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    i7 4790
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    Patriot Viper III 8 GB
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    XFX R9 280 Double Dissipation 3GB
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    Corsair 300R
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    HGST 1TB
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    Antec HCG-620M
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    Acer H236HL
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    Hyper 212 EVO
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    Razer Blackwidow 2014
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    Etekcity Scroll X1
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    Cyber Acoustics
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. I get fps stutters but FH3 is so much fun

  2. I just bought forza horizon 3 :D

    1. Technicolors


      have fun, the game is a blast 

    2. MattTheMayor


      What settings do you run it on? I'm a bit sketched out because of my RAM and graphics card lol

    3. Technicolors


      judging from the system in your profile it'll do ok. but the game stutters a lot at 60fps or unlocked, so keep it at 30fps

  3. Should I Join "The 'verse"?

    Has this already happened? I'm interested in the game, but I would really like to try it out first.
  4. powersupply needed for skylake build

    @STRMfrmXMN can help you out
  5. Good Airflow in Thermaltake V21 Core?

    so you wouldn't recommend buying a 140mm as an exhaust? i was planning on using the 200mm as intake and itll flow throughout the 140mm as an exhaust
  6. Good Airflow in Thermaltake V21 Core?

    I'm making a build for my friend using the Thermaltake Core v21 which is a micro atx board. I plan on using a 212 evo as his heatsink and buying a 120mm fan (I was thinking of a corsair AF120. any other recommendations for same price or lower?) as an exhaust fan since the case only comes with a 200mm fan in the front. I was wondering if this plan would work or would there be a better way to use it, or would a 140mm work better? IIRC, a 140mm can fit on the rear side as well.
  7. I can only hear on one side with my HyperX 2 Clouds

    oh crap haha. someone said that they used that instead of the usb dongle. thanks!
  8. I can only hear on one side with my HyperX 2 Clouds

    Definitely plugged in all the way. Pushed as hard as I can without breaking anything and nothing moved. Also on Realtek when they do the test for the left speaker, I hear it on my right ear. Then when I hear the test for the right side, I also hear it on my right ear, but it sounds farther away I plugged it in through the USB dongle again and the sound is fine.
  9. For a while, I've been using my Clouds 2 through the USB dongle. I've been told it has a much better sound quality if I used the splitter and plugged it in that way. I tried it and I can only hear with my right ear. I tried flipping the splitter and with that, I can hear on the left side but not the right side lol. I restarted my computer but that didn't change anything.
  10. A splitter is included in the hyperx clouds would it be the same quality if i used the splitter included and plug it into my audio and mic passthrough on my keyboard?
  11. What's wrong with it? I've had my Cloud 2's for a while and has been connected through the dongle
  12. Upgrading GPU

    Hey guys I'm planning to upgrade my GPU, an R9 280 from XFX, near Christmas time so I can run upcoming games like Forza Horizon 3. I was wondering what GPU I should upgrade to that's <=300 USD. I saw the R9 480 and the GTX 1060 and I don't know which one would be better. Specs are: i7-4790 8 gb msi pro guard mobo z97 antec hcg-520m xfx r9 280 EDIT: Another question, would it be recommended to upgrade to 16 gigs? Or is 8 still perfectly fine, even with the new games coming out
  13. Could I get another mouse?

    No water damage, it's just that a rat bit into the wire
  14. I would recommend getting an i7 processor that is relatively new (4790k or higher). If you want to save some cash, I'd go with the locked versions (I have a 4790) or maybe a Xeon. If you want to record with barely any performance impacts, I'd get Shadowplay if you have/are getting an nVidia card.
  15. Could I get another mouse?

    I have a Logitech G300s My house flooded about 3 months ago and luckily all my computer stuff were safe and sound. We had to live in a hotel for about two months and of course I couldnt use my PC. So I had to put it in a box in my garage while my house was being fixed up. Fast forward two months. I finally get back into my house. PC is fine after replacing the thermal paste. Everything is fine except for my mouse. A mouse ironically ate my mouse haha. It bit through half the wire and I thought it wouldn't work, but once I plugged it in my PC, it was working normally. So I put some electrical tape on the wire and used it normally. But recently, or a week after using my mouse, it frequently disconnects and reconnects at any angle except for when the wire is straight. Am I eligible for getting a brand new mouse through the warranty? Sadly, I don't have the receipt or the box anymore since I had to throw stuff away after my house flooded. I was just wondering if it's a legitimate reason to contact RMA haha