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  1. viewsonic vx2757 75Hz refresh and reso 1920 x 1080
  2. im upgrading to a rtx 2080 rn and the rest is amd ryzen 7 1700x,strix b350 f,g skill trident ddr 4 2133,tp-link 802.11 network adapter honestly kinda just updating the thing slowly since i made this a few years ago when i was getting paid on fast food wages
  3. I wanna soft tube liquid cool my pc but my case isn't big enough for a raditor and I was gonna just buy a bigger one but i'm not too sure which ones would be good, i'm open to any suggestions for a case
  4. yes i was planning on checking around April to see if the gpu prices went down again haha
  5. I need help building my first pc i only have 800$ so im pretty sure you guys might say get a amd ryzen cpu but idk what parts to get to get the best gaming experience with that price range,diff ideas encouraged haha