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    MSI Z370-A Pro
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    2x8GB 3000
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    MSI Gaming X 1060 6GB
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    NZXT S340
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    2TB HDD
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    Corsair 750w
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    Coolermaster Hyper T2
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    Corsair void Pro Wired
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    Win10 Pro

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  1. Article TL:DR: Apple is starting their 7nm chips. Also, can someone explain how Apple can get 7nm and Intel can't get 10?
  2. Verizon android phone for friend

    He doesn't know which to buy and knows I know a lot about tech.
  3. Chromebooks in 2018

    I have one for school, it isn't that bad. The CPU is bad, but that is good because it is power efficient. It is great for web browsing, youtube, and school work. They are pretty nice because they have flash storage, as opposed to other laptops in the price range. They are also lightweight, which is a plus. Overall for my use, they're pretty good actually.
  4. Is Noctua NH-D15 a good cooling option for 8700K.

    Not really a reason to go with the 212. Go with the H7 if you want that price. Otherwise there is a list of great coolers.
  5. My friend is needing to upgrade his phone, he wants it to be durable and have a long battery. Also he said no to the S9
  6. Geforce Now (Free Beta)

    LMG is owned by nvidia.
  7. Is this PSU good? (Secondhand)

    Ask why they don't want it
  8. Rain-like water cooling

    Not what you're looking for, but you should look up 3M NOVEC
  9. 60Hz display overclocked at 96Hz

    I didn't know you can do it through the iGPU (I guess there is a 3rd party monitor overclocking software tho) I've only told people to do it through the GPU control panel. Also, are you even getting enough FPS to meet the monitor bottleneck?
  10. 60Hz display overclocked at 96Hz

    Wait you're doing this through the iGPU? Edit: apparently I'm illiterate. No, you aren't putting any components at risk.
  11. Weird Usb Found

    I knew about USB attacks, but it doesn't have any storage to put the attack onto, which is what threw me off.
  12. Weird Usb Found

    That sounds like electrical resistance, which would imply a logic board, but it doesn't have a logic board. This is truly something strange you've found
  13. Linus helped me write a paper for English.

    I would've been so screwed. I don't think my library has any books on CPUs, let alone anything I wouldn't know