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  1. Shiftew

    RX 480 not working.

    Lol ,it could be the PSU,borrow another from a friend or someone else and check your gpu on it... also make sure your HDMI/VGA is plugged in your GPU and NOT motherboard
  2. Shiftew

    Gigabyte GTX 1070 Mini Failed Again

    Very f*ked up and unusual of Gigabyte, i have gone with gigabyte almost every time and never experienced anything.. until recently i bought a zotac 1050ti and a 1060.. zotac probably isn't the best (mine had issues with fan stickers -refer to my thread-) but it was the only thing available at the time except the Asus one which was somehow worse than zotac one , kudos to you for pointing this out.. Tired of these corporations f*king customers over.
  3. Shiftew

    RX 480 not working.

    I think you are making a very VERY basic mistake here a) Do you have the HDMI/DVI etc plugged in your motherboard or the GPU? if its in the motherboard,take it out and plug in the GPU x- If you have the monitor input cables plugged in correctly, or if this suggestion does not work then -x a.1) Uninstall previous Nvidia drivers (either manually or via a software) then install Amd drivers or just reboot with GPU installed b) If you bought the card used (second hand) Flash the bios or if you are not savvy enough, get someone else to do it..
  4. Shiftew

    GTX 1050/GT 1030 on non-uefi mobo

    I think it will work, try going to the pcpartpicker.com and selecting your components and see if any error pops out! it shows if component is not compatible/won't perform to its fullest
  5. 99% sure those people would be trolls or hardcore console fanboys
  6. Shiftew

    GPU (fan?) performance problem

    It could be multiple factors at work here, could be a driver issue. Try rolling to a stable version or updating (if drivers are outdated) if that does not work, take out the GPU clean it thoroughly with air blower or canned air (hold down the fans when using air blower) ,it all that doesn't work ,its time to get the fan or cooler replaced or perhaps GPU if you are capable
  7. True ,if zotac is going to put metal stickers on fairly mid-end (low-end for some) gpu,they should do it right or not do it at all!
  8. Shiftew

    Asus geforce gtx strix oc edition 750ti

    Well i almost feel bad for you it goes around 100$ (roughly, because i'm converting PKR to USD) even less than that,it used to be pretty good option to get your family members to buy to PC parts from USA then bring them to Pakistan(if they are visiting USA),but recent bitcoin f*kery has created more demand ,less supply in few countries than other.. Yes Gpu prices have risen by significant margin but not much compared to USA
  9. Not weird at all,considering that sticker is made out of metal
  10. I recently bought a Zotac 1050ti OC (4gb) and after installing it in my chassis ,it began vibrating at high fan speed (70 above to be precise), upon searching online all i got was that my gpu fan's might be faulty (at LTT forums,tomshardware,etc) however i was pretty sure they were not at fault here, so i dug deep and Lo and behold i found one guy suggesting that i remove the zotac sticker and re apply it on the center, and it worked.. just want to help out anyone having this problem ,DO not RMA your product,try this first (Excuse my grammer,english is not my primary language)
  11. Shiftew

    Shaking GPU

    The fix for me was as simple as stripping the metallic zotac logo and then aligning it in the center..it was not aligner properly