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  • Birthday 2000-08-09

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    Clubbing with App4that
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    Photography, Computers, Tech
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    i9 9900k
  • Motherboard
    Asus Strix Z390-i
  • RAM
    2x16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 3200Mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA 2080ti FTW3
  • Case
    Sliger SM580
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    2 x Samsung 970 Evo 2 TB m.2
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    Corsair SF750
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    BENQ ex3501r
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    NZXT Kraken Z63
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K95
  • Mouse
    Corsair M65
  • Sound
    Razer nari Ultimate
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Rest in peace old buddy. You've been my best friend for the past 11 years. I will miss you

    1. handymanshandle
    2. Bajantechnician


      @Dan Castellaneta

      My pug. When I was a little kid, I wanted a little sister. My dad had an extreme case of leukemia at the time, so my dad was basically too sick to be able to afford another kid(meds and stuff). Anyways, They got me a pug literally around the time of last week, 12 years ago. We (I) called it little sister in Chinese ( however I'm not a fob) as her name. So when she died yesterday, it wasn't a pet dog that died, it was my little sister. We had some good times in the past 12 years, and I guess that's what counts.


      (correction, she's 12, not 11)

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