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  1. "here from NCIX tech tips"

    Obligatory NSFW So I have a friend that I play gta v with. He knows that im super into tech and whatnot, and I guess he recalled what I told him about NCIX shutting down. He sent me this. Guess he was havin some fun beatin his butcher store product and the first thing he did was screen capture this and sent it to me. Smart man. Please dont ban me
  2. Intel I7-4790k

    believe its not soldered..
  3. 90GB free space, can't shrink partition past 11GB

    It may not let you shrink because the os is taking the rest of the space up
  4. 90GB free space, can't shrink partition past 11GB

    Is the OS installed on the same drive
  5. 570x vs shift x

    Ahhh I see. I have corsair link as well haha. Plus the fan headers lol
  6. 570x vs shift x

    whats the difference between a 500D and a 570X other than the extra glass on the 570X (and the price)
  7. 570x vs shift x

    Z370, no? 8700k works with a z370 strix board, no?
  8. 570x vs shift x

    Coolbeans back to topic though. 570X or shift X?
  9. 570x vs shift x

    Yeah haha. Im selling the current system once I switch to my new system though. I won't have use for the 5820k
  10. 570x vs shift x

    hmmm... good point. Instead of goings li, should I get a threadripper 1950X? Honestly I dont really have that much a need for ski
  11. 570x vs shift x

    Oh shoot, forgot to say. I own a 1080ti already haha and a psu
  12. 570x vs shift x

    not really my style haha
  13. 570x vs shift x

    nup haha, got a k95 and a mx master 2s
  14. 570x vs shift x

    yup haha, gonna fix it rn