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  1. Looking at getting a camera

    I have a 80D. Its out of your budget though. Look at the canon t6/i/s and the t7/i/s
  2. the one with the little nubbin should be used in the center mount of your mobo. The mobo then should rest on the little nubbin. Theres nothing wrong with it
  3. Is this moniter good?

    whats your specs
  4. Modding A gpu reference Cooler?

    Ever seen a nzxt gpu bracket? Takes aio coolers
  5. Yes or no?

    Next time, please name your topics so that it relates to your post. Do you have any extra spare parts? whats the budget. If anyting, just sell the cpu for 230 or so
  6. HELP! I think I shorted the motherboard!

    Caps are usually the first to go
  7. Ryzen 3

    Heya, Do you have a current graphics card? If not, what is the budget for the cpu, and the gpu, if you are planning on getting one. Is this an upgrade or a new build? stop multiposting please
  8. Status update from the main page

    Ahhh, LIT. Thanks colonel haha, found it
  9. [Build Log] Punisher II - SMA8(a) Threadripper Style

    Heatkiller waterblocks are so nice
  10. HELP! I think I shorted the motherboard!

    waitwaitwait... there was a fire? Is it possible you plugged the rgb into a fan header?...
  11. Status update from the main page

    That "whats on your mind" doesnt seem to be there. Nor is the recent updates... some sort of setting i need?
  12. Status update from the main page

    How does one get the status update box?
  13. Best printers for high quality photos

    TBH id buy the 44inch one if i was rich enough. Maybe ill start doing "professional pics" in college or whatever and buy one... Hmmmm
  14. Best printers for high quality photos

    Is there a budget? You cant just give us "i want to buy a printer" and expect us to be able to help you
  15. Is this PC good?

    theres no need for a monoblock. Keep it simple.