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  1. i would ask you why do you need two gpus? sli is crap these days, well, sli no, nvlink, that is the same crap
  2. you need to download a new windows 10 installer, when installing, select windows 10 pro then use the windows 10 code, the code for pro and home are not interchangeable, is better to reinstall are you familiar with reinstalling windows?
  3. your definition of big and mine are very different, meshify is well designed to fit a 360 in the front, i wouldn't put a 360 in the front, but is doable, yes
  4. amd, if rumors are true, in january or february intel will release new socket and kill the entire line of cpus they have moving things drastically ,the i9 will be 10 cores next year, imagine, how bad idea would be buying a i9 now is a safer bet to go with a ryzen, definitively from your build i would only change two things, the kraken and the cse, the case is very big, perhaps too big, specially wide, so desktop is filled with it the kraken is a aio, i personally don't like anything related to liquid cooling, air coolers give you alot less problems
  5. between those two, i would go with noctua, because is just install and forget with watercooling, even with aios, all is more complicated if you go with a 360mm radiator, the case has to be big, very big, what case do you have in mind?
  6. a decent b450, 16gbs of ram, as fast as you can pay and a r52600 or 3600 add a good gpu and enjoy a really good gaming pc
  7. the only reason i can think of is that you installed improperly the heatsink, or it is filled with lots of dust and fluff iirc, you are the second person i hear that the fans on these stock coolers act up weird, so it is possible the fan itself is having problems i would first check if the 4 screws are well screwed, if that is the case, see if the thermal paste is till is good to use, surlly is not or even if it was, checking it destroys the preapplied one so change it, you need to clean it and apply new one, buy some mx4 thermal paste see if the space between the fan and the heatsink is not filled with fluff and dust, then check if the fan is spinning wel
  8. sounds like a criptomining virus, try using adwcleaner, is from malwarebytes too, but does a bit different task, points more to the web browser
  9. to me it sounds not like the able is damaged, but the connector on the headphones, the microusb port is one of the worst ports ever used on any component, it doesn't tollerrate well use, really, is easy to break and you have to use it on your headphones all the time lets be positive and say it is not the connector on the headphone, is the cable, which to me is unlikely, then you need a thick microusb cable with some protection i personally use belkin, but you need something with more protection, perhaps something like this? https://www.amazon.com/Android-JSAUX-Charger-Braided-Compatible/dp/B07H91JTCD/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?keywords=micro+usb+cable&qid=1572812743&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEyRUhHTlU1VEc0OUYwJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMTEyMDAxMlJQS1NKQk1KMllJQSZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwNjgwNTYwMTFKTjdSUFJGWElMRCZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX2F0ZiZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU=
  10. nvme is really faster when reading files or write files, but in real world use, a good ssd feels as fast as a normal nvme, because windows, the way it uses files, well, gives both basically same load and you don't feel the nvme extra speed really the advantage of the nvme is use the m.2 slot on that motherboard, so you don't need to connect sata data cable and sata power cable for the hard disk in your case, the motherboard says it can handle 2 m.2 nvme ssds? so you can avoid using sata hard disks via sata ports, there are cheap m.2 sata ssds, that can be used on the m.2 slot, but at the moment nvme costs basically the same, so why buy m.2 sata?
  11. i was sure it didn't came with a cooler, ok, i don't have information on the height of the hatsink, nor the height tollerance of the case, have you checked that? if you can't close the case, that cooler will not work for you
  12. i don't understand why you are breaking the cable, why do you play with that usb cable connected, is for the surround? what is breaking, the cable, the connector?
  13. yes, uninstall old gpu drivers with ddu before installing the rx, enjoy your amd gaming pc
  14. no, not comming together well you listed everything 2 times, so is a list for two pcs in that list i don't see any cpu cooler, the cpu you mention doesn't come with any on the box, so you need a cooler or a watercooling system or a watercooler aio i don't know what psu comes in that case, you need one at around 500 watts, you can do good with a smaller 450w too
  15. headphones go in the second plug in the upper line of connectors, in your case is called l-out or line out the microphone goes in the connector called mic which in your case is the first on the upper line of connectors the other connectors are for a 7.1 surround sound audio system, so not necessary for your use have you entered in bios? did you assembled the pc by yourself? does the case have those connectors in the front?
