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  1. Rilenator1

    Computer Stuttering In Game

    I have 1, 8GB stick of Gloway 2500MHz Ram that I have not overclocked.
  2. Rilenator1

    Computer Stuttering In Game

    My GPU has been stuttering in games and I am oblivious as to why. I have a gtx 1060 3gb card with a Ryzen 5 1500X, 8GB of ram, a 650W power supply, and an Asus ROG Strix B350-f motherboard. I get stutters every now and then, but I recently bought Fallout 76 and I can't even play the game because of frame drops. I have monitored the settings and my Memory usage only goes up to 75% and my Cpu only goes up to 65% playing the game. But if I play Black Ops 4, I will get little stutters for the first 5 minutes, then it's fine. Playing BO4 takes more usage than Fallout 76, at 85% Cpu usage and 85% Memory usage. My disk usage is fine as well. I really am confused on this issue.
  3. Rilenator1

    PC Keeps Booting Bios

    I just got a brand new case for my pc. I switched everything over from my old case to the new one, and now every time i boot it up, it just keeps putting me in the bios. I have my ssd set for start up and that is the only thing I have as an option to boot off of. I flashed the bios and but the most recent driver into it again, and that didn't work either, what I don't understand is my computer used to work fine in the old case but now it wont. My specs are a Ryzen 5 1600 4 a gigabyte 1060, 1tb western didgital Hdd, a sea sonic 650 watt power supply, and the new case is a bitfenix enso black, please help.
  4. Rilenator1

    No Upload Speed

    How would I be able to do any of that with my modum the NVG599?
  5. Rilenator1

    No Upload Speed

    The servers that I am connecting to are in my region, and I don't know if AT&T de-prioritizes gaming traffic.
  6. Rilenator1

    No Upload Speed

    It wasn't as bad as I thought with 1mbps upload and 20mbps download, but I still can't play CS:GO or Fortnite or anything with ping over 600.
  7. Rilenator1

    No Upload Speed

    My pc has no upload speed whatsoever but 18mbps download speed. I can't play any games on my computer because of the upload speed making my ping to high. I don't know how to fix it.
  8. Rilenator1

    The Highest Ping You Will Ever See!

    I don't think I can hook up a cable from my router to the pc without calling someone, since the router is in the basement and the computer is on the second floor.
  9. Rilenator1

    The Highest Ping You Will Ever See!

    I do not ethernet from my router to my computer.
  10. So I recently just built a new gaming computer, and I have been playing a lot of game son it like CS:GO, and Overwatch. I have seen that my ping sometimes skyrockets. Now it just stays really high and I can't even get into a CS:GO match or anything. After I have unplugged my router multiple times, restarted my modem, and have just troubleshooted a lot. I have talked with my network provider AT&T, and they just sent me the newest top of the line modem. I thought my signal wasn't good where I was, since my router and modem are in the basement, and I'm on the second floor. I moved my pc into the basement, hoping to get a better signal but that did not do anything. All I can really do is look at Internet Explorer and play games that are not online. Someone please help.
  11. Rilenator1


    Is it safe to crank up the max heat limit a little bit. Because my gpu a gtx 1060 3gb keeps overheating and freezing back into safe mode. Right now the heat limit is 83C.
  12. Rilenator1

    Monitor doesn't have a display

    The cable works fine. But my gpu only has one hdmi port
  13. Rilenator1

    Monitor doesn't have a display

  14. Rilenator1

    Monitor doesn't have a display

    So my Acer monitor with dvi, vga, and hdmi 60hz does not give me a display when it is plugged in from my evga geforce gtx 1060 gpu. Which only has one hdmi port and 3 display ports. But for some reason my xbox works perfectly fine when plugged in from hdmi, but my pc doesn't. It used to work fine with a vga and and dvi cable plugged into it put since I got a new motherboard with no vga it does not work anymore. Please help.
  15. Rilenator1

    I can't take it anymore!

    I recently just built my own pc. Ryzen 3. 1060 3gb GPU. 620 watt seasonic power supply. ASRock micro atx motherboard. And a 1 terabyte storage drive. I have overclocked my cup to 3.5 but my computer keeps freezing, so I put it at 3.3, then 3.2, and today I put it at 3. Can someone please help me! I also have terrible internet connection, I don't know if it's because if my tp-link usb Wi-Fi adapter, or I just need a faster router. Once again I need help please!!!