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  • CPU
    i7 4790
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    Patriot Viper III 8 GB
  • GPU
    XFX R9 280 Double Dissipation 3GB
  • Case
    Corsair 300R
  • Storage
    HGST 1TB
  • PSU
    Antec HCG-620M
  • Display(s)
    Acer H236HL
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212 EVO
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow 2014
  • Mouse
    Etekcity Scroll X1
  • Sound
    Cyber Acoustics
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1

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  1. I have aa raazer bw ultimaate 2014 and as you can tell my aaa's are chattering aand it's getting really annoying lmfaao. It's been doing it for the past 2 months aand I really think its time to get a new one since its annoying to go back on my essaays anad delete the extra a's. I want a quiet mechanical keyboard aaas I'm getting annoyed with these loud ass razer switches. I'm leaning on the cherry mx red switches. I'm looking for keyboards that are under 75ish USD that haave the following: some sort of backlight (would prefer white or rgb, but if it's colored i don't really mind) nothing SUPER gamer-esque style. i saw the ripjaw km780r keyboard and to me it looks aatrocious. usb passthrough would be god-like RED SWITCHES number pad or at least a numpad through function key or whatever
  2. I get fps stutters but FH3 is so much fun

  3. I just bought forza horizon 3 :D

    1. Techicolors


      have fun, the game is a blast 

    2. MattTheMayor


      What settings do you run it on? I'm a bit sketched out because of my RAM and graphics card lol

    3. Techicolors


      judging from the system in your profile it'll do ok. but the game stutters a lot at 60fps or unlocked, so keep it at 30fps

  4. MattTheMayor

    Should I Join "The 'verse"?

    Has this already happened? I'm interested in the game, but I would really like to try it out first.
  5. MattTheMayor

    powersupply needed for skylake build

    @STRMfrmXMN can help you out
  6. MattTheMayor

    Good Airflow in Thermaltake V21 Core?

    so you wouldn't recommend buying a 140mm as an exhaust? i was planning on using the 200mm as intake and itll flow throughout the 140mm as an exhaust
  7. MattTheMayor

    Good Airflow in Thermaltake V21 Core?

    I'm making a build for my friend using the Thermaltake Core v21 which is a micro atx board. I plan on using a 212 evo as his heatsink and buying a 120mm fan (I was thinking of a corsair AF120. any other recommendations for same price or lower?) as an exhaust fan since the case only comes with a 200mm fan in the front. I was wondering if this plan would work or would there be a better way to use it, or would a 140mm work better? IIRC, a 140mm can fit on the rear side as well.
  8. MattTheMayor

    I can only hear on one side with my HyperX 2 Clouds

    oh crap haha. someone said that they used that instead of the usb dongle. thanks!
  9. MattTheMayor

    I can only hear on one side with my HyperX 2 Clouds

    Definitely plugged in all the way. Pushed as hard as I can without breaking anything and nothing moved. Also on Realtek when they do the test for the left speaker, I hear it on my right ear. Then when I hear the test for the right side, I also hear it on my right ear, but it sounds farther away I plugged it in through the USB dongle again and the sound is fine.
  10. For a while, I've been using my Clouds 2 through the USB dongle. I've been told it has a much better sound quality if I used the splitter and plugged it in that way. I tried it and I can only hear with my right ear. I tried flipping the splitter and with that, I can hear on the left side but not the right side lol. I restarted my computer but that didn't change anything.
  11. A splitter is included in the hyperx clouds would it be the same quality if i used the splitter included and plug it into my audio and mic passthrough on my keyboard?
  12. What's wrong with it? I've had my Cloud 2's for a while and has been connected through the dongle
  13. MattTheMayor

    Upgrading GPU

    Hey guys I'm planning to upgrade my GPU, an R9 280 from XFX, near Christmas time so I can run upcoming games like Forza Horizon 3. I was wondering what GPU I should upgrade to that's <=300 USD. I saw the R9 480 and the GTX 1060 and I don't know which one would be better. Specs are: i7-4790 8 gb msi pro guard mobo z97 antec hcg-520m xfx r9 280 EDIT: Another question, would it be recommended to upgrade to 16 gigs? Or is 8 still perfectly fine, even with the new games coming out
  14. MattTheMayor

    Could I get another mouse?

    No water damage, it's just that a rat bit into the wire
  15. I would recommend getting an i7 processor that is relatively new (4790k or higher). If you want to save some cash, I'd go with the locked versions (I have a 4790) or maybe a Xeon. If you want to record with barely any performance impacts, I'd get Shadowplay if you have/are getting an nVidia card.