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  • CPU
    i7 4790k
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z97 Pro Gamer
  • RAM
    Crucial 32GB DDR3 1866MHz
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1080 Gaming
  • Case
    Be quiet Pure Base 600
  • Storage
    128GB ADATA SSD, 1TB WD Black, 1TB WD Blue
  • PSU
    Be quiet Pure Power 10 700W
  • Display(s)
    Acer 144Hz (1080p), Acer 60Hz (1080p)
  • Cooling
    Mugen 5 + a lot of be quiet fans
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G910
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 + Zowie ZA12
  • Sound
    Logitech G633 + Teufel Aureol Massive
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64-Bit
  • Laptop
    XMG Fusion 15, XMG P502 Pro, Dell Inspiron 5378

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  1. Just to make sure, have you tried another gpu ? Doesn't matter which one as long as it fills all 16 lanes. While not impossible, i really doubt that the 4770k is the problem here.
  2. So my friend complained about fps drops and generally sub-par performance in Battlefield 5 with his current rig. His old rig: i5 2500k @ stock 8GB DDR3 1600MHz GTX 970 (Palit Jetstream) 1TB HDD 1080p60Hz He's mainly playing 64-player conquest and his i5 2500k was definitely the bottleneck and the cause of the fps drops there. I suggested overclocking (which might have fixed some of his drops), but due to him not really being into pc's and stability reasons, we decided a platform upgrade would the best in his case. I always wanted to build a ryzen system (limited budget) so here we go: New rig: Ryzen 7 2700 (we got it for a really good price) Asus ROG STRIX B450f Gaming 16GB DDR4 3200MHz (D.O.C.P set in BIOS) GTX 970 (Palit Jetsream) Corsair Force MP150 M2 NVME SSD (240GB) 1TB HDD 1080p60Hz I built the system earlier today and the general performance seemed fine and everything was working as intended so far. Until we started testing Battlefield 5 64-player conquest to see the difference: Positive things first: The fps drops are completely gone (as expected) but the performance was mediocre at best. We tried ultra settings at first and were hovering between 40-55fps. Dropping everything to high didn't really change much ~55fps. We just couldn't reach a solid 60fps except on low settings. I believe the 970 should be very well capable of 60fps+ on high settings at 1080p. GPU usage was right around 60-70% while the cpu never exceeds 60%. I don't believe the ryzen 2700 could possibly bottleneck a GTX 970 in Battlefield 5 to a degree where playing isn't really enjoyable anymore. Things that i tried so far: - Confirmed we are running the latest drivers. - "repair" option in the origin launcher. - Pretty much every setting in BF5. DirectX 12 and 11 perform nearly identical, the only option that significantly improved fps is "future frame rendering" which also causes major input lag which feels horrible. Things i couldn't try today: - Moving the game to his M2 ssd (Do you think that would make a significant difference ?) Pretty disappointed right now to be honest. I expected much more out of this config and cannot figure out what could possibly be wrong. I'd be happy about any tips.
  3. Well that's odd then. Are you sure the 4790 is not thermal throttling ? What are your ingame settings ?
  4. Are those 50-60fps in single player GTA V or the online mode? I have a 4790k with a GTX 1080 myself and i'm definitely getting 100+ fps in single player. FPS in online may vary due to player count and server limitations. I feel like you should be getting at least 90fps in single player. Can you share your ingame settings (are you using the advanced graphical options?) aswell as cpu temps here ?
  5. After quiet some time with the Scythe Mugen 5 (great air cooler imo), i'm tempted to upgrade to one of the new arctic liquid freezer ii's. With my 4790k i'm reaching around 65-75° while gaming (4.6GHz, 1.26V) and while i know those temps are fine, i definitely feel like it could be better. I had the corsair H60i in the past and loved the concept of water cooling, but the performance of the H60i got rather poor after 4 years of use. I'm kind of an anti-rgb person (don't get me wrong, i like seeing it in different builds, it just doesn't fit my personal rig) and nearly all the other aio's on the market are always featuring crazy lighting + are crazy expensive. I could get the 240 one for 60€ which seems like a very good deal. Here are my questions: 1. Is it even worth it over the Mugen 5 or is the internal thermal paste between die and ihs the main bottleneck here ? 2. Which version would you personally get considering i got a bequiet pure base 600? (Money is not an issue) 3. Where would you mount it? Current configuration: Out: 120mm at the back, 140mm at the top; In: 2 x 140mm in the front.
  6. Alright thank you. If I do upgrade, I want a significant performance boost in both single threaded and multi threaded workloads so the 8600k would be a good choice for IPC and clock speeds, I doubt that it's worth it over my 4790k. I will probably just wait a bit longer. Which GPUs and Xeon are you personally running right now if I may ask?
  7. In competetive matchmaking i'm getting 170-350 fps. The Benchmark's result was around 480 fps if i remember correctly.
  8. Well i saw that too but those csgo benchmarks just make 0 sense at all imo. The only thing worth testing is competetive 5v5 on a certain map and then comparing it to another cpu, but i can't find any videos on that.
  9. Yep, i'm currently running 4.6GHz on my 4790k, so it wouldn't be an upgrade for games like csgo at all, am i right? Thank you, i think i should probably wait for either lower prices for the 9700k or a new intel mainstream desktop release in general. The 3600/3600X are great cpu's but i think they would definitely loose against a 9700k in csgo at least and that's what i play for the most part.
  10. Alright, good to know. But the price is compelling for me. A full ryzen upgrade would be much more expensive, even with the 3600.
  11. So after casually lurking around online for new pc parts i found some pretty cheap X299 parts (used and outlet prices of course). I found an i7 7800X for 200€ and a matching MSI X299 Raider for just 84€. So 284€ for cpu+mainboard + another ~100€ for DDR4 RAM. What do you guys think of that? Is the i7 7800X even an option compared to AMD's latest Ryzen 5 3600? Would the 7800X be a significant upgrade from my 4790k or should i rather look out for an 7820X?
  12. Ouh, that's a relief to hear. Thank you very much.
  13. So I'm having a weird issue right now. My oc seemed to be perfectly stable (I ran xtu memory + CPU stress tests for 4 hours without any problems, constant benchmarking with cinebench, 3d mark etc). I'm having zero issues with any other games I play. But GTA crashes after about 2 hours in-game straight to the desktop. I'm not getting a bsod or anything aswell. I tried a higher voltage (lower negative offset) but it didn't change anything. GTA runs perfectly fine with stock settings. So what could be the case with this one? Should I disable the xmp profile and run stock ram settings with my current adaptive overclock or should I use a manual fixed voltage instead?
  14. That sounds interesting and could actually be the case since my 4790k chills at around 50% usage in GTA online as well.
  15. I think almost everyone who plays gta online can relate to this. I personally have an i7 4790k and in full lobbies i'm usually down to around 50fps. I've read that that's just the case with rockstars rage engine which heavily relies on draw calls which are pretty taxing for any cpu. We'd probably need either an i7 8700k/i7 9700k or i9 9900k in order to stay above 60fps in all situations. Benchmarks on youtube are only showing either the ingame benchmark or single player gameplay, both are pretty easy to run with almost any hardware these days. But the online mode is incredibly hard to run at a solid framerate in some situations. I'd love to hear how the online mode performs for someone with an i7 8700k/9700k, i9 9900k or a Ryzen 7 3700x (or similar). Please let us know.