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  1. You could do web development on a chromebook. Not really a hardware dependent area for development.
  2. You cared enough to whine about it on the forum.
  3. Whats the dust situation like on an open wall mount like that?
  4. It is good you guys only stuck to the comments that had nuggets of truth to them.
  5. Any website worth their salt (this is a hashing pun), does not just store your password as a simple hash. Just look at Dropbox post-hack: Your password gets hashed to a uniform length (more than 8 characters, btw), then it is hashed again with a salt, then it is encrypted with a global pepper. This kind of brute forcing is only relevant if the service storing passwords is grossly incompetent, and if that is the case you were already screwed.
  6. You bought a monitor with reviews you knew were fake. Seems like you sabotaged yourself there.
  7. My work uses them exclusively and they are pretty great.
  8. This is just protectionism (which, for the unenlightened, is objectively bad). Certain major hardware companies in the US (cough apple cough) are afraid of the future growth of Huawei and fear they will not be able to compete, thus they have lobbied for their exclusion.
  9. Search bar at the bottom is my favorite thing.