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  1. R3DMiist

    what browser do YOU use? and why

    Chrome most of the time otherwise it would be Firefox
  2. R3DMiist

    How to get my website recognized? (kronofiles.com)

    Funniest thread I've read all day.
  3. R3DMiist

    Games with best replay value?

    Resident Evil 4
  4. R3DMiist

    Tech Confession Time!

    Oh no ..... I'm so glad i stopped my brother from buying beats. I regret buying my parts one by one over a long period of time.
  5. R3DMiist

    What phone are you currently using right now?

    Currently Nexus 5 but planing on getting a HTC One M8.
  6. R3DMiist

    Need help with picking a smartphone.

    You won't be disappointed. The build quality is brilliant
  7. R3DMiist

    Experiences with non-techies

    Friends "I need help picking out a laptop or i might build a rig" Me "Yeah sure" next day he/she tells me they bought a Mac.