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  1. I edited the other post with some pics. (Nevermind the pics, googled the gpu and its the same everywhere) I still get roughly 400 MB/s when bandwidth testing.. A resume of when and how my issue started: My pc entered normal sleep mode( this sometimes happened but with 0 issues, just like a normal pc ), then when I tried to wake it, it did wake, fans started etc, but monitor was black-screen with the power-light flashing. So, I decided to restart my computer from the button. A normal restart went through, heard my Windows Welcome Sound etc. But monitor still the same, black-screen and power-light flashing. Tried everything to get it work, searched the same issues online, tried to work it out, I didn't know what was going on. So I opened my pc case and replugged the PCI-E cable to the gpu, and voila it worked normally. But from then I drastically saw fps drops in some of my games. Some games just straight low fps, others normal fps but with stutters. (In case you know of any of these games: CS:GO - can play only with r_dynamic 0, if its 1, it enables some extra flashing on the guns and on the map, when people spray/shoot/flashbang, fps drops to 50 from 300-400, and causes some constant stutter while guns are being sprayed) - (Rocket League: it seems very stuttery even tho fps is high) - these are some examples. And now after I removed the graphics card and put it back (ofc removed all cables etc), monitor was black-screen again with the light flashing, I replugged the PCI-E cable, and it worked once again... very weird stuff.. no clue what's making this happen. (One more example of this issue: I uninstalled nvidia graphics driver and the screen went black with the same issue, replugged PCI-E, worked etc.) Edit: It seems I scored a normal score to all the others 750 TI's (1600x900 res) (1141 - Extreme HD/Ultra, Valley), all the above issues still stand though... not sure what to think.. TLDR: Performance dropped (random fps drops) in games after a random black-screen occurred, gpu bandwidth runs at x1 v2.0 instead of x16 v2.0, even when tested. Benchmark seems Ok(normal results). I need help on making my gpu run at x16 v2.0 speed again.. Even the bandwidth test still shows the same result ( I should be getting x16 these speeds, but I'm not..):
  2. Yeah, u were right. So, I managed to remove it ( clean the slots )and put it back in. The bandwidth performance is still at x1 v2.0 ( GPU Z )when render testing, when idle x1 1.1. Before replugging the card it would be constant 2.0. This is not an issue, the issue is the card still peforms at x1 v2.0 while being on a x16 v2.0 slot.
  3. Thank you so much for helping but that screw doesn't hold anything in place..( pics below)
  4. 8So I still can't get to remove it, I removed the screws, pulled the hatch and it still doesn't budge. The back looks pretty weird it seems there are 2 holes where the screws where, and the gpu barely goes through the case and holds it in place.( Mind the dust ) What is the next step, should I just pull the card harder?
  5. xD, Thank you for that, I get it now, I'll try to readjust the graphics card in the slot and come back with a response if my bandwidth has been fixed or not.
  6. Well I'm not really good at this but, GPU-Z and CPU-Z both display current Bandwidth at x1. (Tried benchmarking and the rendering test on GPU-Z, still x1). After that I tried testing the speeds, I posted them below in the picture, they are very low, just like as my gpu would be always running at x1.
  7. Hello, I'm having some bandwidth issues with my graphic card, instead of it running at x16 v2.0 (PCI-E) speed it runs at x1 v2.0(GPU-Z, CPU-Z). (Even when BenchMarking or Render Testing) So I decided to remove it and put it back in, the issue is I'm not able to do it, I unscrew everything on the side and from the back of the pc (related to the gpu ofc), but I can't find any locking pins, only a small one which I am afraid to push too hard, not even sure if I'm suppose to push it? The Mobo is: ASRock H81M-DGS R2.0 (here is a picture: GPU: GTX 750 Ti 2x WindForce OC