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    Intel i7 7700K 4.7Ghz
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    GIGABYTE Aorus GA-Z270X-Gaming 5
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    Gskil Ripjaws V 16GB (8GB x2) 2400Mhz
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    Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 OC
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    Fractal Design Define C
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    Samsung 860 Evo 500GB, Crucial MX300 1TB
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    Logitech G502
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    (ALC1220) AT ATH-M50,Sennhesier HD569,Klipsch Promedia 2.1
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  1. Well it's not like the Mac Pro is exactly serviceable by the user, or even IT staff, unless you can get parts from Apple which is difficult enough with an iMac, Linus went through a lot to get his iMac Pro fixed. And Snazzy Labs built a Ryzen hackintosh for $4,000 that wipes the floor with the $8,000 Mac Pro, professionals want an easily serviceable desktop not a fancy looking cheese grater.
  2. Inb4 someone says "just buy modern audio hardware". But really the T2 chip should be an optional card in a desktop.
  3. Can they really? I thought China didn't care about copyright laws. But this is all just accusations to stir up drama, we don't know for sure if Unbox Therapy just bought cases from a supplier in China, or if they actually copied a design. If someone can sue for a similar looking case then dbrand should sue for everyone else for making vinyl device skins.
  4. Having to carry a charging pad everywhere, especially if your vehicle doesn't have the luxury of a built in charging pad, and you'd be forced to buy wireless headphones. Not too surprising if Apple would actually do this though.
  5. The only way I think the e-waste problem with phones would be reduced is phone manufacturers stop putting out a slightly better phone every year, because that IMO is way more wasteful than the average person throwing away their phone every 2-3 years. I'd like to see phone manufacturers go back to using replaceable batteries, and the standard 3.5mm jack as earbuds with batteries in them are also wasteful compared to wired ones. And sure we can praise Apple for security updates, but their phones are designed to be thrown away after the battery degrades because Apple doesn't want the consumer to have their device repaired. Yeah you can get by as long as you don't do banking on your phone, or tap on every spam email or ad, and most people don't care about updates as long as the phone still works.
  6. I don't trust other reviewers either that have a bias for Apple products, people getting a $3,000+ laptop for free are going to have a ton of praise for it anyway. Most engineers/designers make the peripherals work with what is standardized, and USB-C compatibility is a huge mess. But I didn't know the usual Logitech mouse isn't "modern" because it doesn't have type-C.
  7. It would a better laptop if the RAM and SSD weren't soldered in,and the keyboard weren't riveted to the chassis. I was referring to buying an expensive Macbook, yet refusing to pay for Windows.
  8. A $119 key isn't much when spending on a new build, I got tired of having to reactivate an OEM key whenever I had to reinstall the OS, and IMO it's ironic people would rather pirate Windows or get some shady copy after buying a $2000 laptop.
  9. I'm not particularly bothered by it, but I still think it's really unprofessional to be eating on the show. I haven't watched the WAN show in a while anyway, the news topics they spend an hour on I can go read in a few minutes.
  10. A window of only 20fps isn't enough to work with, and if its some low tier monitor that doesn't have a decent vrr range it can also have screen tearing or flickering, I'd rather turn off vrr.
  11. I think they're also referring to the problem some Tesla cars are having, the flash storage fails in the ECU,and bricks the whole car. When a part in a EV suddenly goes pop you have no warning of anything going bad, unlike a ICE car where you'll have the engine not starting if the fuel pump is failing, or the engine running like sh*t if a coil pack or weird throttle if the TPS is failing. What modern car still uses a timing belt though? Most modern engines use a timing chain, those last as long as the engine will as long as you follow the maintenance schedule, but good luck getting Tesla parts,as they act more like Apple and want you in their dealer shops or only allow approved mechanics to do any service.
  12. Except all of those are purpose built to go off road, we don't even know yet if the cybertruck has any sort of gear reduction to manage the low end torque.
  13. Please, no need to be so smug about making generalizations with how you think everyone uses their vehicle. There are plenty of modern gas/diesel trucks that get 300-400 miles of range on a single tank. The Ford Ranger goes up to around 400 miles on a tank,a Ram 1500 crew cab with the 5.7L can go over 500 miles on a single tank. And yes I've had to travel 500 miles in a day, stopping for 10 minutes to have lunch is fine but not everyone wants to or can wait an hour for the car to charge. And while not everyone has to having the option of being able to get in the car and just travel without worrying about having to stop and let the batteries charge for hours is nice to have, also not everyone lives in California where you can just go down the street to a fast charging station or find a charger more than every 50 miles. Solar and wind? Yeah just pay up extra for a Tesla solar unit, or have a wind generator installed sure because everyone can afford that. With a gas car, you spend 5-10 minutes filling it up and you can take a fuel can with you if needed.
  14. Not sure what would be controlled, other than making the wheels spin faster to get past peak torque which usually doesn't help on dirt or sand either. Pointing out the practicality of real world use isn't saying electric cars are useless, people insisting "oh just get a solar or wind generator, you'll never need to go further than 400km either" are ignoring the whole point of having a truck to get work done.
  15. Light bars are becoming a more popular design on SUV's, makes sense if Tesla is going for that, the US DOT regulations on taillights are strict though. Pics of the prototype truck show it having a cover, no way you could put a toolbox in the bed, nice for aero and the camera mirrors are also, but is it legal once you tow a trailer? Then it falls short compared to other trucks in its class like the F150,Silverado, or Ram, if the base version is only comparable to a mid size Ranger or Colorado.