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  1. paulbean150

    VR rX glasses

    I have an og oculus rift and have been using a widmovr lense adapter, does anyone know if there's a way to just remove the need for that at all, like an app I can run in the background or something with my prescription typed in?
  2. paulbean150

    Pc usb ports problems

    I eventually managed to fix the problem. I purchased a cheap powered usb hub and plugged everything related to the Oculus into that, it works properly now. Thanks for all the help
  3. paulbean150

    Pc usb ports problems

    New information, the problem only shows up when the entire oculus rift is plugged into the ports, I have 3 sensors and the headset, if I leave one sensor disconnected it runs but as soon as I put in a third sensor the USB ports all shut down for about a minute, then come back on for a few seconds, and so on until I unplug the third sensor
  4. paulbean150

    Pc usb ports problems

    No, all USB ports, including the ones on the motherboard,they are working for a few seconds then fail for a few minutes
  5. paulbean150

    Pc usb ports problems

    The motherboard USB ports are the ones that aren’t working
  6. paulbean150

    Pc usb ports problems

    I just got an Oculus Rift from a friend but while setting it up a book fell from my desk onto my PC and the USB ports are acting up and basically working then not working after startup. my motherboard is an MSI z170a pc mate, my cpu is an I7-6700,which is cooled by a Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 3. Do I need a new motherboard or something, please assist ASAP
  7. paulbean150

    Oculus rift setup help please

    I am planning on buying an Oculus Rift from a friend and was thinking about hooking it up downstairs in the living room, only problem is my PC is upstairs in my room, any advice for getting it set up?
  8. paulbean150

    Samsung Galaxy Buds - Better AND Cheaper?

    I got Soundcore Liberty Lites from Anker, they work pretty well with my iphone SE, but I wish they had some of the special capabilities of more expensive earbuds
  9. paulbean150

    ps3 thermal paste

    I already ordered arctic silver 5, is there a problem with conductive ones even if I don't contact other components? can someone please explain
  10. paulbean150

    ps3 thermal paste

    I have a slim ps3 that I want to apply new thermal paste to because I haven't done so since it was bought back in 2012, any recommendations, please the thing smelled burnt when I started it up. I already took it apart and blew all dust out, so that shouldn't happen anymore but I'd like to prolong the systems life as long as possible since it was one of my last gifts from my grandmother before she passed away
  11. paulbean150

    nintendo switch broken? doom framerate awful

    i blew the fan out a few times with an air duster, game now runs slightly better, though I seriously hope that bethesda and panic button continue to fix this, because this game is amazing and still goes high pricewise
  12. I recently picked up doom on the nintendo switch because i wanted to be able to play it at work on lunch break, but the framerate seems to hover between 15 and 20 fps or so, is my switch overheating in the dock? I already added a drop in cooling mod to the dock, the switch was bought used, so maybe it needs new thermal paste, if so, what do i go with?
  13. paulbean150

    Boot drive question

    i have 3 disk readers and 2 SSDs and one platter hard drive, with a 112 GB SSD that is my current boot drive
  14. paulbean150

    Boot drive question

    sata slows? like Raid won't work? because I don't use Raid array.