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  1. Hey, really appreciate the reply. Wanted to reply earlier but then did more non-rigorous tests/benchmarks and my conclusions kept changing... at some point I was pretty convinced it was not a performance issue, but "1.9x" and above was somehow special in software at some point in the chain, but then I tested a bit more and it seems this "1.9x" was only specific to anime for some reason. "IRL" tv shows can push much further, into ~2.xx speeds, even pretty high res/bitrate videos. However, there were also some old (low resolution and bitrate) shows that triggered it much earlier, at even ~1.4x. Maybe it has to do with the video's codec? Also, using radeon firmware to monitor CPU and GPU usage, they don't seem to hit 100% when the frame repeats begin. The highest I've got from video playback was ~15% CPU and ~80% GPU. In fact, video playback speeds seem to have very little to do with CPU/GPU usage on my system. It's still correlated, but quite little. IDK if it's because at really high playback speeds, my system realises it can't keep up so it just discards a bunch of frames from rendering? Or it could be because the graph smooths out spikes where the load hits 100%? Either way, appreciate the thought, looking forward to an updated guide and just let me know if you'd like me to run any specific tests
  2. So I followed this tutorial to get Potplayer properly set up with MadVR; Lately I've noticed that if I were to increase playback speeds to >1.8, frames would repeat. So the video will keep flashing frames from like a second ago, making it impossible to watch. However, some shows are so slow that 1.8x speed is not enough... Does anyone know how this could be fixed? Are there specific settings known to cause this, or overwhelms PCs? I'm using R5 1600, 16GB OC'ed ram, and 5700 XT, water cooled.
  3. I e-mailed Asus to ask about it, they gave me back a canned response. "No Plans for releasing the ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO (WI-FI AC). At the moment the non-wifi version is available." No plans at all???
  4. Yup, according to google translate. Who knows what's going on with pricing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I wish they would just release the damn board already, it's almost a month from when they announced it. That Swedish retailer doesn't have it in stock either, it's just a pre-order. I have all my parts ready except for the motherboard. Nobody sells the 7260/7265 with the internal wiring and external antenna here, just the bare card. UGH.
  6. Jesus, how did those guys get 130+?!
  7. YES! Because... YES! That's all. . . . . . YES!
  8. My favourite feature is the front-facing stereo speakers. I'm really with Linus on this one about how nobody else cares to implement such an obvious "feature", and they've already been given a year to copy.
  9. IMO it's a close tie between CM's HAF XM and Fractal Define, in my experience they offer the best for mid-towers.
  10. Hold up! NZXT seems to have released a "successor" for the Switch 810's price point, the phantom 630. Do check it out!
  11. As the others have posted, those can do quite well for E-ATX, though I wouldn't recommend the 410/600t over the HAF-XM, especially specifically for E-ATX!
  12. Personally I'm leaning quite heavily towards the NZXT 630. About the size, it is actually very efficient with its space. A tad smaller than the 820, but still offers XL-ATX mobo support. It looks amazing(personal preference, really) VERY modular and customizable(2 SSD mounts behind the mobo tray,some of us won't even need any HD cages at all) great potential for water cooling (easily hold about 5 x 140mm rads, maybe a few 200mms with a little modding) Very neatly holds whatever mobo due to its recessed mobo tray design. Built-in fan controller, SD card reader, and I/O LED Anandtech's review even showed that at stock, this case defeats the 820 in cooling. Some other sites already posted unboxing vids on youtube, but I'm still waiting for Linus', he's the best. Just my 2c. Good luck and do let us know which case you pick!