  16. final update i found a deal on a r7 1700x new, so we abandoned the idea of the intel build, it was even more expensive the i5 9400 than that r7 so it was easy to go the amd route and helped overcome the fear for not having quicksync so we got 2 8gbs kingston ddr4 2667 ugly sticks with no heatsink, also a gigabyte b450m ds3h, even knowing this motherboard doesn't have the best vrm and vrm heatsink, i had to buy it because the rest of microatx available sucks even more to power all we went with a evga 550watts model, it was cheap and decent, perfect to replace the old tr2 430 it had since 2013 i think, all installed on a old corsair 88r, 4 120 mm fans configured 2 pushing in and two pulling out 1 ssd as boot and 2 hard disks as game storage and as projects storage from the old build, i kept the gtx 750ti because budged was limited, might be updated to a 1060 or a 1650 later, money and availability will tell next year the problem was the heatsink because i couldnt find any heatsink that could fit inside that case, that has a heatsink height clearance of 140mm maximum(in reality seems to be like 160mm), i didn't wanted watercooling for cpu because on that case the front mount for the waterblock is small and has poor airflow, the top one cannot be used really because the space is barely enough for the fans, so all i had really was space for a 120mm unit in the rear which i honestly find horrendous and might not have worked i just reused a old hyper tx3 i had around, is just 95watts tdp, and the cpu is that or more, but having nothing else to work with i went with that all went well, ram even used by itself the xmp profile and ran out of the box at 2667, the most effortless build i have ever made, all worked at first try, no need to adjust anything under full load with cpu-z stress test the cpu went up to 62°c, vrms went up to 75°c more or less, cpu was overclocking itself to 3.6ghz more or less, so this motherboard can take up to 12 cores but no overclock for it, 16 cores might require undervolt and a fan over vrms, not ideal for such cpu definitively but should hold for a couple years if one is crazy and has limitations thanks to the case the big concern was go with amd, no intel quicksync, we did a run test, ryzen ran a project in 3 minutes, same project on a i5 8250u laptop with quicksync ran it on around 14 minutes, so quicksync is great, but no match for such cpu power what didn't improved much was the preview playback, it had to be set at half resolution, for some reason the 750ti doesn't help there, there are other reports of cuda doing nothing on that gpu and similar problems on the preview, the cpu under the project load never went over 45% cpu usage, some cores were not even being used, premiere pro is not the best tool definitively thank you for your help and your time
  17. theoretically should not be able to be transfered but in reality, install the same version of windows 10, don't activate, after the install put the windows 7 key, if it works, it works, if it doesn't, well, you can always call microsoft and ask for help, they might or might not help you there by giving you another key for win 10, or tell you to buy a new license try to install it like this, be sure the account is local, and you don't use your outlook eamil just in case it is handling licenses with the pcs you have
  18. if you unplug the ups from the wall, it turns off immediately with a alarm noise? all things turn off? a 1200 watts ups should handle almost 3 pcs like the one you have for around 3 minutes, maybe more then the unit is defective, rma under warranty, or declare it doa, anyway it shouldn't behave like this, so return it to get a new one that does work, depends on your seller, how it handles these situations i persnaly only recommend apc or cdp ups
  19. i had a similar problem but only with few keys, windows reinstall surprisingly fixed the problem, because reinstall keyboard did not worked if that doesn't work, the problem is the keyboard itself, no driver or software will fix it, you will need or a new keyboard or a new laptop depending what got damaged, is it under warranty?
  20. those units require you to desolder the bios, then plug it on the reader and finally flash the new bios, or am i watching the wrong motherboard picture? if it is a socketed bios chip, remove, rewrite with the new bios, then put it back on the motherboard, or write the old bios again, should remove the pasword i remember that there was some tools to read bios content like the password, but i do't know of any now, or if it is even legal to mention them, so i won't point you in such direction
  21. which monitors do you have, how are you connecting them to the gpu, via hdmi, displayport? are you connecting both monitors to the same gpu? please be specific n how you are doing things
  22. two pictures of a bsod and a error says nothing provide information about the machine, specs, also if you can do a backup of that machine, so you can do a clean install, that would help
  23. a hard disk should not make noises, nor scratching noise or anything, sounds like a problem with the hard disk download and open cristaldiskinfo, run it, if there is a warning, post results, take a screenshot and share it here
  24. if the case for example, declares you have 170 millimeters of clearance, that is supposedly after the cpu socket if a heatsink says it is 160mm tall, it also includes the cpu height, so in that example there should be 10 milimeters of clearance, so close to the glass but just ok in reality there is always discrepancies of around 5 milimeters, so if the case you want says it accepts up to 180 go for sure and buy a 160mm heatsink so in case of poor measuring you have at least 10mm in your favor
  25. i don't see other thing than lack of filtering fxaa x16 or something like that should help you i think you can try to use the tool called ddu, to remove and then later install again the gpu driver, see if that helps