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  1. Maybe I'm just being dumb but I cant figure out what drive E is . There's nothing inside of it and it has barely any space it just randomly showed up when I installed a new drive.
  2. alright I disabled the java update schedule which might make sense for this case we'll see if anything changes ty
  3. ok its hard to tell though im not very good with computers all my apps are good but I'm not sure about background processes
  4. Yes but it kept my personal files cause I wanted to avoid removing them but im running out of options
  5. So I've had this problem for months now and I have no clue what to do. Basically my friends and I were playing Minecraft (and being kind of toxic) when my keyboard seemed to be token over but it wasn't just my keyboard my mouse, keyboard and screen would follow a exact set of commands corresponding to what one guy was saying during the game. I still had control over the devices but it basically was like I was fighting it. Every time it comes it says the exact same thing. Spams w,a,s,d (Minecraft movements) and try to type in hypixel commands (Minecraft server) . I've tried everything I ran windows defender nothing I tried malware bytes nothing I even reset with keeping my files and he's still here after a week of doing so. I think the only way it stops is off wifi but I have no idea where the treat is coming from. If anyone has any helpful tips please im open to anything
  6. tried windscribe he still got through I have no idea what to do anymore
  7. I'll be highly surprised if it is considering my family / friends have no idea how to do any kind of stuff related to malware but that is a possibility
  8. That's what I think too but I just find it crazy that this could even happen, scared me more than anything