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  1. Ive been looking for a good keyboard with cherry switches for not very much money. Right now I'm looking at this one. Any other suggestions?
  2. CS750M got on 2017 black friday ive got an msi z370-a pro motherboard 8600k and a 1060 nothing, I’ve already gotten the RMA sorted out. It’s being shipped back rn.
  3. A while back my power supply died, computer just shut off and wouldn’t start again. I am VERY worried that it kamikazied my motherboard, or something else. How likely is it that would happen, and if it did, how do I diagnose what is broken
  4. So recently my CS750M PSU died, which is their mid tier power supply, and now they are offering to replace it with their CX750M, which is their entry level power supply. They don’t make the one I have any more. What should I do?
  5. First off, I can't reinstall windows for internet reasons. Every time I try and update windows, it fails to install twice. I did some really long think I found in a google forum, but it ended up not fixing my issue, ive done sfc, and tons of other things short of using a restore point, which the last working one is ~4 months old. Help.
  6. So would you recommend waiting a year or two to buy a laptop, and just put up with a chromebook for school and not having a laptop for home use?
  7. I really like the keyboards and screen on the surface - Alex agrees with me on the keyboard. 1700 USD Whatever would be the minimum recommended for college - probably 6 or 7 hours. I like lighter laptops, but as long as it is under 4 pounds it should be fine. 13 inch is preferable, but I don't really mind. I do not care if the RAM is soldered. I also plan on using this laptop for watching netflix and youtube a bunch, so I would like something with good colors, and just makes you want to look at it. That is my main issue with business laptops, they typically do not have great screens.
  8. I'm not really too sure about what classes I'm going to be taking - but I do not think I'll be doing anything too intensive - my brother is doing fine with a 13' 2013 MBA. My budget is flexible, but ~1700 is the VERY most I'm willing to spend. Right now my top choice is the SL2, but I might wait for the SL3. I am also looking at a macbook - don't know which, don't like their keyboards, but making ios apps would be cool, I have an iPhone and Apple watch. Lenovo x390 LG gram kinda the matebook X - don't want to deal with their customer service My requirements Good battery life - enough Decent keyboard - this is where the mac loses points, but I'm willing to tolerate it. Good screen - where the Lenovo loses points Decent price - I don't particularly want to spend a ton of money, but can if I need to. Reliability - I want to use this laptop for at least 4 years, the first two will be lighter usage, I am using it for my last 2 years of high school, will probably get a new laptop for my last two years of college.
  9. the 3 gig card and 1660 is a HUGE difference. Get an RX 590 or 1660.
  10. I can't update windows. It gets to 15% then restarts twice while saying undoing changes. I used to get an error (c00000d4 I believe) but can't get it anymore.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Pass-Thru-Reliable-Klein-Tools-VDV226-110/dp/B076MGPQZQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?keywords=rj45+crimp+tool&qid=1554588724&s=hi&sr=1-6 would that tool get a recommendation from you?
  12. So like the ending on it is upside down? Like the “professionals” went 8-1 instead of 1-8?
  13. I’m kinda clueless around networking. What do you mean by that?
  14. So I just upgraded my home to have cat6. WiFi is working fine on it, but the Ethernet isn’t working on it. I’m including a few pictures because it’s easier than trying to type out my issue. The cable connecting the switch to the router has a light, so it is properly connected to the switch. The other ports going out cannot get a signal though
  15. Yeah, didnt unbox therapy just get one? Theyre great laptops I just don't really like how they look, which isn't a huge factor, but definitely is one
  16. First off: Not buying for at least a few months, if not wait a year or two I want a laptop for college around 1200 dollars. I want something with a good keyboard, and preferably a decent screen for movie watching. I've been eyeing the windows laptop 2 (I don't want the pro, don't like the kickstand). I really like the alcantara and look. The LG gram looks nice and is light. I know a lot of people like the blade stealth. I hear that thinkpads are really popular and have great keyboards. Out of those, or maybe another, what should I go for?