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  1. Thanks for the input In my country we don't have companies like cable mod that does custom sleeved cables and custom sleeved from individuals who make it charge a ridiculous amount for them. Would you know of any other alternatives other than these extensions? TIA
  2. Hello Does anyone know if the thermaltake sleeved cables( https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Sleeve-Extension-Supply-AC-034-CN1NAN-A1/dp/B01IA9FEJY?th=1&psc=1 ) (these ones) work with a seasonic focus plus 750w psu Also would the cables in that kit be enough for my build? (Asus z390 maximus code, nzxt kraken x52, gigabyte 2080 aorus x) Thanks
  3. I've heard that SLI graphics cards cause tearing issues. Personally I wouldn't take the risk and go with the 2080 instead. (sli systems are sexy though)
  4. Hi I'm very new to water cooling and I would just like to know if it is possible to upgrade a custom water cooling loop that only cooled the cpu to include the gpu as well. This is for hard line water cooling.
  5. Thought on the alienware 13 and is its battery life decent? Also have you heard of any rma issues about the aero 15 (the aero 14 is sold out everywhere in my country)
  6. I've heard that both gigabyte and msi laptops don't last really long though. From personal experience my parents both have gigabyte laptops and both of them are experiencing issues.
  7. Im kinda prepared to destroy my savings as I am on holiday and have been working haha
  8. Initially, I was hardset on getting a Razer blade 14 due to it's sexy build quality and it being my dream laptop but after digging around forums here and there I discovered that previous blade owners have had many complaints about their devices from it straight up breaking down to bad customer support from razer. So I've resulted to asking strangers on the LTT forum for advice on choosing a laptop for school. The things I'm looking for in a laptop would be: ~Decent battery life (above 5h the more the better) ~It being able to run pubg at competitive setting(is a gtx 1060 just or more than enough? I haven't seen any topics on laptops and if they can run pubg (please comment on this too :D)) ~portable/semi-portable (i was looking at msi's gs series, the alienware 13,razer blade aero 15(more suggestions would be nice)) ~and would be able to last me at least 3 years (more preferably as I'm destroying my savings with this purchase) (So far I've heard complaints about msi, gigabyte and razer having poor reliability) Ps: I already have a desktop that I game on when I'm at home and I'm looking for a laptop then i can use as a daily driver and still occasionally game on so please don't comment saying I can build a better desktop with that amount of money A thank you in advance to everyone who replies.
  9. Hello I'm a student who's going to a polytechnic in a few months. The idea of gaming laptop that has good battery life and relatively light so I don't break my back carrying it to school everyday. My budget is around USD$2300 and I would prefer a spec'd laptop that could run games like PUBG,Overwatch,Skyrim. I've been looking at the Razer Blade 14 but I'm waiting for the next iteration to be released and I'm not so sure when it will be released. I already have a desktop that I game on at home and I'm looking for something that I could use as a daily driver for school and a portable gaming powerhouse that I can bring over to my friends' house for LANS and such. My biggest requirement is a laptop with at least 5-7 hours of battery life as I will be using it for hours on end in school. Hoping for some replies