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  1. lpax95

    RTX 2070 Super faulty card.

    Working through that process now.
  2. Well I just got my RTX 2070 super and now it looks like it will be returned. Currently it hard resets the system and has a strage flickering when it starts to get a little warm (about 60 C.)
  3. lpax95

    Power Curves Formula

    I know they are all different but with data, I can plot the points and extrapolate a curve that fits the data. It won't be perfect but it will give hopefully a rough estimate.
  4. lpax95

    Power Curves Formula

    Looking at the manufacturer shows only one. I have started collecting some of the more popular sku's but its not enough data to make a good formula.A community like this gives the chance to get bigger data set
  5. Hello , I have taken upon my self to create a formula to explain the power curves of 80+ bronze or better power supplies, and I need help. I don't have the resources to test more than 3 power supplies so I am reaching out to this forum. If anyone has a power curve/power efficiency data and wants to share I would greatly appreciate it. All I need is your make, model of the power supply, and the data you collected. I am hoping that with enough data I can create a formula that will allow for some basic guesses when it comes to quantifying the curves. With all that being said if anyone has already found or created this formula feel free to post it. Thanks -Luke
  6. So, I did get Hyper-V installed (easy) I also set it up as a VHD when I did the virtual box set up so it was very easy to migrate. I am still running into very slow boot times in excess of 110 seconds before login screen. I am running on a 7200rpm HDD but it isn't a boot drive for the host machine. Is that a normal boot speed for magnetic storage?
  7. I have installed guest add-ons I will try the 3d graphics. I am also looking into the hyper-v route.
  8. Here is the display settings. ON a GTX1050 ( I know weak). I didn't think hyper v was on windows 10 I thought it was only windows 10 pro
  9. Hello, This is my first post on this forum. I am hoping someone can help with this issue or give me a new direction to explore. I am running a Windows 10 VM on a ryzen1700 system with 16 gig ram. This screenshot is the usage of the host with the VM running idle. I get some weird artifacts when it starts screenshot below. The VM uses 6 of the 16 threads and 6 gigs of ram. After boot it is painful to load. I do have BIOS set up for virtualization (which is a difficult task with this MOBO). Anyway, if anyone may be able to help with this I would appreciate it greatly I can answer more questions if they pop up.