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  1. Normal water temperature on H100i V2

    Seems normal, yes. Same story with my H115i.
  2. CPU Giveaway pays out early!

    I had the z370F with an 8600K. At 5GHz (around 1.375 Vcore+LLC6 I think (a bad chip)) the heatsinks were uncomfortable to touch, even on idle. I sold it. It was probably fine, but only barely. An 8086K would be a different story though, and a H212 is nowhere near enough for OC on that chip. Hell, a Noctua NH-U12S with and extra fan on the back is barely enough for my current stup: I'm very happy with my EVGA Z370Micro, with a better 8600K (5GHz, 1.300Vcore, Vdroop disabled), VRM temp sensors are never above 50C and no . Hint: if you get the RAM at 3200MHz but CL14 instead of CL16 it's going to be B-die, which means superior memory OC. Probably not that much more expensive, and worth it IMO.
  3. CPU Giveaway pays out early!

    10 inductors. 2 are for iGPU. 8 are for CPU Vcore, but the ASP1400 chip doesn't do 8 phases and there are no doublers. It's the same VRM as on this board and most other Strix Z370 boards.
  4. CPU Giveaway pays out early!

    It's a 4-phase.
  5. Any recommended cooler for i5-8600?

    Intel CPUs don't work this way. Modern GPUs do perform better the cooler they are though.
  6. Any recommended cooler for i5-8600?

    Cryorig H7 is overkill but looks nice and will run very quiet. You'd really only upgrade the cooler for better looks and noise levels. Performance doesn't really matter in this case.
  7. Is the armor 580 8gb any good?

    Armor = underwhelming cooling. I'd go for something more OP.
  8. Can I use Optane on AMD Ryzen 7 2700X?

    Not that kind of Optane - I'm assuming we're talking about the accelerator chips of 16 and 32 GB.
  9. oc ram

    Enable XMP profile in BIOS. May not be significant in things like cinebench but seems to matter more in others. Also, of course, in general applications.
  10. Pcie slot broken?

    Do you have proper power cables for the GPU?
  11. Intel i3-8100 Compatibility

    nooo, that doesn't seem right?
  12. Rumor: Intel has 14nm+++ CPUs on the way

    Better yields because of fewer defects, leading to higher clock speeds and/or less power consumption. My understanding is that this is why more 8th gen chips are able to hit 5GHz at more reasonable voltages (and therefore temperatures) than with previous 14nm iterations. IPC is supposed to be the same for all Intel 14nm chips, so that should not be a factor.
  13. Memory for the speed junkies

    You're looking for anything with good Samsung B-die. Most kits that are 3200MHz CL14 are. https://benzhaomin.github.io/bdiefinder/
  14. RAM Frequency- GSkill Trident Z

    What is your full setup? Not all motherboard/CPU combos can actually run DDR4 above 2133MHz. Running your memory at it's rated speed is technically an overclock but it's a manufacturer approved one, so it SHOULD not break the warranty and even if it did there's no way for them to know that you did (unless it's on fire lol)
  15. DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LED

    Two out of two 2133 MHz CL 12 sets I've had ran fine at 3000MHz Cl15 @ 1.35V which is basically identical to the higher "binned" 3000MHz CL 15 set that corsair also sells. Maybe I just got lucky though, IDK.