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  1. goto10

    Eagle Box

    well, storage can indeed be m.2 but also can be ssd glued to the psu or behind the gpu, also could be a laptop hard disk, but a fast one, ssds at 1tb are cheap these days, but psu location to me looks decent, cables wound have to do weird angles or travel too long distances, in fact you will need custom cables, to do cable management do you have plans for front usb panel? buttons to power on the pc?
  2. i forgot to mention, be sure to know from where the noise is coming, a psu should never makes any noise apart from the fan spinning, i would find out from where the noise is comming from
  3. goto10

    Eagle Box

    i see a problem, well not really a problem, more like a inconvenience, the way you will install the gpu will force you to use a long pci express extension going in a bit weird path, not sure if i would use that same positioning but might work well, the ports for the gpu would go in a side, not in the back, looks like a interesting approach what materials will you use for the panels?
  4. kit? why a kit, isnt a single ram stick? from your preferred company, i think you found this same information right? https://www.crucial.com/usa/en/compatible-upgrade-for/Acer/nitro-5-an515-51#MEMORYFilters i was sure you had 8 gbs soldered but it seems you have 2 ram slots, then your plan is remove the 8gbs it has and put 2 8gbs modules from that kit, correct?
  5. psu takes the voltage and the amps from the wall outlet and generate the watts you need on the voltages your parts asks on the amperages they need the explanation is more complicated than that and i bet someone else can do it better if you experience random shutodwns you could check what voltage is comming out of the wall outlet, a multimeter can help you on that why do you assume that your pc problems are caused by the electricity in your house?
  6. i didnt said they do bad ram modules, i said i dont buy their merchandise, i prefer kingston, corsair or western digital, that is all, if you think it will be vest for you, go for it, on laptops i would try to buy same speed to avoid anu possible problem theoretically if you buy that fast ram it will run at the speed of the slowest ram, so all will run at 2133
  7. you enable them, go into windows, run cpu-z and see what speed ram is reporting later you can run some benchmarks and stress tests to see if it works stable
  8. if it is not too hard, remove motherboard, the that plate and then bend those metallic tabs in a way they dont go inside the connector dont try to cut or break those tabs, you can cut tourself, just bend them out of the way of those connectors and might damage them or short out pc, it happens with usb ports
  9. if i had the money i would go with a 1660ti 1650 is not a gaming gpu that is worth what nvidia asks 2060 super is expensive, would be my next choice
  10. it depends on your budget also on what you want to do with it
  11. you cant upgrade cpu, that is the best one your motherbparz will take, you will also need new motherboard no need to panic, simply if you see you dont get the results you want, save some money and after a couple months buy new gpu, then cpu, that is how i do it here, none of us are made of money
  12. many years ago i had a similar error it was a motherboard rhat refused to play nice with a ram kit, both ram and motherbpard were working correctly, but ram had to be changed for another brand but here i see all tge ram, windows doing tgat weird stuff, well, dont know what else to recomend
  13. then it is, well, was the motherbpard just to discard before going to buy anotjrr motherboard, reseat cpu and try with another psu to see if it helps do the same with gpu, try with everything unpligged, hard disks, ssds, sound cards if you have, only keyboard, mouse and monitor, but sounds to me is the motherboard
  14. windows 7 is 9 years old and will loose all support this year, move to windows 10, it is time if you have the windows 7 license, use it when you install windows 10, it works, mine is a windows 7 pro, it gives me windows 10 professional any app you have must have win 10 support already or there must be a way to force it to work on win 10
  15. what games, at what graphical settings some games will do it at max, others, no, no way, even 2080ti on ultra cant do 120 fps on some games, 1080 will be alot worse
  16. try with other ram modules, see if that helps remove battery, then clear cmos check ram modules on another pc to see if those work
  17. sk hynix manufactures the ram chips, on the world there are other manufacturers like samsung and micron all the ram modules you buy, the companies purchase from those 3, they solder them and then sell them as ram kits or single ram modules with the size or speed they can at the price they decide if the pc you have comes with ram soldered, you have to buy a module with identical specs to get it to work on dualchannel, so you get more ram and a increased performance otherwise it might work in single channel and you loose the dualchannel extra performance some laptops will not run in dualchannel no matter what you do, manufacturer sometimes design the laptop to use soldered ram and the ram on the ram slot as a single module, so it works as single channel buy the same speed and size module, it would be 8gb ddr4 2133 based on what you wrote there, i usuallu buy kingston or corsair, i never buy crucial, so cant comment on that brand
  18. the header on the motherbpard is a regb controller, yes, that is why it uses all 4 pins the wiki is just 2 pins from the molex adapter, just power, one color the only way for you to be sure would be buy a rgb led strip and buu a controller to avoid the surprise that the port on the mobo doesnt do what you want, remember you need to onstall rgb software to control that port, it would have to be the one offerd by your mobo manufacturer
  19. the only thing you have to do at first is set xmp profile so rigth timings and ram speed are set, dont touch voltages, you only touch voltages when overclocking windws says you have 32gbs so all are recognized and working, but says that only 16 are usable, never seen windows saying such numbers, only when a apu takes ram, but yours is a cpu without a apu i think you built the pc properly but is a windows error, perhaps this video can help you worth to try
  20. single rank often happens when you buy a ram module that only has ram chips soldered on one side of the pcb this os the wikipedia link explaining more detailed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_rank basically most ram kits like corsair lpx or similar kits have dual rank most times, only thpse ram modules without the metallic shield come single rank, but i bet there are exceptions
  21. not all freesync monitors will work, some will work but not perfectly if you can afford, buy a gsync monitor if you cant afford it, be sure to buy a freesync one that is certified to work well by nvidia, they have a list of certified models remember that gsync only works via displayport, so the freesync monitor has to have that port, hdmi only works in amd gpus
  22. it is not the same a led strip and a rgb led strip, that 4 pin afik is for rgb those you buy afik are just one color and nothing else, you can solder them but to use them on a molex connector, i believe you can do it with the 12v cable on the molex connector and one of the grounds in the molex, bu i never done it, so i migth be wrong this wikihow explains more https://www.wikihow.com/Add-LED-Lights-to-a-PC but is for a led strip, one color, always on, no effects
  23. i wouldnt buy a 980ti, is power hungry, old and any rx580 costs less and does same or more than that, consider going for a 1070 or something newer, 1660 new for example
  24. no, it is not enough, raspbian eats like 200mbs just by booting os and desktop, then you have any app or program having 300mbs to play around, is not enough to browse the web, barely enough to open libreoffice time to let go, raspberry did that with raspberry 4b, you can get it with 4gbs of ram as i said early, some popular devices get custom roms with newer android versions, but with limited resources all you are doing is wasting your time, if you manage to do it, something i doubt is doable because i bet no one did a custom rom for it, you will end disapointed with the results
  25. 512 of ram? time to do a visit to a recycle center minimum to do something really these days is 2 gbs