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  1. no, your bios settings would be managed by your motherboard. The only data copied would be data about your OS as well as your personal files.
  2. Is anyone else not getting points credited to their account? Ive been folding the past 5 days and when i look at the logs, it tells me how many points estimated im supposed to recieve, but when i check the f@h and overclockers stats page, i see no gain at all over the past 5 days
  3. keep in mind the gauge of the thinner wires, I cant really tell the size by the picture Its called 8 core Signal wire. You can find more links by googling 8 core UL2464 https://www.pacrad.com/belden-cable-bulk-audio-1805f-500.html https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4000151213679.html https://sites.google.com/a/e.ledstringlights.xyz/a157/HomeImprovement/audio-cable-2-copper-wire
  4. Looked at the page again, Seems like its fine to daisy chain out of one output as long as it doesnt exceed 4 amps, or 7 amps combined on all 3 outputs. Plug the hub into the mobo and then the splitter into the hub. or the splitter into the mobo and the hub into the splitter Then plug in whatever you need into the outputs.
  5. As far as i can see, you can use the hub connected to the mobo to control the led strips. Just make sure the hub is argb and not just normal rgb.
  6. If OP wants, by applying for a secured card, it kind of restricts him to a certain limit. If he can control himself, he can get an unsecured, which is also what i have. Just make sure you try not to go over 30% usage @op just fyi a prequalify is not the same as a application as it only checks if you’re likely to get it due to passing the requirements. However it’s not pulling from you actual file, which means it’s not a legitimate full on application.
  7. I am 19, turning 20 this year. Im in my first year of college. I got a job working for my school in one of the planning departments. I work 20 a week @ $13 an hour, whatever that end up being a month/year. My first credit card (opened 6 months ago) with 0 credit was the petal credit card. Was approved with $750 of credit line. Non increasable credit line 1% cash back in everything Opened a deserve edu card 4 months ago to serve as a credit increase only. Was approved with $350 credit line Credit will increase automatically with every full monthly payment, in which i only use for netflix and spotify a month. 1% cash back in everything, paid back every $25 as a statement balance once you spend $2500. Appiled for Discover it Student cash back yesterday Was approved with $1500 credit line. Credit can be increased in future %5 cash back on certain categories, different per quarter I spend no more than about $500-600 a month (pursuing a engineering major isnt cheap, especially when i have to buy parts for projects ._. ) I pay off my monthly balances in full. I currently have a credit score of ~690 after 5, almost 6 months of opening a credit card I say you can apply for a Discover it. That card specially is very open to people with little to no credit score. Check the prequalify page to see if you are likely to get approved. If you are, go ahead and apply for that.
  8. Sounds like a plan. Send me a pm and ill help you out with the configuration.
  9. why do you have so many apps that 10-20 update a DAY??
  10. Fuck you frontier. I pay $79.99 a month for 150 up and down, not 50 up and 40 down. If that's what I wanted I would have paid $30 a month.
  11. just fyi i am fairly certain that a hosts file is what BLOCKS ips, addresses as well. You will want to make sure that file sharing is on and your server is accessible over the network, allowing ip access, file management, etc.
  12. would you like me to set up a bat file for you?
  13. whats your current system. I hcan help you set up a jar & start.bat file for a minecraft server. either spigot, bukkit, or normal mc. Havent touched sponge yet, though ill be switching over eventually.
  14. Southern California, near Norwalk area. I get 150 up/down for $80 a month from frontier.
  15. Ahh, gotcha. Most of my footage is 4k. I have a bit of cell phone footage in there so i may just scale everything down/up to 2k because its easier to edit + it will be mostly viewed at 1080p. Thanks man
  16. oh, thats gonna be a pain then. are you able to access command+D?
  17. the easiest way to do this is to clone the old drive to a new one so you dont have to reinstall the os, which is a pain.
  18. happened to me a couple times. am3 was not very good at clamping the pins. I believe am4 does it too? not really any fault of amd, just the way how physics works and the way the clamps designed ? brought up TR4 because its the only lineup that have that uses lga instead of pga ?
  19. Not normal at all. The only way you really test if trying the cpu in a different system. Dont use that motherboard or psu, it may have issues. See if you can still RMA stuff. Are those custom cables, or cable that came with the PSU? I suspect it may just be a random event because if something WAS built wrong, it wouldnt wait and show up after being used for 6 years.