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  1. Ooo I've not played worms in a long time. It'd be fun to setup retroarch with netplay too and play the heck out of some retro games in multiplayer.
  2. My plan is to drive from Des Moines to Helena and stop there at the house of a family member. From there I will drive straight through to the studio. My tour is at 3:15 but I can make it an earlier drive. To maybe it by 1p I'd probably leave Helena Thurs night by 10/10:30 as it's a hair over 12 hours of driving. I'm gonna be leaving REALLY early Wednesday morning or Tuesday night after work from Des Moines so I can get to Helena and have time to recharge. That's a 17hour drive itself. If you're interested in meeting me in Helena and riding from there (I'm stopping at my games place on the way back too. I'll be leaving Vancouver Monday morning.) Pm me and we can exchange phone numbers as texting would be easier to coordinate.
  3. So hotels and Airbnb are starting to go up in price as people are reserving. I went the Hostel route and picked up 4 nights for about $260 total and that was renting a whole twin room to myself. They have triple and quads too. I got lucky to get a Hostel that's 5-10 min walk to the con center. Check out hostels.com that's where I booked mine. Make sure to check rules before booking some hostels have underage restrictions
  4. What would be awesome since this is gonna be a "Big" year for LTX would be to have the employees & friends of LMG & Floatplane do a roast of Linus & Luke on stage. (I just watch Linus reads mean comments and that was gold and where this idea came from)
  5. I applied to volunteer too but got my byoc ticket. I too am curious what is gonna happen for those who volunteer but already purchased tickets
  6. If your case is flying you for sure want some insta pack inside. Keeps things from moving around inside the case. Instapak Quick RT #10 (x9) Packing and Shipping Solution – American Bubble Boy https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BU5VYRQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_GTtCCbMB618NQ
  7. I think I'm going to try my hand at my first Hardline custom water loop on a Ryzen 7 2700x 2070 system. We will see if that materializes but if it does there is going to be a couple instapacks inside for the car ride from Iowa
  8. I am driving in from Des Moines, IA (going to be stopping in Helena, Mt on my way) Id def be down to share a hostel (hotels way too expensive). Im planning on arriving Friday (I have a 3:15 office tour so sometime before then) and then I plan on driving out Monday morning (gonna need sunday night to rest after a night of dreamhack, its gonna be Zombie Sunday) Perhaps since I plan on driving through MT if youd like to hitch a ride and save the airfare let me know. If you'd like to talk further let shoot me a message (sooner than later, my plan is to book later today 2/23)
  9. I am in Des Moines, IA and plan on leaving for the long drive 7/23 after work or early 7/24, I plan on driving through SD, MT, ID, WA and on into Canada. I may be willing to pickup along the way but I cannot promise comfort LOL. I'll have one seat open in my convertible (hoping for some beautiful weather). I may be making a pit stop in Helena, MT to see some fam but other than that some company for the ride may be nice.
  10. @CPotter I am of the same mind here. 5hrs 40min till they go on sale and this is important to know :P