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  1. So i am looking for a blu ray player that is thinner than the 5.25' standard external bay and it must be shorter than 6.2' length wise, , must be sata, and also it must be motorized. why? for a ps2 pc conversion of course. i want to replace the original hard drive with a blu ray one (i will settle for dvd if no thin blu ray drives exist), however most drives are 5.25 in. and that is simply too big for the ps2. anyone know of a drive like this or know where to look? (other than newegg or amazon ofc)
  2. so i need a 2u server chassis with a full size pci slot, like this case https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811165589&cm_re=server_cahse-_-11-165-589-_-Product however, i would like the whole thing water cooled so plan on using a 5.25 in reservoir like these, https://modmymods.com/reservoirs/bay-reservoirs.html so, im asking if a case exists that supports dual 5.25in drive spaces, AND a full size pci slot, AAAAAAAND its in a 2u form factor... if a case like this exists pleaaaaase let me know. <3 u all
  3. what that sounds like to me is the router is not acting like a true NAS, your computer is picking it up as another computer, but it should be picking it up as storage and should be listed with your C: drive in windows. im not sure that router (or any router that i know of) can function as a NAS, if you want to watch videos and transfer files it needs to be plugged into a NAS
  4. Im really pressed on space for a server build and it would be really, really,REALLY beneficial to have a router with a modem built in, or have an expansion slot (like EHWIC ports on Cisco routers). if someone can give me a link to a router like this i will owe you my life (ps, it must be rack mountable)