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  1. Hello guys.I ordered rtx 2060 by zotac and hdmi to dvi adapter.My monitor is benq gl 2460 but it have just dvi port.Will it work with dvi to hdmi adapter?
  2. Hello guys.I have i5 8400 16gb ddr4 ram gtx 970 and antec 550w 80+ bronze with 1x6+2 and 1x8 pin.I will upgrade the gpu to gtx 1070 and want to be sure that my psu can handle it.
  3. I found brand new a8 2018 for 250e.Is it worth it or shold i go for used lg g6.
  4. I found for 220e and 230e with 6 months warranity
  5. Used for 1 year.But i found the lg g6 too used for 6 months but i dont like lg phones because of bootloop and other bad things(i had nexus 5x).
  6. I can found s7 but no edge for 250e with warranity.Is that good choice?
  7. Great auto mode,i dont like to touch setting of camera if i dont need.
  8. In my country it costs almost 400euros.I dont have that money.I just want best phone for 250e.
  9. Is the Mi a2 better than p10 or a8 in terms of camera quality,because i realy want good cam.
  10. I dont have money for p20 and xz i just can buy those phones on my list.
  11. Thats the biggest problem,because in my city i dont have the store with that models.
  12. Hello guys!I have a dilema.I want to buy the new phone but i dont know which phone has a better camera.Here is the phone list: Huawei p10 Huawei honor 9 Htc u ultra Samsung galaxy a8 2018 Motorola x4 Xiaomi mi a2 I just want very good camera. I found the lg g6 with non warranity but i am sceptic and im afraid using the used device.
  13. Thanks guys for fast response.I had before amd pc's and i go after them to intel,but it seems to me that for 1080p60 is enough the r5 1600, i will not see much improvment with i5 8600k becaise of the gpu.