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    i7 5820K
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    Asus Maxumus V Edittion 10
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    4x16 GB Trident Z 3600 MHz
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    EVGA FTW3 1080TI
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    Corsair 760T
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    Samsung 1TB Pro ssd, 2x 6TB WD Black
  • PSU
    Corsair AX760
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    Samsung U28E590D
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    Bequiet Dark Rock Pro 3
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    Win 8.1 pro

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  1. How does the game not flow smoothly?... are you dipping below 60?
  2. I bought a Core 2 Duo E7500 without a heatsink....

    any cheap cooler from amazon, ebay, newegg should be fine- seeing that they are actually *usable*
  3. Yeah, no prob. Good luck
  4. the difference between 16x and 8x is essentially none.
  5. Blurry pictures with my DSLR

    is AF on the lens turned on?
  6. gpu will run a 8x, m.2 at 4x, and the sound card at 4x. Make sure the gpu is the top card. The difference between a gpu at 16c and 8x is literally negligible.
  7. Cryptocurrency Mining

    mhm, thats exactly what I mean dual mine uses 2 algorithms that don't collide and mine 2 coins at the same time, making it very efficient. and don't worry, thats why were here
  8. Cryptocurrency Mining

    Think about doing claymore dualmine through the nanopool pool
  9. Cryptocurrency Mining

    I personally mine them and direct them to a separate wallet with a key code
  10. Cryptocurrency Mining

    something that you can transfer coins to that isn't through a website.
  11. Cryptocurrency Mining

    what are you mining?
  12. Does an SSD nees ventilation in a wooden bay

    he overlaid 3 is plastic.. can confirm. Ive got 2 Samsung suds
  13. Will 21:9 reduce my fps dramatically on my Graphics card?

    youtube is capped at 29.95 fps
  14. New Fans needed

    Yes, noctua ones are of very good quality