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  1. My friend asks me to help him fix his wifi card.
    I give him advice and tell him it is probably his router.
    He uninstalls his drivers.
    He gets mad at me for giving him the link to the driver downloads page.
    He is to stupid to figure out how to click download.

    He downloads the drivers onto his chromebook.
    He realizes he doesn't have any flash drive or android phone or any usb transferring device.
    He starts whining how his pc is ruined.
    He somehow doesn't own an ethernet cable?

    Since helped him build it I am now his tech support and he can't google things.

    Why do I bother?

  2. Fun fact, people will pay roughly $80+shipping for old 2U rack mount server cases with somewhat standard mounts. I was able to pick a few up with parts (granted they were quite obsolete 2004-2006) for $5 a piece.  I was blown away that they were worth that much but money is money!

  3. I just realized your profile picture is Trotsky, that is pretty cool.

    1. Tristerin


      No matter what photo I find of him, he has quite the intense stare/look.  You are also the first person to recognize him by name, whereas I had someone accuse me of being a commie for having that photo, but they actually didn't say who it was :)

  4. I heard this grunt who has only attend class for like three days this year at my school mumble "I hate freshman". She was a freshman like three or four years ago! What in the name of plumbus!

    1. Techstorm970


      If her attendance sucks, it doesn't matter what she says; she's holding the short end of the stick in life.

  5. Sadly I realized that I am not cut out for Linux... 

    Image result for sad penguin

  6. image.png.e85433755c83c4814130311cfefebd7b.pngI am a note


    1. LukeSavenije
    2. Fin the Human

      Fin the Human

      Oops why are my grades in there?

  7. I think I know why GTA V is so popular...1408354224_GrandTheftAutoV3_13_20198_31_04PM.thumb.png.e5acd2521ecb4fd289c74aed82a88d63.png

  8. Cool Motherboards That I Found On Ebay:







  9. image.png.95cffe2f3521b42e264c526308db1a4e.png

    Scam GPU salesman are great poets as well.

  10. image.png.9a3cf4eb7bc1207719debd71f8f38131.png I am now an official gangsta, anyone else gotten warning points?

  11. My robotics team's 3D printer committed Despacito:


    1. Razor Blade

      Razor Blade

      When 3D printers drink too much alcohol that night...

  12. Well, I just received my Corsair M65 Pro RGB and it is actually great.  Some kid at my school told me it was the reincarnation of Stalin but I think he was full of it.

  13. People need to be a bit more kind on this forum.

    1. Cyberspirit


      Most people are pretty chill in my book.

  14. This kid makes me sick:


    So to preface this, I don't think it is wrong to have expensive taste, but what is wrong is having things handed to you that you don't really need.  Here is why he makes me cringe so hard:

    • This fine young gentleman built a PC for 1800$ with a 1070ti, which is just laughable by itself. 
    • He bought 32GB of RAM and is not editing videos, doing scientific researching, or CAD.
    • Most people who have a PC like this work for months or years to save up for it.
    • When building a PC at this price point, he clearly did not do much research.
    • This 1800$ PC that he built has awful cable management.
    • His parents paid for it without him doing any work, just existing was enough for him to get a 1800$.
    • He uses a 1070ti and 8700k to play GEOMETRY DASH.

    People like this really get on my nerves not for there lack of knowledge, but for there blatant ignorance.  I don't mean to bash the guy, I just want to inform any other Ricegum Jr.s out there that the PCMR is not about your specifications, it is about the respect and need for the hardware and a desire to learn.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bananasplit_00


      *sneaks away with his ~€1700 PC setup to play esports games elsewhere*

    3. LukeSavenije


      *sneaks away with 1500 euro game pc to game on a 1080p tv*

    4. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      "sneaks away with 2000+€ pc to read reddit and linustechtips forums all day"


      But on a serious note i would recommend trying to not get angry over such things, just eats you inside out.

      Yes i was very angry when my classmate got a 2000 euro pc from his parent because he said he needed it for schoolwork, and he just got it. Yes i was even more angry when he also got a 2000€ laptop 1 month after, because "you can't carry pc into school". I was even angrier when parents agreed to buy him another laptop, because he really liked the design of the MSI titan laptop(4000€ laptop btw), so his normal MSI laptop wasn't good enough. 


      But then you realize that this kinda shit happens so often, that if you get outraged every time you see it you are gonna be angry all the time. 

  15. 951256059_Screenshot2019-01-04at9_45_18AM.png.ca4effe203adf1df2efcb804e6428150.png

    Hey, that is three times my IQ of 24.

    1. LukeSavenije


      now it's five times


      /jk obviously

  16. I have noticed so many profile pictures with people and there GF/BF. So I was thinking, why not join the club:843731030_Untitleddrawing(2).png.f900b29c636c39bdd23065294b8f673a.png

    1. Nicnac


      was expecting a hand or something. Kinda disappointed you have a real gf but gratz man.

  17. I LOST FIVE POINTS FOR PUTTING PAPERS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER!  In my Spanish class, we have binders were we display our work for the whole quarter. We put in our quarter two stuff in the binder right, so I put it behind the quarter one.  I lost 5 points on a 65 point project due to that crap because quarter two comes before quarter one! Also, she said my papers were bent?  I hade every single question right and received A C ON THE THING!  This is crusty.  Remember kids: Dos antes de Uno.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Spotty


      Make an appointment with the administration/principal and file a complaint and request for your work to be reviewed and re-graded by a different teacher.

    3. imreloadin


      Or just sneak into her classroom someday and take a shit on her desk...you know, if that whole appointment thing that @Spotty said isn't vindicating enough.

    4. Fin the Human

      Fin the Human

      @imreloadinI think you mean """"MIERDA"""" young man.

  18. Didn't NVidia basically lie about the RTX 2070 being able to use ray tracing, I mean it can't even handle RTX 1080p low, while even a 1050ti can without RTX.

    1. TVwazhere


      Not really. They never guaranteed a specific level of performance, and since the product functions as claimed (RTX does indeed render, even if it's at 10fps) its not technically lying

    2. Fin the Human

      Fin the Human

      Yeah, but it is shady as hell.  I feel like this is a PR disaster. 

  19. Did anyone actually buy a pre-built steam machine? Like, why would anyone buy one in the age of the 2400g?