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  1. I think there may be some splitting involved then, like the youtube kids thing. maybe youtube teens, or youtube adults
  2. youtube-dl hotfix has been published, so please update your version and try again.
  3. technical info by https://github.com/omarroth The source will be added to original post now. added Probably not going to happen, I think youtube is one of the most profitable projects google has. However, shiss happens, and this is the kind of that that devs need to deal with when relying on youtube. Invidio.us, which I have never heard of before btw. ( ok maybe once) is working just fine.
  4. Note that this is not officially stated by Youtube, but reported by users and proven on youtube site itself. Youtube probably somewhere around apple keynote event updated their URL system, now working in JSON. This broke all apps from youtube-dl through 3rd party youtube clients to youtube video and music download/ripping sites (those that actually just passed the webm link to video file on google) and now uses some authentication methods (based on my IP, timeout and other things being in the URL) The most notable mentions are as said youtube-dl, whose hotfix has as of writing this already been published, but no tested version - bugs expected - NewPipe (3rd party youtube client I am personally using! and onlinevideoconverter.com/ytmp3.cc and others. It is predicted that this update was intentional on breaking the download sites, instead of just better security for direct video files. From: https://github.com/TeamNewPipe/NewPipe/issues/2615
  5. Dunno if a good idea, but just syncing beyond compare with the calendar and putting the active projects on the WHONNOCK and inacctive to DELTA 1/2 automatically, then use the leftover space on QQ server for some projects on scheduled client meetings.
  6. So after I emailed support, I received back this Email. So I agreed, and ordered two more tips for 6.99. Not so mad now. W8ing to receive them. Thx everyone for help.
  7. Many thanks. I am on phone now, so I do not know how to mention.
  8. Thanks, I noticed Volta Charger guys here so maybe they will notice, or tomorrow I will contact their support. Thx.
  9. So 7 months ago I bought volta charger 1 with right angle cable and usb-c tip. Today, like 10 minutes ago I noticed that the magnet is not on the tip, I quickly find it in a mat under me. So what is your experience with this cables ? And is there chance of replacement ?