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  1. Scrapyard Wars 7 Pt 1 - NO INTERNET

    GPS is not the internet... there are legit downloadable (ahead of time) GPS apps for phones... but I guess Luke and/or Linus only has Google [online] Maps.
  2. Depending on the type and age of your PC, you could even try Intel (optane) or AMD (I forget the name) caching drives. Or get a cheap SSD and manually move the games over.
  3. Wtf is this beetle LOADS OF THEM

    Hey! Someone else has a little book of bugs too.
  4. Wtf is this beetle LOADS OF THEM

    Are they a spambot?
  5. We all know the "water" was "liquid", we all said that, why are you trying to correct something we already corrected? No, it is not "liquid" cooled either. Look at the temps in the video, it actually causes more heat buildup in the chips. I'd actually wonder if Linus/team could take off the "heat sink" and see if they run cooler!!!
  6. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    Nah. Automation is fine. It's the people though. People will be greedy and sack everyone to put in automation, instead of using automation to make the jobs easier.

    "So you could snowboard" needs to be more specific. Was this a snowboarding only game, or was it one part. What did you do in the game? Was it one of the Hugo games? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugo_(video_game)
  8. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    Not entirely. With these things, they are small. A software glitch = a congestion. Perhaps if max speed collision, a couple fall over. It's if the entire system crashes, then you halt entirely. But any automated warehouse gets that. If computers go down, how can you scan the barcodes? Granted, you can fall back to paper only on human systems/workers. But the efficiency vs outage could work out in the long run, providing not too many cutbacks on coding.
  9. Move over Amazon, THIS is automation!

    Problem being, those things run on rails. Which is why a lot of the self driving external delivery is going drone/blimp. Because in the air, the computation/routing/delivery software and rules are "solved". On the roads, too much to crash into.
  10. They said "water* cooled", which is not true. The water is not cooling anything (no contact) and any air passing past it, is being blocked by the piping, thus letting the RAM get *warmer*. As no heat flow to the water, via metal heat sinks, no evapouration and no condensation... let alone any actual liquid flow. I'd say these are worse than zero effect, probably a negative effect and make everything warmer. If it was "liquid optic RGB" then great, cool liquid lighting effect. But no, they gotta lie for the marketing buzz and a few extra bucks from the marks stupid enough to buy em for performance. *I know it's novec, but "liquid" just sounds stranger here.
  11. Fully robotic Warehouse with a pick n pack system for shopping. I love the little numatic shopping scanner at the end, why can't I have that in my local store. Sadly, Linus cannot play racket games with these ones. This seems to be automation done well IMO. Still staffed, and robots to the boring stuff that can be optimised with maths/programming. [Official Ocado video]
  12. Actually, could Novec manufactures sue for defamation of their branding? "You're using it wrong" and all that?
  13. I see a new meme here... glut/tie a bottle of water onto anything "water cooling".
  14. GTX 1070 GPU Fan spin up at load of game

    I guess we will need full specs and stuff. Which games exactly.