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  • CPU
    i7 4790k
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z97 Pro Gamer
  • RAM
    G.Skill 16GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • GPU
    EVGA Gtx 1080 Gaming
  • Case
    Be quiet Pure Base 600
  • Storage
    128GB ADATA SSD, 1TB WD Black, 1TB WD Blue
  • PSU
    Be quiet Pure Power 10 700W
  • Display(s)
    Acer 144Hz (1080p), Acer 60Hz (1080p)
  • Cooling
    Mugen 5 + a lot of be quiet fans
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G910
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 + Zowie ZA12
  • Sound
    Logitech G633 + Teufel Aureol Massive
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64-Bit

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  1. So my family recently bought a new Philips TV (Philips 55OLED803/12). The TV looks absolutely stunning but we are having trouble with connecting to the internet. We have a pretty decent connection (100Mbit/s). When starting netflix it usually takes at least a minute to load and greets us with an internet connectivity problem. If i manually replug the ethernet connection it starts working again (for around 5 seconds). Every other device does not have any issues (WIFI/LAN - both works perfectly fine on every other device). Using the built in wifi card everything works fine aswell. Could the ethernet port be faulty ?
  2. gepowr

    LG G6 sidegrade to V20 - worth it ?

    Thank you, i just ordered the H990N, can't wait to check it out. Thank's again for your help.
  3. gepowr

    LG G6 sidegrade to V20 - worth it ?

    Well i'm currently using 1&1 in germany which should be telefónica, that might change however. I've read that the H918 is the better option for custom roms while the H990N has more bands + dual sim. So i'm probably getting the H990N since it should work with any carrier here in germany (right?).
  4. gepowr

    LG G6 sidegrade to V20 - worth it ?

    Thanks for your opinion! I'm going for it then! Which version would you personally choose ? I have 3 options available on ebay: H910, H918 and the H990N.
  5. Okay so this is really tough for me right now. In december 2017 i decided to upgrade my beloved LG G3 to the G6. I was stunned by the design of the G6 and didn't really care about the features (i was well aware that the H870 severly lacks features - no 32bit dac, no wireless charging) at that time. Well, a little over a year into the G6 i'm realising that i'm really missing the LG G3's features i used to use on a daily basis. The IR blaster, wireless charging but most importantly i really miss the removable battery and i would definitely love the high quality dac and amp (i got a few decent headphones (DT 990, Teufel Aureol Massive, B&O in ear). While i mostly get through the day with my G6, living in germany, with probably the worst mobile network strengh in europe, makes it impossible to get through the day while on mobile data. I didn't care with my G3 because i could always just pop in my secondary battery and was good to go. I still have my G3 and it's going strong with official Lineage OS 15.1, but 16GB rom and only 2GB ram is definitely lacking in 2019. Still my favorite phone probably. The LG V20 didn't sell in europe so my only option would be importing it via ebay. There currently is a seller with a decent reputation who sells the H990N model completely new for 200€ (~227usd) including shipping. I heard that the V20 is officially entitled to receive Android 9 in Q3 2019. Do you think switching to the V20 is worth it ?
  6. gepowr

    Laptop brightness can't be controlled

    So after researching a bit more and reinstalling windows 10 again, i finally found the issue. It is definitely Microsofts new KB4482887 update. After intalling windows everything worked fine again, after updating and then restarting the laptop to finish the update process the brightness control was stuck again. So i deleted this recent march 1st update and here you go: Everything works flawlessly again.
  7. gepowr

    Laptop brightness can't be controlled

    Nevermind. After about 2 hours of gaming the brightness control stopped working again. I've a feeling that the clevo control center (hotkey software) is completely bugged. Windows changes the brightness (randomly?) after each reboot and shows the correct value in the control panel. Changing the brightness however still doesn't work. Neither with the hotkeys, in the clevo software or the windows control panel. I don't know what to do anymore.
  8. gepowr

    Laptop brightness can't be controlled

    Sadly the only way i could fix the issue was to completely reinstall windows 10 with a bootable usb drive. "Resetting" the pc in windows probably kept the installed drivers and well, that was probably the issue. Everything is working flawlessly again. Thank you for your help.
  9. gepowr

    Laptop brightness can't be controlled

    After nothing seemed to work i used microsofts reset option to reinstall windows. Well, it still doesn't work. Should i reinstall with a completely new iso on a bootable usb drive? I'm definitely running out of options here.
  10. I just realised that my brightness control stopped working on my clevo p150em. When pressing the hotkey on my keyboard, windows 10 shows the usual brightness overlay in the top left corner changing, the actual brightness of my screen is not changing however. What i tried so far: - DDU in safe mode, reinstalling nvidia drivers. - updating the intel HD drivers and nvidia drivers - rollback to the last nvidia driver - disabling/enabling the generic pnp monitor in device manger. Once enabled it shows as "LCD 1920x1080". I don't know what to do anymore since nothing seems to work and i can't find anything different to try. Changing the brightness worked fine since today when i first started my laptop. The only things that changes until then was updating the nvidia driver to the latest one, but that didn't seem to be the problem since the rollback didn't work. I really hope that you guys can help me, i feel like those things are always the most frustrating ones.
  11. I'm using a 1080p 144Hz TN panel right now and i love the responsivness of it. I will probably check out some ips monitors if my local retailer has any ? I really do want to upgrade though, Anthem will probably be hard on the cpu aswell.
  12. Well as i said previously, buying a decent wqhd 144Hz monitor would cost exactly the same as an i7 9700k + 16GB DDR4 + mainboard. I wanted to go that route first, but since i'm personally fine with 1080p 144Hz i'm definitely looking for a new platform instead of buying an overpriced monitor.
  13. Okay so here are the prices in germany at my shop-of-choice: i9 9900k: 539€ tray, 569€ boxed i7 9700k: 459€ tray, 489€ boxed i7 8700k: 399€ tray, 449€ boxed At some point, i will definitely look into overclocking again which would probably be much nicer on a soldered chip like the 9700k and 9900k right ? The 8700k would probably be enough for me. Haven't really looked at benchmarks so far. All i really want is maximum gpu usage in any game and under any circumstances. I don't really need the horsepower for the programs i'm using in university since either my i5 7200u is enough or i'm using their server via vmware. So the heaviest task this new cpu will feel is gaming.
  14. Quiet a big bottleneck if you ask me. I'm running my 4790k at 4.6GHz and in cpu intense games (like the battlefield series, 64 players, big maps) i'm getting around 70% gpu usage at 1080p 144Hz. Overclocking any further won't make a significant difference.
  15. Since this will be my main rig for gaming, programming, etc. intel would be my best choice i think. I don't need many cores for 1080p 144Hz, i need as much ipc as i can get which would lead me to the 9th gen core i series. The i5 9400F just launched in germany for 199€ so i'm hoping that the i7 9700KF will be available for under 400€.