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  1. shuri

    Is this zalman psu too bad?

    From the man himself https://www.jonnyguru.com/blog/2016/01/26/zalman-zm700-gvm-700w-power-supply/6/
  2. shuri

    Pcmaster race toxic?

    You'd be suprise
  3. shuri

    MSI Dragon Center and iCue etc. Ubuntu ?

    I actually got my Steelseries mouse configured by redicting it to a VM lol
  4. shuri

    MSI Dragon Center and iCue etc. Ubuntu ?

    That stuff don't work on Linux.
  5. You should try audio rocks, they really make the bass bassier, mids midder and highs higher
  6. shuri

    Which Company of keyboard should i get?

    Lenovo Preferred Pro
  7. But the noise floor is still completely unaudiable on both my Realtek and Creative card.
  8. shuri

    9900K with grey contact.

    Sure looks like thermal paste boss
  9. shuri

    Off topic chit chat

    I love Linux Tech Tips
  10. I too got a Soundblaster Z that I got second hand hooked up to some headphones and monitors through a Yamaha mixer.. Creative's crossfeed or "Surround" effect actually sounds really pleasant on headphones. The SNR claims are hilarious though, you can hear everything in your computer by cranking up the gain.
  11. Some say it's up to 95% of running native- and i'd probably agree in graphical processes. You lose some CPU power (1,2k from Cinebench, I think native was 1,5k) but I haven't had perfomance issues running TF2 and IL2 anyways LOL
  12. Maybe they'll bring some of the exciting technologies they're sitting on to RHEL
  13. shuri

    Best PC case under 60 $?

    Core 1000 Core 1000 I have it Noctua'd up, love the layout
  14. shuri

    I have $50, what should I spend it on

  15. Well i'm glad you asked. I switched completely on Linux some time back because I started learning network administartion and had found the quality of Windows 10 unacceptable. It's the little things. I've had great time on Gentoo Linux and CentOS as opposed to Windows 10 or Server 2016. But sometimes you just need Windows; Microsoft Office, most video games, Adobe, Vegas Pro, Active Directory. For then i'll fire up a VM and we're back to the OP.