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  1. This was reported on reddit as well as Twitter: This was also reported on Blizzard forums to which a moderator responded by saying: A gaming website reported on it and stated the following: Apparently, some people cannot even delete their accounts even after following proper procedures because of their geographical location. This is from a Reddit user belonging to the thread I linked above Thoughts: Very troubling. I am unsure on as to what Blizzard is planning. I have never seen this kind of behavior before from a U.S company. I want to avoid making this thread political so please fight the urge if possible and discuss.
  2. They're in too deep. Practically impossible to make them see their cognitive dissonance. Being nice to one another isn't "cool" these days. You make a comment about it and people accuse you of censoring. Gonna digress a bit here, but I genuinely think people should spend 1 year in Japan to get a different perspective on how the world works. Harmony, humility and being good to others regardless of how close/distant you are is the minimum. The West can't seem to figure that part out yet.
  3. -Good "value", but not revolutionary (not Anthony's words, but my sentiment from watching his review). About a few years ago, nVidia released the Titan xp. Reviewers rightfully complained because even though there was progress, it was confusing in terms of marketing for the consumers and it was released shortly after the release of the other pascal Titan (which, again was confusing for customers, but more importantly, unfair for those who just picked up a pascal titan). This isn't the case for the Super series (putting the arguably meh name aside), at least in terms of "progress." The point of contention with Super is that Nvidia is taking advantage (as they should from a business perspective, and as is their right) of the lack of competition to gauge their prices. Of course I'll downplay the super series for that reason. Funny thing is, that still didn't prevent me from posting the good reasons to buy it. Why? Because that would be unfair. You on the other hand want to overplay the value of the cards. Either that, or you just love arguing with me (wink wink). One final point Again, your framing is highly suspicious to me. I agree with the notion that progress can't be held back because someone bought previous generations of the same product. What I don't agree with is, in my opinion (take it or leave it), unfair practices towards consumers. You happen to think that it's not unfair, I happen to think that it is. Agree to disagree here. No point in running in circles.
  4. Quantitatively and qualitatively your argument falls flat because I gave 3 good reasons why its a good card from watching LTT vs 1 average and 2 bad reasons. Seems like you just wanna a pick a fight where there is none to pick. Literally the only person to comment on this. Literally in the same quote: (not Anthony's words, but my sentiment from watching his review). I trust Steve from GN (who actually has professional technical experience on this stuff) more than a random elitist wannabe from the internet, thank you very much.
  5. I'm still watching reviews and building my opinion. But it seems to be somewhat of a slight let down? Will update as I go
  6. Nvidia's new "Super Cards" reviews are out, below is a list of all the news GPU reviews I could find. Nvidia Super Trailer: Paul's Hardware: Gamers Nexus: Linus Tech Tips: Hardware Unboxed: HardwareCanucks: Miscellaneous notes from reviews: 1/LTT: The good: +Good Thermals. +2070 Comparable to 2080 Performance (for the most part). +Consistent Boost clocks for both cards in gaming. The meh: Due to 2070/2080 being discontinued, they are the only option left for that bracket. The not so good: -Bad naming scheme. -Good "value", but not revolutionary (not Anthony's words, but my sentiment from watching his review). 2/Gamer's Nexus: The good: + 2070 Super has a very stable boost clock Frequency, according to Steve it is "nearly perfectly flat." 2060 is ever so slightly less stable, but still good. The not so good: -"It will sour recent RTX buyers with the refresh." Opinion: From what I've gathered, Nvidia could have done more. They are "decent" (quoting Anthony from LTT) but that's the current state of competition right now. I am hopeful for the Navi releases, but I'm honestly going to be cautiously optimistic this time. Been disappointed one too many times with GPU's for the past couple of years.
  7. Then you'd have no GTA, Witcher series, Metal Gear Solid series, Scarface..... The other counter argument is that games are works of art, a reflection of the artist's point of view. Some points of view are meh, others interesting, and some downright ugly.
  8. The intellectual propriety argument doesn't hold much waters in the realm of complex geo-eco-political landscape, particularly when you factor in historical significance. Richard Wolff explained it best when stating that during China's rapid economic reforms, particularly Deng Xiaoping's rule, Western companies/governments and China made a deal that now they, western governments (Mainly the U.S), are backing off from it. To summarize it, Western companies get to have dirt cheap labor (among other advantages) and in exchange, China gets to accelerate the transitioning of its economy from an agrarian one to a capitalist based system integrated in global economy as well as reaping the technological benefits of said companies. The West did not expect that China's progress would be accelerated to such an extent (hence the term the sleeping dragon), resulting in the need to transition away from Chinese markets. It's a fairly logical and pragmatic approach, but leaves something to be desired. In my personal opinion, China should have anticipated this to a higher extent, but their failure to do so is beginning to cost them.
  9. For all the $hit that Unity gets, their real time rendering is pretty amazing
  10. oh god, they're bringing Randy Dickford on stage....
  11. I can definitely see this quote coming back to bite them in future...
  12. I'm gonna be honest, I much prefer post processing optimization than RTX. It's much more important for me than making shadows more "realistic" but arguably weirder looking on most cases.
  13. I'm not sure why, but I made a thread with links earlier and it was moved to the GPU section
  14. Yea, they're a bit overboard. Would it be possible for it to be on the Tech news section? Seeing as threads such as the ones below are GPU (while still being on tech news section), and this one is GPU and tech news at the same time, with potentially CPU line up updates. (emphasis on consistency)