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  1. Hey I'm not sure what happened after I joined PIA with my WiFi sharing solution but it stopped working instantly. WAS: ethernet cable ran into my Mac, I shared WiFi for my mobile devices from Mac because public WiFi is not secure at all and it all worked perfectly. NOW: downloaded PIA on Mac and iPhone, didn't change any settings from default and kaboom WiFi doesn't work anymore. I added my Mac's WiFi into trusted connections on phone so it wouldn't double VPN but that didn't help either. Now I'm kinda out of ideas as I'm not really at home with networking. Current PIA settings on Mac: Mace is off, everything else should be default. Any help to get it back working as it was would be super helpful. Thanks in advance Mondrayy
  2. Well... I'll settle for VM probably if I don't get Wine working but I'd still like to get it running. And if I fail to get VM then I'll get Boot Camp. I'm the guy who opens up crap ton of stuff and I really don't want to always close everything and reboot to different system. As for getting similar quality PC... that doesn't exist. To get good display, good battery life, good trackpad, good IO and relatively slim design for 1300€.... there is no such machine and I'm already in Apple ecosystem. Why I want to use Wine is because that professor uses his Mac for everything and it works. I would probably avoid Windows on my Mac completely.
  3. Hey I'm trying to get Wine on my Mac (MBP 2015) to run some engineering programs that are only available for Windows. I got that idea from my professor at university but he's too busy to individually teach us and said that we need to figure it out on ourselves if we want to run it using Mac. I've downloaded Wine Stable from WineHQ, also XQuartz latest version and my program that I want to run (THERM, also latest version. I'm aware it's not on supported list but he insists it works as he runs it using Wine). Last night I got somehow THERM installer to run and it installed the program somewhere. Then I tried to launch it to not do anything. Then I thought maybe I should just wipe everything and start over but now I don't even get THERM installer to show up. Maybe I didn't wipe it last night? I also don't know how to test it as I don't know where it might have installed my program. I really would like to get Wine running and not bother with VM or Boot Camp as they require Windows install and eat up more RAM. Also, please don't suggest getting PC or come with suggestion not to game on Mac, I'm not going to do that. I just want to use my Mac the best possible way until I build PC in the future. I know I'm rare case but maybe we have someone here who knows what the issue might be. Thanks in advance Mondrayy
  4. Mondrayy

    Brand new built PC won't turn off

    Fixed! Thank you all for all the help during those days! Longer story to sum it all up. For some reason "Instant flash" BIOS update didn't want to work so I did it through Windows. Just to be on the "safe side" I took out GPU as the process required restart and that was the part that was broken with GPU in. Everything went well and now with 3.00 BIOS version everything works. For anyone else in the future having the same issue, check your mobo's BIOS update history and if it has anything to do with Improve system compatibility when graphics card is installed just update BIOS. That was the issue.
  5. Mondrayy

    Brand new built PC won't turn off

    I'll try BIOS update tomorrow. It's my first GPU so nothing else to try with.
  6. Mondrayy

    Brand new built PC won't turn off

    Since last evening I've had a lot of time to think about things and I figured I should go back to the state where last time PC turned off. So I took out both HHDs and GPU and it did turn off. Then I added HDDs and it still turned off. Then plugged back GPU and it didn't turn itself off. Well, now I know where's the issue but not sure how to fix it. Haven't updated BIOS yet but GPU driver is latest, checked it. BIOS update time or any other ideas? Thank you all for all the replies in the meantime
  7. Mondrayy

    Brand new built PC won't turn off

    Yes, that's how I've turned it off now couple times when needed. Don't really want to do it too often as I've heard from long time ago (maybe it's myth) that it's bad for PC.
  8. Mondrayy

    Brand new built PC won't turn off

    Results of first option- tried every mode and nothing changed 2nd option- tried short pressing from case, still the same. I'll get to plugging stuff in and out tomorrow as it's late here. Thanks for help so far! Any additional ideas are welcome and I'll report what results I get tomorrow evening.
  9. Mondrayy

    Brand new built PC won't turn off

    Seems like it's not the case. Unplugged headset and USB3 header from mobo header before and mouse asap after clicking shut down from Windows but still goes to the same state of fans spinning and other stuff being turned off.
  10. Mondrayy

    Brand new built PC won't turn off

    From Windows Nope. Keyboard, mouse and monitor are completely dead. I get it back running if I press reset button on case. Haven't played around in settings much, only deactivated highlighted line in screenshot as I got that advice from a friend
  11. Hey guys... I'm lost... During last weekend I got all the parts and built my first PC. Booted it up, installed Windows, landed on home screen and then turned it off to go to sleep and continue with drivers and installing programs next day. Ever since that first turning off it doesn't do it anymore. Mouse, keyboard and monitor will be off but case, CPU and GPU fans will still spin. I watched at least 5 minutes of YouTube and there was no change. The same issue is with restarting the PC, it goes to the same state as described before. I run 64bit Windows 10 Pro Specs: Intel i3-8100 Nvidia 1060 6GB Founders Edition Samsung 860 Evo 250GB SSD (boot drive) WD 1 TB (7200rpm Blue) and 3TB (5400rpm Blue) drives ASRock H370 mITX board Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 2400 MHz (single stick) Haven't messed with BIOS, it has what it came with Thanks for any help you can give me
  12. Hey everyone! I've been looking for over-ear headphones for about $100 and I can see a lot of people loving HyperX Cloud 2 headset for gaming. They have some really nice features like easy removing mic but I'm wondering how they compare to other stuff in this price range for general usage. I game a little bit but if I do the mic is highly important and I use mic for other things as well. In bigger store I was told they can't get it out of the box to try so I'm asking from people who might know. I was also told it might not be the best choice if gaming is not the main thing I'll use them for. There's really 2 main questions for me. 1) How comfortable they really are? I often use headphones for hours a day and comfort is important. I've used some Sennheiser headphones that make head ache within 30 minutes cause they put so much pressure on ears (I don't have the smallest head). 2) If that's not the best choice then what would you recommend? Right now I use EarPods that come with every iPhone. Thanks in advance