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Everything posted by lavablade02

  1. How realistic is this price point? I know I can get a better value with an aio, but I want the experience of building an open loop. What parts would I need?
  2. Would it be worth looking into something super custom, kinda scrapyard war-sy?
  3. I have it in these, should they be in the other ones?
  4. didnt know if the other ones were faster, if the ones i had them in were sata 2
  5. lavablade02

    Steam on SSD and games on HDD

    Does anyone know of a way to put steam onto my ssd but have the games on the hdd?
  6. Their email form is down right now, and my microsoft account says I need to upgrade to a genuine key of windows. I am too introverted to talk to someone on the phone and don't know what do do to get the key to work.
  7. I was actually wrong about it, but what I meant is that I thought I used the wrong microsoft account. Turns out I have no clue why a desktop with my identical specs was showing up on my microsoft account sync'd up with my 6 year old laptop.
  8. I used an old email. Do you know how to change which one Im using?
  9. Title. The intel install for them failed. On an msi motherboard (z370-A pro)
  10. lavablade02

    No Ethernet after adding ssd as a boot drive

    This worked. I knew it would and don't know why I didn't do this before asking. Thanks.
  11. lavablade02

    No Ethernet after adding ssd as a boot drive

    Link? Couldn’t find working ones
  12. I already have an hdd in my system, and am putting in the drive to boot from. How do I download windows onto the ssd?
  13. lavablade02

    Installing windows 10 onto an ssd

    How do I get my key for windows off the HDD?
  14. lavablade02

    Installing windows 10 onto an ssd

    so could I then just put the ssd as top boot priority and not have to reinstall everything on my hdd, and just reinstall things that breaks?
  15. I have a 144hz 1ms (not gtg, mprt) monitor, but am seeing large amounts of ghosting and do not want to return it. Turning on the low blue light mode mostly fixes it. Would something else work too?
  16. lavablade02

    CFG73 Insane ghosting - eye saver mode mostly fixes it

    So the ghosting will happen on most panels? Also I don't think I can control those with my monitor
  17. Helping a friend with a cheap build. This is the frontrunner, but dont know if LEDs turn off. Edit: cant tell if this comes stock with 2 fans
  18. lavablade02

    Sweet or dill pickles?

    3 way tie
  19. lavablade02

    Loud noise when startup, think it is my HDD.

    I just primed a new drive. Mine is old and reasonably slow to begin with (vs a barracuda) and it will help with an ssd migration I believe edit: it was a case fan spinning super fast
  20. It sounds like a vacuum in the other room. Will post a video later of the noise, took a video but my phone died. It could be fans or something else, but I'm worried about it being the HDD because windows was very unresponsive when it booted. Edit: Chrome just went unresponsive for about 20 seconds when watching the stream from today's vod and uninstalling a program.
  21. lavablade02

    Loud noise when startup, think it is my HDD.

    Dont have smart, is there a free version of it?
  22. lavablade02

    corsair void

    update it
  23. lavablade02

    corsair void

    download icue