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  1. I have an old Acer Aspire 5050 laptop from 2007. It was running slow, so I performed some upgrades to breathe new life into it. And it's running... pretty good IMO. Not the fastest thing, but for everyday web browsing and things, it's actually OK. Here is the hardware I have replaced: AMD Athlon 64 X2 TK-53 (1.7GHz). I paid $11.44 for the new CPU, a Turion 64 X2 TL-62 (2.1GHz). 2 sticks of 512MB DDR2 RAM, 1GB total. I paid $4 for 3GB of DDR2 RAM. 120GB Hitachi SATA I HDD. I paid $22 for a new 120GB SSD. Qualcomm Atheros AR5007EG 802.11b/g Wireless card (I have NOT upgraded this yet, but I will soon if I can). A replacement battery for $10.80, since the battery I had did not hold a charge, it was super annoying So basically I have some laptop parts I don't need and want to sell. For the hard drive, I doubt I'll be able to sell it for anything. Old battery is pretty much garbage at this point. However with the CPU, I can see some people selling TK-53s for about $5-8. And for wireless I can find the Qualcomm Atheros AR5007EG for about $3-5. As for RAM, would $2-3 per stick be reasonable? Assuming I can sell all of this, I can get about $12-18 back on my upgrade costs, which is good to me.
  2. Hello. I recently got an Acer Aspire 5050 laptop for really cheap. It's from 2007, so I want to do some upgrades so I can use it as my main laptop for things like school, and web browsing. I don't plan on gaming, so I don't need super fast specs. Original Specs: Motherboard: Acer Prespa M (Socket M2/S1G1) CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-53 RAM: 1GB (2x512) DDR2 PC2-5300 (333MHz) GPU: ATI Radeon Xpress RS482M Storage: 120GB Hitachi Travelstar (SATA 1, 1.5Gb/s) 5400RPM OS: Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 Wi-Fi: Qualcomm Atheros AR5007EG 802.11b/g OS: Yes, I will upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 or 10. And possibly dual-boot with Ubuntu. CPU: I don't know if I can upgrade the CPU in this. It might be soldered on, but it's worth a check. If it can be upgraded, would a Core 2 Duo or later boost performance? RAM: The laptop came with 1GB of DDR2 RAM, I just upgraded it to 3GB. It's a 2GB and a 1GB stick, and different brands. But the clockspeeds are the same. Storage: The laptop came with an 120GB Hitachi 5400RPM HDD (SATA I), it's the original drive, so it's going to fail sooner or later. I bought an 120GB Kingston SSD to put in the laptop. I'll still be limited to the speeds of SATA 1, but it will be faster than the hard drive. The original drive is here: (I have not received the SSD yet) Wireless: The last thing is wireless. I can not get the WiFi card to work, it keeps giving me a code 39 error. I've tried multiple versions of the driver with the same thing. Now this could this be Vista acting up, and Windows 7 or 10 will have better driver support, but I would like to see if I could upgrade the card for a slight speed boost.
  3. I have an old Compaq M2000 laptop from 2005. It has 1GB of DDR RAM, and a Intel Celeron M 350. I want to upgrade the RAM to 2GB DDR2 or 1, and upgrade the CPU. I read you should be able to upgrade to an Intel Pentium M 750? According to an HP forum thread. This is what I found on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SL7S9-Intel-Pentium-M-750-2M-Cache-1-86-GHz-533-MHz-H-PBGA479-PPGA478/122652392144?hash=item1c8ea6fad0:g:DCsAAOSwubRXK4T8 As for RAM, I read on Wikipedia it only supports 1GB, but there's no source to back it up. I believe it has 2x 512MB sticks, would it be worth it to test 2x 1GB sticks?
  4. Here's the problems: 2 pins of the 4-pin Firewire port are missing, and there's NO output from the Firewire jacks. I tested the same cable with a MiniDV camera, and it worked. It's having issues reading tapes, such as just a blue screen, and digital "blocks". Playing analog tapes are even worse, with noise and glitches everywhere. When you try to record, it sometimes asks for a Cleaning cassette. But I've heard cleaning cassettes are trash, and will spread dirt. I don't have any 8mm cleaner, only a VHS cleaning tape. I've also seen the errors C:31:42, and C:32:11. Dirty or damaged heads. Some scratches near the Firewire/video ports. Any ideas? I'm ordering some chamois swabs and 99% ISO alcohol to clean the video heads. But I need to replace the Firewire jack. It shouldn't be that hard, should it? It should be like replacing a USB port on a PC, right? How bad could it.. be? There's the same model camcorder selling on eBay, but there's a massive bidding war with 6 bidders and 16 bids, the product was originally $20, now it's at $38. I don't want to go over $50. Fucked.mp4
  5. My Network setup: Modem > Router > Ethernet Switch > 2 Computers. When I'm using my main PC on Ethernet, every minute the computer will go offline, and then after a few seconds the connection will be back online. Can someone help? My other computer on the switch is doing just fine, without any dropouts. My main PC is set to use a static IP (
  6. Kyle2000

    How to enable Bridge Mode on XFINITY modem.

    I got it fixed, actually. thanks
  7. Alright it worked, I reset the router
  8. Here's my network setup Coxial Cable -> XFINITY Modem/Router -> NETGEAR R7000 How can I enable Bridge Mode on my modem/router so it acts as a modem only and the NETGEAR acts as a router. I can't find the bridge mode settings anywhere.
  9. OK, I will reset it with a papercilp, I have to go down to the basement because parents decided to put our poor router down in the basement with the spiders lmao.
  10. So here is my network setup Coxial Cable > XFINITY Modem/Router > NETGEAR R7000 Router. I accidentally set the NETGEAR R7000 into bridge mode, now I can't access genie. How do I disable bridge mode? Please help. Does resetting the router disable bridge mode?
  11. Hey. Back in December 2017 I bought a Cooler Master keyboard (Devastator II). Now today, it has stopped working completely. Whenever I try to type something, I can't type anything (and sometimes it opens random things). I tried it on my NVIDIA Shield and a laptop, same results. I managed to find a spare keyboard and it works just fine on my PC. It's just when I plug in the Devastator all keyboards stop working until I reboot. So what can I do? I was used to the feel of the Devastator, can I fix it or do I have to get a new keyboard :-(
  12. Kyle2000

    Port fowarding broke.

    An old PC I have. An HP.
  13. Kyle2000

    Port fowarding broke.

    Hello. Port fowarding recently stopped working on my network. Basically my network is setup like this: My server and my main PC are hooked up to an Ethernet switch. That Ethernet switch is plugged into our Netgear R7000 router which it plugged into our Comcast modem. My server's IP is I have a webserver running on port 8888, and a Plex server on 32400. When I access the sites locally from my PC they work just fine . When I access it from my public IP (gotten from ipinfo.io) it doesn't work at all. As you can see, the ports are forwarded in my router. And yes, it is allowed though Windows Firewall. So what's wrong? Did my ISP (Comcast) block port fowarding?
  14. Kyle2000

    [SOLVED] Windows Server 2012 "unidentified network"