to need to dissemble the loop again in a few weeks. Then again I fully plan on picking up a 9900k when it releases. So I will probably just wait until then.
  10. AngryBeaver

    What is the point of Raspberry Pi Clusters

    The correct name for a pi "cluster" is "Bramble Server"
  11. Give it a year and prices will come down. Just don't expect to get the latest and greatest line for a good price this close to launch. You will be able to get a 2080ti for 999 in probably 2-4 months. If they want to keep the 2080 in line with price/performance it will need to drop a little, but that being said it IS a 1080ti with Ray tracing for the most part... then again it also has a good bump to 4k performance thanks to the AI on this thing.
  12. AngryBeaver

    Custom Liquid cooling Loop Idea

    The rad he picked is a COPPER CORE. So the fins being aluminum would still be ok. Now if you plan to expand this loop I would recommend another 240 or 280mm rad. It just hurts my soul to see a custom loop without dual rads. If you set up your loop properly if you decided to add a gpu for example you would only need to replace a single run.
  13. AngryBeaver

    1080 ti vs 2080

    If price is similar then it is ALWAYS better to go with the newer card.
  14. AngryBeaver

    Newegg's illegal return practices

    I don't think you know how laws work. So you are correct that they are an American company and bound by American law, but they are also bound by the laws of the country or state they are doing business in. That is why almost all legal documents say you may be entitled to additional rights. It is pretty much identical to how the GDPR works. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/25/gdpr-data-privacy-rules-in-europe-and-how-they-apply-to-us-companies.html So if you want to do business in the EU you have to obey by their laws. If you do not want to abide by their laws then you have the choice of not doing business there. In the end the choice is up the company, but since newegg has chosen to ship products to the EU, they are now subject to their laws. The law in question - https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/index_en.htm Also understand that the fines for these violation have been raised substantially. It can be in the hundred thousand range or it can even be a percentage or your annual income. OP should contact the consumer protection agency and explain this all to them. Chances are you will get a quick response from newegg and they will be changing their tune.
  15. AngryBeaver

    Threadripper build, no power on

    If something fried internally so that when the 24 pin is plugged in it causes a short... then it could do just that.