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  1. TechyBen

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    "Are you sure you wish to format recursive all folders including root" is not AFAIK in the spell checker, as in windows the "are you sure" format check is there in the GUI. No "are you sure" for a lot of terminal commands (though there are for if you are sure that extra 15kb of update is ok to download. ). As said. Text =/= visual spatial navigation. It's a fact. The two are as different as chalk and cheese. There is nothing wrong saying you prefer one over the other. I prefer, and are only really able, to use visual systems. Fact. Nothing will change that. No amount of fanboyism. MS has put GUI and textual systems in place for 99% of things (some will need delving into the command prompt/reg, which is then textual), Android is 100% GUI unless you are developing on/for it. Then Linux is close to 99% terminal. Because while there is a lot of GUI stuff in Linux (Mint/Ubuntu etc) you will probably need that 1 setting changed that is in terminal. No worries for me, I Google + Copy/paste, so I don't have to worry about typos. But I literally cannot do arbitrary coded symbol arrangements. I cannot do terminal*. *I use tons of terminal programs WITH guis. That use keyboard shortcuts/cursors to navigate, but that is not asking me to know the fsk-r -s -wtf??? to type to just get to a folder. DOS was simple... Terminal in Linux is like... asking someone "it's easy, you know Assembly for the 8088 right?". XD
  2. TechyBen

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    Nah. Typing uses a different part of your brain than image/spatial navigation. Typing is prone to error, where as spacial movement is also, but has a variable level of error correction (the size of the button) which the terminal does not ("you typed sodu... did you mean sudo?").
  3. TechyBen

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    Good it's /s, as the dodo went extinct. How is Linux gonna do that to me? XD I can still browse modern Facebook till... nah, can't say that with a straight face. I'm happy not being in an Uber AI driven crash test car... I'll stay old! XD
  4. TechyBen

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    Sorry. I'm saying cherry picked data. I've seen more Win10 machines randomly delete their own files (not even the oct update, but just driver force loading) and KILL a system then I've probably seen Linux fail to find a driver on first install now. Yeah, my data set is very small, but Windows is going down in reliability (for consumers) and Linux up. I would say Linux has overshot Win 10 now for that. Useability? No, as lots of stuff is hidden in ini (linux equivalent I forget) files or Terminal. Most people I know have had problems with Windows 10 drivers force installing. Taking out GPUs (driver, not hardware). Then doing a days worth of boot loops to finally not install the broken driver, and roll back to the working one. Even if I only know of half the 10 users... or a 10th, that's more problems than 7, and more problems than Linux would give you.
  5. TechyBen

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    Huh? I gave a specific use case. So "browsing facebook" is a joke? Android is an OS, I was not talking about desktop use. How does Linux need repairs?
  6. TechyBen

    Nvidia Said We Couldn't Game On This...

    You could have always VMd it? So...... but this is still cool. XD
  7. TechyBen

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    Chromebook. Android. MacOS. None of those users do anything other than A lot of users just boot, check facebook, and turn off. Linux can do that (and some devices thus do so with a skinned Linux). However, yes, anything else and things get a little more complicated. Where as Chrome/Android/Mac have a better implementation of fixing/finding/adjusting things. I agree, all of those OSs have GUIS for 99% of things... 99%!!! If you even ask if there is a GUI for a setting in Linux (distro of whatever), you'll get your head bit off!
  8. TechyBen

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    So? Really. So what. As in. That's great. What does this tell us? How do you feel about it? Me, I don't care. I am using 7 and Linux. Boot to 10 if I have to. Probably not buying a copy (free with PC or trial version < 30 days only).
  9. Wait.. has no one pointed out the shroom and tabasco?
  10. TechyBen

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    No way. My old Seven is gonna live forever. PS, I'm 99% linux on my laptop. This is a 7 box. My next build is either Linux, 7 (for a short snap) or Linux with 7 for gaming. I may... may have a boot into 10 on occasion for some gaming, but honestly, I have enough games for 20-30 years of back catalog to never ever ever need or want to go to 10.
  11. I am TechyBen... killer of threads.




  12. TechyBen

    Space X Starship Unveiled

    Basically sums up about half this thread... or forum... or planet... Gah, hurry up and build this, I want off this nutcase rock! XD
  13. TechyBen

    8GB ram available have 16?

    https://appuals.com/windows-10-wont-use-full-ram/ You may need to look deeper into the problem.
  14. TechyBen

    Space X Starship Unveiled

    The design is. That actual one is not. But again, facts and learning vs guesswork and assumption. I see headlines and shortened stories all the time and ask "wait a second, did they miss an important thing" 99% of the time they did. Yeah, so it's not aimed at you. You seemed to ask with the right motive. Just get lots of people asking, and not wanting the answer.