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  1. TechyBen

    LTT: We bought a cheap SSD from Ali Express..

    Even those could be fakes. Rather better to buy from somewhere you can guarantee and/or confirm a return if it turns up as a fake.
  2. Is a right angle power cable on the way? Other than that, the PC is:
  3. Define "Gaming". Is it a fast CPU, yes. Is it the fastest "blankpunktechniqueMcGuffin2000" CPU in the world? Yep. Marketing is all about defining a new system/product/niche and saying you are the best at it. I could for example release the best "Pork Steak cutting Knife ever!". How would we measure it? It is the fastest single core, multi core, or combination of both? Does it have the largest cache size? Does it have the quickest memory access? Does it boost the highest? Is it the best overclockable? Lots and lots of ways to measure it here.
  4. I agree [Emphasis mine]. I found out today that the news/media/reporting is stupid:
  5. I need to change businesses... because there are an awful lot of people out there that seem to think 2 wrongs make a right. XD GamersNexus tries to call out errors, bugs and scams/lies when they see it regardless. Also, I've seen a lot of "willful ignorance" in businesses... So while I agree the argument "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" can and does apply at times... some people/businesses choose to be stupid, if they know it will make them more money (We did not realise AMD cooler was different in performance, we did not realise the Gamers mode would not work, we did not realise the games were GPU bound, We did not realise the RAM timings would favour 1 platform etc etc).
  6. TechyBen

    Where is the CMOS located?

    Google and Wiki know more than most people... that is not the problem. The problem is no one wants to use Google or Wiki... "Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor, Static Random Access Memory" =/= "CR2032 3v Lithium Power Cell" The battery is exactly that, a battery that powers a low power state memory system. The memory system is usually a chip or on the chip for the bios. [edit] Ah, nice, as WereCatf says, it's in the southbridge now? Cool. Why do you need the CMOS? You can take the battery out/put back in to reset some data. You can use the "reset" header/jumper/buttons on motherboard to reset some data. Or some allow you to swap the entire BIOS chip out to swap that data... what do you wish to do?
  7. TechyBen

    SSD's not reaching advertised speed

    TRIM still needs time to be done while not in use. If we try to benchmark and fill an SSD, then trying to (quick) format. It will give 2 different results as TRIM will not have had time to clear cells/blocks whatever. (Though not an issue if an almost empty drive. However, you have mentioned the drives are in use, and filling/full of games) Though I agree it's also cheaper controllers/less RAM being used. I had a second hand Crucial V4 and basically, either a super slow controller chip or bug in the chip meant without an actual full disk Erasure + TRIM every boot, the drive crashed to a few kb or less write speed ( https://forums.crucial.com/t5/SSD-Archive-Read-Only/SOLVED-Crucial-v4-CT256V4SSD2-disastrous-performance/td-p/110668 ). Some drivers fixed this, I assume by running some of the TRIM overhead in the OS, I've no idea, but many just got replacement drives it was that bad. I guess they might have been trying to offload actual drive hardware work to the OS instead of actually putting in a chip that could process the drive commands to the flash. So while TRIM is enabled, are you able to run a TRIM session (IIRC Windows 10 "disk maintenance" now does defrag on HDDs but TRIM on SSDs), then check the performance again?
  8. TechyBen

    SSD's not reaching advertised speed

    Hmmm. makes sense. Got a Kingston recently as cheap... guess my Uncle was not impressed for a reason (I've got Samsungs and they are blazing fast IMO). Disk used percent (possibly) and TRIM make a difference though. I can TRIM the Samsung to confirm I'm getting full write speed. Try that before doing the benchmark. Most of the time you won't have to worry about TRIM, but if you've done a full disk use one day (completely fill with games for example), it might be slow the next as it clears new blocks when you edit/update stuff (update the game for example). I don't know about Kingston, but the Samsungs seem to do well on keeping some space free that is already TRIMed, or I just keep 20-10% free anyhow (most games are not bigger than 50gb, so having about that free means there is always that much free space pre-trimmed). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trim_(computing)
  9. TechyBen

    This Robot WON'T Kill You - Anki Vector Showcase

    This is some legit cool tech though. Sadly it's a short video.
  10. a 1060 full fat should be a little more if you wait a month or two. Else a 1050ti. A mining edition is asking for trouble.
  11. TechyBen

    Vive wireless solution for Corsair one?

    IMO, it seems dangerous. I mean, look at what it did to this person! (On a serious note...) External usb 3.0 to PCI seems the only way if not using a third party wifi solution. Even then, no idea if it would work.
  12. TechyBen

    DIY Lithium Battery - What could go wrong??

    Hi @AlexTheGreatish 's Mum!
  13. TechyBen

    DIY Lithium Battery - What could go wrong??

    Linus Vid made my Youtube go to nothing but PawPatrol... I think Linus Youtube Account just session cache leaked over to me. I will remember that, for when I go 100% battery based PC shenanigans. XD
  14. TechyBen

    Will my 10 years old pc bottleneck?

    Bottleneck what?
  15. TechyBen

    SLI GPU fan collided with pcb backside

    Never glue. It will wobble and could cause damage.