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  1. Teik

    Usb windows 10

    For boot selection do I want ‘disc or iso’? When I do that I can’t change to GTP
  2. Teik

    Usb windows 10

    Msi z370 a-pro
  3. Teik

    Usb windows 10

    How can you tell if it’s UEFI or bios?
  4. Teik

    Usb windows 10

    Ok but isn’t an iso file for a disk?
  5. Teik

    Usb windows 10

    The windows media creation tool. I think I put it in the wrong thread my bad.
  6. Teik

    Usb windows 10

    I just build my computer and the bios says “An operating system wasn’t found. Try disconnecting any drivers that don’t contain any operating system” I can’t seam to get these flash drives to ever work. Can someone please help me.
  7. Something online said f. I got it to work though.
  8. So I just build my first pc and I get all excited and the “Resart and select proper boot drive error” shows up. Does the SATA order matter? Like SATA 1 should be the first one occupied. I also can’t get to the bios by spamming delete or f. This is all new hardware.
  9. I had the little tab things in the wrong place
  10. I have the nzxt h500i case and I didn’t see any of those.
  11. I plugged in all the cables but I will check again