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  1. at low resolutions, stream requires more than 5mbps upload to do it well at high resolutions and good image quality most streamers use 10 minimum, you have less than 5
  2. anthem is a complete failure, dont even consider it, reviews put it between the worst games released recently
  3. bricked systems do happen, is a reality, happened alot in 1803 it might happen again, the way it is being done allows for this you can stop updates from happening for some time, but still, you eventually need them
  4. well, i would expect it to come on ps5 too, but if the date is kept, it will come for ps4, time will tell
  5. that is what i said to install from usb search for windows 10 iso download the first option on google should be the official tool to create the usb installer, follow steps and remember to select 64bit installer only
  6. the only option now is windows 10 64bit you shouldnt use 32bits, only uses 3gbs of ram windows 7 will reach end of life in a couple months, is a 10 year old os, no one should use it anymore if you still have a retail version of windows 7 pro, you can install windows 10 pro and use that license to activate windows 10, microsoft allows this
  7. i dont have that corsair ram but i have used corsair always on amd without issues, in fact i am using a lpx module and wasnt suposed to be meant for amd but i even overclocked it abit it should work i think, but cl18 is high, i would go for cl15 if possible, the speed is good to have but you can overclock abit if you want, so if you find a cl16 or fastet at 3200 i would prefer that
  8. if he doesnt want to sit, but he will be on his bed, the distance cannot be altered that easily, that is why it is important the size of the display/tv here
  9. the fan curve for the cpu fan is located inside the bios
  10. the gt 1030 uses like 30 watts, perhaps uses less that the old one the suggestion about 300watts is to be sure you have enough power to feed cpu and gpu at the same time, if you have a cpu that eats 200watts plus the rest of the system, it would be a bit close to the limit, but current cpus barely use 100 watts under a stress test, you should not even reach half of maximum capacity of that psu i think
  11. change what to what? does that even exist? all you have to do is turn off pc, install the m.2 and install windows on it multiplier what? seriously
  12. well, i hate the stupid nintendo switch, stupid nvidia tablet, but i would like to play breath of the wild there is a emulator for the wii u, but to be honest, emulate anything over a ps1 is a pita, or gpu is not good enough, or cpu is not good enough or emulator is not good enough always something fails, only when a emulator is mature enough one can play the game more or less well but that brings the whole emulation debate, rights to emulate, from where did you got the iso with the game, right to backup a original game so much problems to play a simple game lately if i know i wont buy a game or bother making it work on a emulator, i just see a youtuber play it for me, less hassle to be honest if i really wanted to play the game i would buy the console and wouldnt complain about exclusives, about consoles, limitation, all that stuff the time i invest into making it work vs the time watching the game on youtube seems like q good balance to me the games that are important for the story, well, you see the story well enough on the video, you loose part of the magic the game has, but, in the end the story sometimes is what one wants
  13. theoretically you should be able to use a 64 bit installer over the 32bit but is not guaranteed to work well, installer might complain and installation might end like a mess why do you need to do that? is it a old machine? perhaps is better to leave it 32 bit if you installed the wrong version, just save your personal files and reinstall but format the hard disk before installing 64bit again
  14. the best review was made not long ago by gamers nexus, basically the solution is literally make more, bigger holes so air can flow inside or you cook parts inside basically also you should not mount in that direction a gpu because it ends directly pointing the fans against the acrylic and cant move air at all really, the little air it will move will be very hot air produced by gpu and cpu, so is even worse for the gpu
  15. that case can cook hardware if you mount it like that it will burn it even faster
  16. the last of us 1 was developed exclusively for ps3, that is why is the game with best graphics for ps3 and possibly for all the consoles on that time naughty dog and sony has always been really good friends, is a very productive relation between those companies, lots of money generated for both sides is the same with crash bandicoot, look at how many years had to pass to see a port of crash bandicoot on pc i would expect the same for these two recently other developers have release ps3 exclusives on epic, but none was as big as the last of us wait for the emulators many years, or buy a ps4 i bought my ps3 to play metalbgear solid 4 and the last of us, one of my best purchases, the console keeps working very well after 6 years, buy a playstation is a good idea, on the other hand, my old xbox, well that thing died so many times, i finaly sold the 5th console i got under warranty, i kept one of the controllers but kept breaking left analog and triggers, buttons, finally cable, bought other later and was even worse quality my original controllers hasnt even been repaired once and one is refurbished! buy a playstation sounds like a waste of money for a pc gamer, but some of the best games on can play are on console, playstation specifically
  17. yes they should work if bios doesnt refuse to work with them for some compatibility reason there is a chance the modules work in single channel, if the modules are very different or bios decides to do it that way
  18. none exist for pc and moat likely will never exist because these games are playstation exclusives there is a project that is trying to emulate ps3 on pc, so perhaps some day you can play the last of us on your pc, but so far is not yet finished or works well enough the last of us 2 has not yet been released, it will only exist on ps4, possibly some day on the ps5 there are no ps4 emulator projects at the moment and it seems there wont be for some more years so buy a ps4 or dont play the new part when it comes and wait for the ps3 emulator
  19. if you are going to put a rx570 in there, go for a r5 3400 then
  20. then people have slow pcs and run the emulated version which is lighter, lol
  21. well, correct me if im wrong but the mobile version crashes less, runs smoother and is free the pc version is not stable, runs slow nad is 30 dollars the mobile version has as many players as the pc version if not more
  22. a ddr4 2133 is sold with that speed because when tested by the manufacturer under common conditions gave stable results at that soeed same applies for 2400, 2667, 3000 3200... you can overclock ram but if it is sold as that slow is not guaranteed that it will run stable at 3000 mhz but probably will do 2667 just fine all depends on the ram and how good is the motherboard and cpu at handling that ram and overclock
  23. 3 minutes?!? that is a eternity! to be honest this cheap cooler i have here couldnt be more simple and also more complicated, it uses the old mount mechanism amd had before, but the thong is really anoying to install, it took me like 2 minutes to install, terrible amount of time! i know!
  24. those are great news, how are you cooling the overclocked pi? i really want to buy one to run pure linux, tools, disk management and that sort of stuff one misses when using windows only
  25. i kept reading that one shouldnt buy that pi yet, no proper support for the gpu on some emulators and for some video playback that needs acceleration from gpu having said that, try to go for the 4 gbs one, dont bother with the 1gb one