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  1. 4k youtube bottleneck

    What browser? Chrome has an extension to force hardware swap from Youtube. Youtube forces one of their codecs in 4k, but you can force it to an alternate one. Try that.
  2. bottleneck

    Is that true for Ryzen too?
  3. bottleneck

    What games and Apps?
  4. Imaging HDD to SSD

    I used EaseUS free. Had an option to turn on TRIM etc too IIRC. https://www.easeus.com/partition-manager-guide/migrate-os-to-ssd.html [edit] I also did a temp fly by the seat of my pants mobo/CPU shift... but only to boot up and copy emails/accounts etc. I'd recommend a full Windows install if upgrading the motherboard. If only upgrading from HDD to SSD in the same PC, then a clone and reinstall of SSD drivers, turning on TRIM etc, will be fine.
  5. How much RAM does Minecraft use? Does it ever use more than 1GB? Who said it needs more?
  6. Most of the solutions to the n-body problem are not easy to do multithreaded and fast/on consumer hardware. I am aware of universe history simulations on sever farms that have 100s of CPUs or more... but KSP is not scaled for that, and uses 2 or 4 cores max... it's CPU speed limited. Fallout 4, is not... and can get by on very little, as it's all abstracted away...
  7. Windows 10 "Lean" Edition in the works

    (Game Over Man, GAME OVER!)
  8. I need help! I dont get fps by lowering res.

    They have a free version: https://benchmarks.ul.com/3dmark (at bottom) That FPS is fine. Why are you expecting over 200fps?
  9. Upgradding Computer to Current gen

    Yep... but I was still confused if we were going up from 8gb, or down from 16... we were doing neither... 24.
  10. Upgradding Computer to Current gen

    Ah... Sorry. Yeah, I'm not sure how much difference 16 vs 24 will be. Depends on what you are running (CAD/games/Servers?). So you could save the ~$100 for something else. I thought the 16gb was going to the new buyer, and the 8gb you were keeping? Lol!
  11. Upgradding Computer to Current gen

    Wait what? In no way is a caching SSD going to be faster than real RAM. It will especially not help price/performance. It will make it worse. Especially as they already have 2 SSDs... the RAM will be well spent if they go 16gb... 8gb and an SSD would be so much slower (I've got that setup, but I've not got $450 to spend upgrading ). $100 on RAM will be much better than $100 on another, useless in this case, SSD. 16gb RAM + 1 SSD is fine. 8GB + 2 SSDs or an Optain will be slower. Cost as much if not more, for a tiny bit (100GB if SSD, even less at 32gb is Optain?) more storage that can be left on the HDD anyhow (games etc will be fine).
  12. " However, I play Kerbal Space Program a game that, don't get me wrong looks great in its own right, but is not at the level of 3D graphic that a game like Fallout 4 is. Anyways, playing Kerbal I am at like 40-50 FPS with all settings on High Fullscreen @ 1920x1080 Res. I have noticed a similar trend playing XPlane. As much as everyone says how much of a beast Xplane is and how it just consumes PC resources like a glutton my observations have shown the opposite. " Computers. They compute things. Fallout 4 computes an enemy, a health bar going down (most games cheat the "aiming" of AI, it literally just runs your health down until it gets killed, and pretends to be shooting/aiming at you). It draws a billion (exaggeration) polygons and pixels. KSP computes every part and position and interaction of hundreds of rocket parts, while doing extremely accurate gravitational calculations. It draws a few thousand polygons and pixels. Your GPU has no problem pushing tons of polygons. So F4 runs fine. KSP though makes supercomputers grind to their knees, as it is trying to compute real gravitational equations (and other stuff). The type of problems KSP does are called "NP hard", and cannot be cheated without sacrificing accuracy or giving different results. KSP is a sim, so they want to keep the results accurate. Fallout 4 does not care how stupid on loggically broken it is, it also does not matter if a pixel is slightly out of place on a plasma explosion... so it "cheats" and takes many short cuts.
  13. Nope. If the voltage regulator fails, it could cause any type of fault, no? So AFAIK it would not just shut down. I've had a PC show no signs of problems, but crash in Windows 10 after 5 mins, and only a PSU swap fixed it. [edit] Though I've no idea if any of the microcode updates for the spectre etc updates are causing crashes still?
  14. PC wont power on with GPU connected to power supply

    No, it is 750w... but depends on load and age: https://www.tomshardware.co.uk/corsair-cx750m-psu,review-33717.html Ok, I take that back. TomsHardware shows the rating wattage, you've got the actual load. Yep. You are right. Stupid "marketing". Hmmm... seems it is a 750w, can handle the load, but has a stupid lack of cooling and/or thermal cut off at the wrong setting... So we are kinda both right.
  15. PC Building Simulator is NOTHING like real life!

    It looks like a fun game. It also looks like they should do a special free/DLC option for building real rigs to compare and plan. Not only do we have the privileged of LR posting, but we also see his secrey sneaked out Apple Care/Factory installation videos!