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  • CPU
    i5 6600k @4.6 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Maxmius VIII Hero
  • RAM
    2x Trident Z 8Gb @ 3200MHz
  • GPU
    GTX 980 Ti
  • Case
    Nzxt Noctis 450
  • Storage
    120 Gb Mushkin reactor, 256Gb cruciall m550, 4tb WD Blue
  • PSU
    Corsair AX 760i
  • Display(s)
    LG 25um57p
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212x
  • Keyboard
    Pok3r RGB (Jade box switches) and Hyperx alloy fps (Mx blues)
  • Mouse
    Razer deathadder chroma
  • Sound
    Built- in
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 / Ubuntu 17.10

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  1. You can extend your ubuntu partition and even define new partitions and their mount points by editing the fstab which is located in /etc. You don't need to wipe anything, but you do need to have free space for this process. Not having the password to Windows is not an issue, all you have to do is make sure there is enough free space in the windows partition so that you would be able to shrink it. If your struggling to get free space you can: - Disable hibernation. - Disable the restore point feature - Clean cache - Delete old windows updates - Delete unwanted files. Once you have free space you can either use gparted (or fdisk from the CLI) to extend the partition.
  2. SilverSoul

    Keyboard recommendations

    Ducky / cooler master/ vortex / hyperX for me!
  3. SilverSoul

    PC Upgrading Help

    I suggest that you save up as @Od1sseas said. A PC like that may not be enough to run the newest of games but it may come handy later down in the line. You can repurpose it as a plex server or even build youself a powerfull pf sense router.
  4. SilverSoul


    This whole apple sucks / is great should really just die. It's not like they care about what either of you are going to say so there is no reason to get soo worked up or throw comments about the products.
  5. SilverSoul

    weird high pitch when near PC

    The beeping is most likely from a HDD and not a cpu, other wise its exactly as @Vernw3 said
  6. SilverSoul

    Over Typing Issue Macbook 12

    Then use another browser? I don't see the issue here...
  7. Appending the following value to the xorg.conf.d file does not result in disabling mouse acceleration. Section "InputClass" Identifier "My Mouse" MatchIsPointer "yes" Option "AccelerationProfile" "-1" Option "AccelerationScheme" "none" Option "AccelSpeed" "-1" EndSection Instead I must use libinput to disable acceleration . I am running Ubuntu 17.10 with i3wm and I know that we recently switched to libinput but can someone please give an in depth explanation as to why I can't just set the options above? EDIT: This issue only exists on i3wm for some reason, can anybody help me figure out whats going on?
  8. SilverSoul

    Do keyboards like this exist?

    Another option is the vortex vibe which looks a lot cleaner than the cm imo.
  9. SilverSoul

    Blue Screen Help

    I'm not exactly sure about whether they fixed it maybe check the logs?
  10. SilverSoul

    Blue Screen Help

    I heard ryzen motherboards have stability issues with high speed ram, and that the fix would come as a bios update.
  11. SilverSoul

    issues after BIOS update

    Reflash the bios with usb flashback.
  12. SilverSoul

    Slow Performance On Windows 10

    You seem like you really want to keep that i5-2400! you will be glad to hear that it's perfectly capable of running windows 10 without any sort of lag or even micro stutter. The problem here is that spinning bucket of rust that we call HDDs, the delay you are seeing is completely caused by it. They have been the culprit for bottlenecks for a while. It will not improve your CPU's performance but it will basically remove the UI lag your talking about eg: (lag when opening menus, launching applications). An SSD will bring a major improvement in latency allowing the operating system to fetch files really quickly which is what you want as thats what your OS does all the time, the HDD is unable to respond quickly to your CPU and thus you see it "lagging" in the UI. So basically my point is even if you have an 8700k it would still "lag" if you use an HDD as the main OS drive. Even a budget friendly SSD would solve your problem.
  13. SilverSoul

    Mechanical keyboard switch suggestion

    Buy a switch tester! They cost around $ 20 and you will make sure that your not just dumping $150 into a keyboard that you won't like. I'm personally a fan of clicky switches and cherry mx blues have a special place in my heart. You should try zelios and matias clicky switches if you want something a bit heavier though. I personally want to get a keyboard with Kalih's new jade box switches as they seem to have a low actuation force with a deep and satisfying click to them.
  14. Kubuntu and Xubuntu will both give you a similar experience to windows, but if your interested in learning more about linux I can't help but recommend installing i3 and giving it a go. It's not really that hard to learn it if you have time to read the documentation and is imho better than anything gnome/kde plasma can offer. It's also a lot less resource intensive and you can select any distribution you like! If your interested in trying it out just pm me.
  15. SilverSoul

    USB Problem HELPPPP!!!!

    Use diskpart