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About YouSirAreADudeSir

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    Too busy dreaming to sleep

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    The 51st State
  • Interests
    Computers, Music, RC


  • CPU
    Intel Core i5-6600k
  • Motherboard
    MSi Z170-A Krait 3X Gaming
  • RAM
  • GPU
    MSi Geforce GTX 1070 Armor OC
  • Case
    Thermal Take Core P3 (Tempered Glass)
  • Storage
    Intel 6 SSD 128Gb, OCZ Vertex 4 512Gb, Sandisk SSD 128Gb, Samsung Spinpoint 512Gb, Western Digital Blue 2Tb
  • PSU
    SuperFlower Leadex Platinum 750w
  • Display(s)
    BenQ XL2720T
  • Cooling
    Be Quiet! Silent Loop 360
  • Keyboard
    Ducky One2 Horizon TKL
  • Mouse
    Corsair Harpoon
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home

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  1. YouSirAreADudeSir

    What's everybody's SSID called?

    Mine's RevengeofScrotieMcBoogerballs But i'm starting to regret it
  2. YouSirAreADudeSir

    New FHD monitor (24") for gaming

    I'd second whats already been said. If you're going 1080p don't get bigger than 24" if you plump for 1440p get a 27" and if you do decide to go 4k grab a 32" (this will drastically limit your Hz options tho) Do you have space on your desk for a 27"? Don't put too much stock into what @191x7 is saying about limiting the 'upper end' of the cards full potential. If you're running 144Hz you'd probably want V-Sync on anyways (locking your framerate to 144fps) to get rid of tearing and stutter that's so prevalent in games nowadays anyways
  3. YouSirAreADudeSir

    Best amd cpu for a rtx 2070

    Corsair and EVGA HAVE good PSUs made for them
  4. YouSirAreADudeSir

    Nari Ultimate on Switch?

    That fact does not quell my surprise
  5. YouSirAreADudeSir

    Nari Ultimate on Switch?

    I doubt it very much, I'm surprised your current headset works tbh. I know for a fact (having had razer hardware before) that the features that need razer synapse NEED razer synapse. That's why i got rid of my blackwidow.
  6. YouSirAreADudeSir

    Should I do XMP

    This vid from Gamers Nexus will explain about RAM timings
  7. YouSirAreADudeSir

    Adding RAM slots to motherboard?

    I'm with @maartendc I've never understood people that in the first post say Then 4 posts down say It's baffling. If you don't have the moneys but aren't in a rush. Just toss a few bucks aside each week. It'll soon add up
  8. YouSirAreADudeSir

    2600x air cooler

    A black hyper 212?? Nice
  9. YouSirAreADudeSir

    2600x air cooler

    Ah ok. You'll be fine with any cooler that'll do 150w TDP then For reference the Arctic Freezer the @Geography recommended is good for around 200w
  10. YouSirAreADudeSir

    playing a game freeze

    Not temps then
  11. YouSirAreADudeSir

    2600x air cooler

    This is what you should be considering
  12. YouSirAreADudeSir

    2600x air cooler

    What voltage are you running at? Edit: And Frequency?
  13. YouSirAreADudeSir

    Just a quicky Motherboard Power switches

    Okay, Thank you. It's not really going in a 'Case' as such. The reset button is a good idea though. I'll keep my eyes on Amazon for a 'Y' splitter. (I may even be able to fashion one from an old arcade style button) I just want a big red button that says 'START' really. For the look of the thing, you know?
  14. YouSirAreADudeSir

    playing a game freeze

    MSI Afterburner is your friend
  15. YouSirAreADudeSir

    playing a game freeze

    Well you know the CPU is running fine after the stress test. Do you have Firestrike? Or maybe Furmark? Try running that on a loop for the same length of time. It maybe something to do with the video card failing at some point