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  1. Rt2002

    Pc Upgrade - Help

    I will take a look at the video thanks I will take a look at the prices thanks for your help
  2. Hi, currently I have a pre-build I bought it used for like 100 bucks, it's a HP ProDesk with an I5-4570 CPU, 4Gb of DDR3 Ram, a 500Gb Hard Drive and a 300Watts power supply I would like to know what could I upgrade without switching the power supply and the CPU just to get more performance out of it. Thanks for your help
  3. Rt2002

    Gpu upgrade

    So my rig has an i7-4790k, 16gb of ram, and a gtx750ti i would like to upgrade and between an GTX 1080 and an RTX 2070 what is the best option? The cheapest GTX 1080 in my country is about 500 Euro and the cheapest RTX 2070 is about 530 Euro. Thanks in advance
  4. Rt2002

    Power Supply Gaming

    Ok, it's better to get a new one then, where can i calculate watts i'll need for the specs?
  5. So, i have a VS650, a old one like 2014/15 if im not mistaken, i would like to know if it is still good today, because i want to upgrade my PC and would like to know if it would keep up to new hardware
  6. Rt2002


    I'll use ir for gaming, my power supply is a Corsair VS650 I want to play AAA games and até 1080 144 Hz
  7. Rt2002


    I think i'll head for a RTX2070 its chepear and it better than a 1080, Thanks mate
  8. Rt2002


    Will like a 1080Ti or a upcoming RTX2070 bottleneck it?
  9. Rt2002


    So getting a new GPU, and some more RAM would be enough to have a gaming PC compared to buying a new onde? Im not sure of my PSU brand and im not currently at home i'll check it later but maybe i'll upgrade it to. Im planing on playing at a 1080p 144Hz monitor por maybe 1440p
  10. Rt2002


    Can anyone give me a good upgrade for a pc with these specs: i7-4790k, gtx750ti, 8gb ddr3 ram, a good power supply i think 500watts power supply. Is it good to build another pc? My budget is 1000$
  11. Rt2002

    Pc Upgrade

    Current PC has a : i7-4790k stock clocked 8Gb of DDR3 RAM 1600Mhz Gtx 750Ti from MSI 1TB hard Drive and i'll have to check the power supply
  12. Rt2002

    Pc Upgrade

    I think i could do that, but warrantys would be Harder, i look into it, can you give like a good build for that price?
  13. Rt2002

    Pc Upgrade

    The only thing holding me back is that in my country pc parts are to expensive, like a gtx 1060 6gb its almost 420$
  14. Rt2002

    Pc Upgrade

    Nope he doesnt, just a basic day to day use pc will do for him
  15. Rt2002

    Pc Upgrade

    So my dad has a PC with an i7-4790k 8Gb of DDR3 and a GTX 750Ti, i was thinking of upgrading my old laptop to and desktop, and i would like to know the best solution for it: First One : Get my dads PC buy a graphics card and more ram, and build him a cheap PC Second One : Build a new PC from zero with a budget of +- 1000$ Sorry for my bad english it isnt my main language so, thanks anyway