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  1. Thank you gonna wait for volta then i guess. or get a 1080 ti if price drops.
  2. okay thank you for morally enlightening me so what can be the ways to upgrade for less money. sell it off with a high price taking advantage of the mining scene?
  3. Because that's the cheapest we can get the card in our country. I bought it almost 2 years ago....it was 600$ in US back then. Now i'm gonna upgrade anyway so i thought why not pay less ;-; OK so i guess no one is telling me how to do it. fine. thanks for all ur replies though. No they also let me upgrade to a better gpu for little money.
  4. yeah but they charged 200$ more for the gpu for no reason in the first place, so i guess it's even ;-; anyway even if i don't do it, is it actually possible?
  5. Ok so..i guess i can't brick it. So if i flash a corrupt BIOS i can re-flash the correct one again? Then that's what i wanna do. Yes it's for RMA...i know in usa or eu they can easily find out.... but in our country it doesn't work like that...you just send the gpu to the shop and if they can't run it they let you take a new one immediately and send it for RMA later themselves lmao . so what i basically want to do is make the gpu unusable for a while, but not permanently damaged so that i can recover anytime.
  6. they will work fine...anything upto 1060 should run pretty fine with that cpu
  7. Is there any way to brick my fury x intentionally and then recover it later? the reasons are pretty complicated. let's just say it's for research purpose :3